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Chaos Theory ° Until Dawn ✓ by depurate
Chaos Theory ° Until Dawn ✓by semi-hiatus
CHAOS THEORY. ❝ If you ever fucking do that again, it'll be you on the receiving end of the bullet. ❞ There were two things you could guarantee about Wil...
Mines - A Dave East Love Story. by sufferingsxox
Mines - A Dave East Love Story.by love hurts 💔
I sat on the bed wiping my tears before he reached our room, "Baby, Im..." He said as he opened the door. The room was covered with broken glass and blood. The...
Waking Up In Another World - A LOTR Fanfiction by DGDSSFRSJH
Waking Up In Another World - A LOT...by Etherea
Ravera wakes up in Middle Earth with no idea how to get back. She soon finds out that everything that happened is exactly like the movie - word for word. With her arriva...
Hotch x Reid one-shots  by Percyjacksonsson
Hotch x Reid one-shots by Alex Jackson
Just Hotch x Reid one-shots
Hell is Real by Pey119
Hell is Realby Alyssa~
The crows gather on the trees and buildings. You start counting, 1, 2, 3, 4, but there are too many to count. They gather as one, they fly off as one. That is why they w...
To All the Boys I love Before You. by persuasii
To All the Boys I love Before You.by persuasii
This is a Fan Fiction story That I wrote based off the two Movies I'm a Huge Fan Of the Relationships between all the Characters and decided to write My own Version with...
Blood Ties - A Dystopia Short Story by TheRobot
Blood Ties - A Dystopia Short Storyby Robot
Set in the near future, a deadly virus known as the blood plague has ravaged mankind, leaving it weak and on the edge. In America the government has turned to marshal la...
Camp lovers~A Jarli Story~ by tyler_is_mine_1245
Camp lovers~A Jarli Story~by tyler_is_mine_1245
Charli and josh go to a camp called Woodward and haven't met they know of each other but they are in a relationships charli and Landon are dating and josh and nessa are...
Hakeem(love Story Him And Y/n) by kaikaifly10
Hakeem(love Story Him And Y/n)by kai m. guy
Hakeem is 21 he is a player he falls in love with this girl name y/n but he is a cheater player all of the above Y/n is a smart girl she has dirt on everyone she's aggrs...
Shifting: unlocked } Wilbur Soot by kailihagobian
Shifting: unlocked } Wilbur Sootby kailihagobian
Paris loves dream smp, especially Wilbur Soot. One day when she finally shifts to that reality, she thinks its perfect. Later one she realizes she made a bad mistake and...
It happened in a stormy night by ScriptReWriter
It happened in a stormy nightby ScriptReWriter (ReScripta)
When Rango wakes up in a stormy night because of shots outside of the town, he finds Bill unconsciously in the desert. But shortly after that, Bill disappears. Nobody ca...
15 Years Of Tears by LaDeijaSamone
15 Years Of Tearsby LaDeijaSamone
Samone is a 15 year old teenager who feels as if she is alone and is forced to mature at a young age. She has lived a hard life and is just waiting on her moment to shin...
Deepest Scars by TopazScorpionx
Deepest Scarsby TopazScorpionx
Dark and beautiful short story.
Stop the Galamsey by BryanRyuu
Stop the Galamseyby Bryan Sam
What would be the pursuit of purpose for four everymen if they're caved in eventually... Update --------------- An Audiobook version is available on Audimack and Soundcl...
Sage by Bee-Fish
Sageby Bee-Fish
Life isn't bad for Leonie, 23-year-old hydraulics expert. She might be alone in a forgotten, frozen wasteland; trapped in the only building on the entire planet, but the...