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Long Live the New Dynasty || Namjoon x Reader by Dina-soar
Long Live the New Dynasty || Namjo...by Nathalie
Historical AU Can Fate be changed or is it set in stone? A tale between a King and his guardian angel. (A/n: We back at it again!) Started: 1/16/2020 - Finished: 4/13/20...
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Just Not Cut Out for Torture (HP - Drarry) by ShiloQuetchenbach
Just Not Cut Out for Torture (HP...by Whimsical Dragonette
Drarry Hogwarts 7th year AU. The summer before 7th year, a restless Harry Potter is captured and taken to Malfoy Manor. Together, he and Draco Malfoy escape to Grimmauld...
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Wild Alpha by WapeulBeibi
Wild Alphaby WapeulHauseu
Four unmated mischievous omegas decide to leave the protection of their home for a little bit of adventure thinking they will be back in time before the night beta guard...
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YOU & I (Completed) by Cherry_1706
YOU & I (Completed)by cherry_1706
"မင္းနဲ႔ကိုယ့္ရဲ႕ အခ်စ္ဇာတ္လမ္းေလး" "မင်းနဲ့ကိုယ့်ရဲ့ အချစ်ဇာတ်လမ်းလေး"
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We aren't Dating! Right? by HyperAshE
We aren't Dating! Right?by Unknown
Sasuke and Naruto were JUST friends. Two bros being bros. Nothing more, nothing less. And, really, it was to bad. Because both are totally in love with each other. But w...
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Miraculous: The Adventures of Super Nathan by Ecofinisher
Miraculous: The Adventures of Supe...by Lila Kurtzberg
After Ladybug and Cat Noir had defeated Hawk Moth and gave up their miraculous, a new villain appeared harming Paris. Unbelievable it will be for Nathaniel, who always f...
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The Dark Side: A Star Wars Story| Ben Solo/Kylo Ren x Reader by just-another-geek
The Dark Side: A Star Wars Story|...by just-another-geek
With guidance from Master Luke Skywalker, Ben Solo and you train to become part of the new order of Jedi. In this novel we see a coming of age story filled with love, h...
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Glow by fandomtrash050691
Glowby fandomtrash050691
In the complicated world of mutants and powers, heroes and villains, Taehyung and Jungkook just want to be able to touch. A simple request than can never happen under an...
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The Wrong Body [Frerard AU] by youngvolgaynoes
The Wrong Body [Frerard AU]by #1 ryan ross stan
Frankie Iero is not like most girls. She plays the electric guitar, doesn't care about what clothes are hot, and hates drawing attention to her body. She has hidden her...
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BTS hurt/ sick moments (requests are closed)  by joonmonii
BTS hurt/ sick moments (requests a...by joonmonii
When one of the members fell ill, every one become alert and try their best to make him feel better. Just some bunch of sick or hurt member (physically or mentally) and...
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Clover Necklace |L.S.| by mangocobler
Clover Necklace |L.S.|by ana :)
What if we fell in love in the summer and made flower chains and clover necklaces? The year 1954 changes Harry drastically. Not only did he lose his fiancée. But he meet...
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Like Fire and Powder by isiac_
Like Fire and Powderby isiac_
~ Updates every Sunday @ 5 PM (PDT) ~ ----- Your life in Detroit, Michigan, was supposed to be, by all means, standard. You were supposed to get promotions, make friends...
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A Higher Form of War by Skyfyre511
A Higher Form of Warby Sky E.
Transformers Prime/Avengers Crossover: Quintessa is still angry at the loss of Aquatron, and Earth seems to be the perfect way to get back at the Cybertronians. But they...
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Rouge by NightmareWritez
Rougeby Nightmare
"Spider-Man's gone rogue." Nick started, staring at everyone with a cold glare. "It's up to you to stop him." You're friendly neighborhood Spider-Ma...
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Liar || Jamilton FBI Story by xxLavender_Foxx
Liar || Jamilton FBI Storyby FOXY FOX UwU
Alexander Hamilton is a FBI agent, and just got his first undercover mission, to get Thomas Jefferson to fall in love with him to gain information on his best friend who...
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Spotless (H.S) by Natnat2015
Spotless (H.S)by natalie
"After all, who would expect the housewife who lived on the corner?" all rights reserved ©
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The Little Wolf by becca_dunbar_raeken
The Little Wolfby becca_dunbar_raeken
After the pack leaves for college, Liam starts to put pressure on himself to be the "alpha" of the town. Theo and his friends watch as this pulls him down a sl...
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Paint Me Blue by FluffyPieCaKe
Paint Me Blueby Ella
My heart is doing that thing again where all it wants is you ... But I remind it that you're not mine and I'm not yours.
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☆It's Always You☆ A Taekook FF by Moonchilds_Sun
☆It's Always You☆ A Taekook FFby Pen(˶◕‿◕˶✿)
In a world where Gryffindors and Slytherins are sworn enemies, two boys discover feelings towards one another that blossom into something more, but love isn't the only t...
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Monster In Your Bed by lifelesspie
Monster In Your Bedby lifelesspie
Minka Kelly,also known as Mrs.Lecter,is Hannibal's wife.She has the perfect life,lives lavishly,good job,but the only thing that wasn't perfect was her marriage.She felt...
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