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Strong Female Lead Traveling Through The World of Beasts by chizuai_mtl
Strong Female Lead Traveling chizuai
As the only cultivator in the 25th century, Xiao Ru, with space in his arms, fell off a cliff and crossed into the mysterious Orc Continent. He accidentally hit a big wh...
(Millie Bobby Brown & Football OC) The Football Kid  by Carlosmendez26097
(Millie Bobby Brown & Football OC) Carlos Flores
A little kid that had a tough childhood wants to be a football player, the problem is that he doesn't know where to start into his life changes.
Plance One-Shots by My_little_self
Plance One-Shotsby My_little_self
Just a little book to help water your PLance 💙💚 Nothing special. I love Place like Frick, and I love writing. So I just made a combination of both. My friend Mick he...
Diary of a Wimpy Kid - New York City FC by MDHmasalamanMahashay
Diary of a Wimpy Kid - New York MDH
Greg Heffley, a world renowned football/soccer player decides to play football one last time with New York City FC in the MLS. Hilarity ensues.
Soccer Imagines (Taking In Requests!) by -daddydraco
Soccer Imagines (Taking In Ruth💕⚽
Taking In requests!!! Imagines about your favorite soccer players!
My Opinion on Ships!!!! by My_little_self
My Opinion on Ships!!!!by My_little_self
eeeeeey so I've been reading a lot of these recently and thought I should do one myself :3 so, here ya go!
My Dads Rivals Son by Rebel040622
My Dads Rivals Sonby Rebel040622
I finally get the chance to go chace my dream of a professional football career. Will it all be ruined by me Gareth Bales daughter falling in love with my dads rivial Da...
The deleted chapters of living in football  by Jordi-Mendez2001
The deleted chapters of living Eddie Mendez
These are some of the deleted chapters from living in football, I hope you enjoy this.
MY LOVE STORY[EXO's SUHO FanFic] by GlenneKaylaPulmanoAt
This story is all about a best friend who always stick together until they built feelings for each other. But what if one of them leave after they shared their first kis...
NFL/MLB Imagines||Author's Choice || by Juicrii
NFL/MLB Imagines||Author's Big&Beautiful😘
I.. Have... A... DREAM!! of being with one of the greatest Defensive linebackers ever -cough- and all I can do is write about them... Hey, do you have any dreams if so t...
Falling Shadows by My_little_self
Falling Shadowsby My_little_self
Three siblings. One will choose the life of a healer, One will choose the life of a leader, And one will choose the life of a betrayer. If they can't make the right choi...
Football Players as Highschoolers by Kratzer_12
Football Players as Highschoolersby Caitlyn Kratzer✨
Requests: Open💗 Ever wondered how your favorite footballer was as a high schooler? Just hit read and make it come to life! {Started 10/27/17 Ended -/-/-