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The Trial She Faces by L_ill3621
The Trial She Facesby L_ill
Evie's life is turned upside down and she must leave behind her pack, her family and, the only home that she has ever known after being brutally rejected by her mate. Sc...
I Am Who? - Book 2 by WriterByNight12
I Am Who? - Book 2by WriterByNight12
*SEQUEL to I Am Bree* **Copyrighted** His hand snatched my wrist out of the air, tugging it. With my momentum, I slammed right into him, but I went fighting, my free fis...
 ကန္တာရချယ်ရီ by Tatainemhwae
ကန္တာရချယ်ရီby တ တိုင်း မွှေး
နှလုံးသားမြေအလွှာမှာပျိုးတဲ့ပန်းမို့ မွှေးရနံ့ကြွယ်ကာသင်းရင် မေတ္တာတရားလို့သာခေါင်းစဥ်တပ်ချင်ပါရဲ့
I'm Staying With You (A Hobbit Fanfiction) by AngelWingInspiration
I'm Staying With You (A Hobbit It's Annalise!
"Amrâlimê." The Lonely Mountain sits silently as the sun sets behind it, creating a canvas of brilliant reds and oranges. Nobody has dared go near that mounta...
Chaos Theory ° Until Dawn ✓ by depurate
Chaos Theory ° Until Dawn ✓by semi-hiatus
CHAOS THEORY. ❝ If you ever fucking do that again, it'll be you on the receiving end of the bullet. ❞ There were two things you could guarantee about Wil...
GHOST BC Oneshots by juliaaa_hokka
GHOST BC Oneshotsby Writing is all
+18 Content. I write oneshots about the band GHOST. Hope you like my nasty stories. Requests are open :D
[COMPLETE] Voices In My Head (Squip x Reader) by Im_A_General
[COMPLETE] Voices In My Head ( yiatus biatus I am on hiatus
You are a huge Be More Chill fan, living a normal life. Well, as normal as life gets. You love musical theatre, and one day while acting out "The Squip Song" s...
Instinct  by Loveberry04
Instinct by Loveberry04
On a climbing trip on the mountain, Annabelle gets more than she ever bargained for when she stumbles upon an injured man. Blake Stone is a man that lives on the not so...
Missing Person -《JakeHoon》 by jakeyjakeyy
Missing Person -《JakeHoon》by deedeey
Who said that living alone is the best ...having someone by your side is the best . One winter. The winter that brought jake to sunghoon. Sunghoon who was living all a...
The Baby and the Battlefield by CarolinaC
The Baby and the Battlefieldby CarolinaC
A baby? On a battlefield? Marcus is a clerk in the Imperial army. When he finds an abandoned baby on a battlefield, he has no idea what to do with her. His best friend i...
Land Before Love. by GeorgetteT
Land Before Georgette
Aleenia is forced into an arranged marriage. It wasn't uncommon for her not to know the man she is going to wed. But it would seem nobody knows who her soon to be husban...
System 196: Steal the Male Lead by Kyaanox
System 196: Steal the Male Leadby Keana
My mission is to... Steal the male lead. ( Pictures not mine. Original Story. )
brokeback mountain one-shots and short stories by jackiesbookshelf
brokeback mountain one-shots and Jackie's Bookshelf
These are short one-shots of Ennis and Jack from Brokeback Mountain (2005). Thank you so much for all of the unexpected support, it really means a lot to me!
With You by SunflowerSeedie
With Youby Sunflower
Adeline's only goal in life is to escape her violent past. When rugged recluse Kyran finds Adeline on the verge of death in the middle of the Alaskan forest. He has no c...
Thrushpelt's Tale {Warriors AU} by GN_Laurasia
Thrushpelt's Tale {Warriors AU}by Gabrielle Laurasia
Goosefeather's sees things that haven't even happened yet, but what if one of the future scenes can be changed? As a young cat of ThunderClan, Thrushpelt does not troubl...
Ghost B.C. oneshots because there needs to be more Ghost on Wattpad by Phoenix_Crypt
Ghost B.C. oneshots because Phoenix
there were barley any good Ghost stories so I'm making my own. I'm gonna be doing the gen4 ghouls (Aether, Dewdrop, Mountain, Rain, Swiss/Multi, Cirrus, and Cumulus) and...
Line Of Durin (Thorin Oakenshield) by BrunetteReads
Line Of Durin (Thorin Oakenshield)by BrunetteReads
Many thought that the line of Durin ended as Azog plunged his sword into Thorin Oakenshield's chest. Yet two hearts of Durin carried on beating within the womb of a youn...
Pyaar-Phera by Swati_C
Pyaar-Pheraby Swati.C
NOTE ~~~~ This is a fictional story! For Emmanuel it was his profession that mattered the most-especially after he lost his mom..and he had no choice but to leave his fa...
The Lost Princess by PS_Love
The Lost Princessby Lily & Emma
In the balmy seaside kingdom of Astolat, Princess Gwenifver led a peaceful and content existence, training to claim the throne and unite her kingdom with Camelot's throu...