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Nothing Without You by wannablestar
Nothing Without Youby J.Liem
"Pernikahan???" "Sama siapa?? Jaehwan??" "Aku?? dengan Minhyun hyung?? Mau menikahi aku atau membunuhku?? Nggak mau!!" ...
Golden Rule [MINHWAN] ⛔discontinue by guancedolci
Golden Rule [MINHWAN] ⛔discontinueby 🐰
Pada dasarnya, Jaehwan yang senang berteman dan cenderung lugu bukanlah orang yang benar kalau mesti dipasangkan dengan Minhyun yang tingkat proteksinya tinggi dan juga...
My Lovely Peach (Ongniel) by Ongniel_Wing
My Lovely Peach (Ongniel)by
Susah emang kalo udah kejebak kakak adek zone..... Hal ini yang membuat Ong Seongwu susah untuk bisa lebih dari seorang kakak adek... Karna bagi Daniel cinta yang ditunj...
BOOK 1 | Our Marriage Life [ EXO Do Kyungsoo -  Yoon Bomi ] EXOPINK by bubblechaera
BOOK 1 | Our Marriage Life [ EXO D...by Chae [ON-HIATUS]
It hurts to miss someone who doesn't know how to miss you. It hurts to love someone who doesn't love you back. It hurts when you're still keeping him inside even if he...
incorrect · w1 by onglyyours
incorrect · w1by k
→ eleven boys saying inappropriate things
Story About Them (Minhwan)  by _minhwan
Story About Them (Minhwan) by wannable🦊🐼
Mencoba menulis sekumpulan one shoot, two shoot and short chapter. Berharap kalo one shoot bisa ke udpate terus. Aku lagi skripsi-an btw tapi aku lagi sayang2nya juga sa...
Siblings◀ Wanna One [discontinued] by journesol
Siblings◀ Wanna One [discontinued]by janna
-then there was a noona. ©toiletbrush-eu
Boys Over Roses  by BlaireLiant
Boys Over Roses by BlaireventurousGirl
Park Jihoon is a normal guy who is struggling to make a living. When he suddenly passed a scholarship in a famous elite school in Korea! Will his fate change? What will...
random ass texts lame asf im sorry and includes ships because why not? last! credits to the rightful owners of some of these texts! and please vote and comment!
My Brother is Idol (MINHWAN) by littlejaexxm
My Brother is Idol (MINHWAN)by Little Star
Kisah perjalanan jaehwan saat dirinya sudah dikenal sebagai adik dari seorang idol boy band terkenal. Dan kisah cintanya dimulai saat itu juga
BOOK 2 | Our Marriage Life [EXO Do Kyungsoo - Yoon Bomi] EXOPINK by bubblechaera
BOOK 2 | Our Marriage Life [EXO Do...by Chae [ON-HIATUS]
kyungsoo and Bomi love story continues. they live happily together with the other EXO members. however, unexpected things waiting for them in the future. joy, sorrow, je...
1 year Minus 1 day (minhwan-WannaOne) by sunnyisnaychi
1 year Minus 1 day (minhwan-WannaO...by chiiiii
တစ်နှစ်လုံးမှာ တစ်ရက်နှုတ်လိုက်ရင် ကျန်တဲ့ ၃၆၄ ရက်က လွမ်းနေရမှာပေါ့ ~~~~ တစ္ႏွစ္လုံးမွာ တစ္ရက္ႏႈတ္လိုက္ရင္ က်န္တဲ့ ၃၆၄ ရက္က လြမ္းေနရမွာေပါ့ ~~~~
[ #DONGSAENG# ] ; wanna one √ by kkomaengi
[ #DONGSAENG# ] ; wanna one √by haqi🌻
in which Bae Jinyoung little sister who is the same age as Wanna One maknae get to know Wanna One and became their friend. (Friend Story) "Annyeong,dongsaeng...
fake | minhwan by seunghunbraincell
fake | minhwanby 영원히몬베베
is that you? status ; on-going soft, rom-com
너의 이름을 by wannablestar
너의 이름을by J.Liem
A story about fansite masternim, Kim Jaehwan who meet his favourite idol, Hwang Minhyun... A new story for all Minhwan shipper.. or Do i made slight KingHwi in here?? LO...
'You' 《NielWink》 by May_Jihoon
'You' 《NielWink》by YoongIsLifeu
Im craving for your lips.I bet it taste like cotton candy.Soft and sweet.Making me craving for more.-Kang Daniel A perfect man,Park Jihoon. Name that make you smile ever...
[ Linhoon x W1 ] - Insta Story by Shipper_Kpop_VN
[ Linhoon x W1 ] - Insta Storyby Summer_DreamFly
Đây là những câu chuyện buồn........cười. Story này nv chính là Linhoon. Sẽ có các couple khác nhưng là phụ. Do máy tính của mik có vấn đề nên việc đăng ảnh lên thì chỉ...
Ongniel - Love at First Sight by sujpeach
Ongniel - Love at First Sightby sujpeach
"I've never believed in love at first sight until I met you." Complete strangers crossing paths is just an everyday thing. Rather common; however, to feel a li...
Secreto (Oneshot MinHwan) by Toska_sub
Secreto (Oneshot MinHwan)by Toska_sub
Ong Seongwu lo dijo con todas sus letras: Kim Jaehwan tenía un secreto, y no era precisamente ese que dijo durante "Section Tv". ¿Cuál es ese secreto que puso...