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read my other story (Jeahyuns baby) before reading this. ____ son of jung jeahyun gets caught in a shootout. at a club in gangnum. he owns many company's in Korea but w...
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The Word Count by Liv_Rivera15
The Word Countby Oliwia Rivera
Straight to the point, sharp like a blade. Writing my feelings to the point. Short snappy key words//sentences that are stuck in my mind Like a scar on my body. The mor...
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Ball Pythons by DrarryIsTheWayToSail
Ball Pythonsby Moonlight
Daily pictures of these cute little creatures to spread awareness about misjudged snakes because of their reputation. Note: The shown snakes aren't mine, unless stated o...
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Depressing poems by MysteriesUnsloved
Depressing poemsby MysteriesUnsolved
I do not own any of these poems and if I do, I will put a disclaimer. Don't read if you're feeling suicidal because I've been there. I'm not gonna say talk to an adult b...
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Silent Creatures Waiting to Be Heard by CKLegrem
Silent Creatures Waiting to Be Hea...by C.K. Legrem
One spring day after school, when seventh grader Landon Gray is at the park practicing for his dreaded soccer game, he gets hit by an unexpected friendship. Luna Adler...
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But In a Good Way by Brich888
But In a Good Wayby Brich888
A seemingly put-together girl meets a careless boy who destroys her life, but in a good way.
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broken lovers || by misswriter82
broken lovers ||by lovelyt_11
in which two broken souls come together to make a... lovely mess. [ lowecase intended ]
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Rants by GreenOreos55
Rantsby Christina and Matilda
Us ranting about stuff in our life
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Deku x reader (spicy) by Peppa_pig09
Deku x reader (spicy)by Peppa_pig09
You find yourself running away form your kidnapper! As your running you bump into Midoriya. What will happen when you see him? Will the mad man catch you? Will you grow...
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A Little Unexpected by lenapencils
A Little Unexpectedby lenapencils
Based on a story prompt that I read and immediately fell in love with. I hope you love it and enjoy the way I've brought it to life. The Prompt: The hero shows up at the...
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The Life Of A Princess Ain't A Dream, Trust Me by SmallSinger2004
The Life Of A Princess Ain't A Dre...by Forest_Lack!
Rosalie Mayer has everything. Beauty, smarts, fame, and even a castle. After all, what princess wouldn't have a whole castle that she herself has to live in as she is of...
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What works for her?... by SincerelyTayBoo
What works for her?...by SincerelyTayBoo
Could it really be... My lover can be a kidnapper? The answer is.... Read the book to find out
Decay by SaltInTehWound
Decayby SaltInTehWound
At the ungodly hour of 3 AM, you drive down a long, winding riverside road. The eerie silence of Winter was one thing, but the tall, strange figure in front of you reall...
(Temporary name) Thorny by Nature by BrownSkinPearls
(Temporary name) Thorny by Natureby BrownSkinPearls
We in a regular city, comfortably renting a modern open concept house. I'm an unusual teenage girl who enjoys listening to loud K-pop music, video games, and a smart vin...
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Every Little Step by NowellAster
Every Little Stepby Tales from a Night Owl
In a world where Villains and Heroes are at odds, join Gabby and Russel on their misadventures as they try to keep their taboo love alive.
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Vixxie (AKA Vixen) The misunderstood hybrid skeleton. by Littleskeletonangel
Vixxie (AKA Vixen) The misundersto...by Lil_slele_sister
Vixxie is a devil monster to everyone in battletale. Everyone has an enemy...but occasionally has a friend or two. So not everyone hates each other entirely. There are...
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