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Till I Met You by Zoeisha_xx
Till I Met Youby Zoeisha_xxx
""You have to choose Gigi; your career or me. Us!!". He never calls me Gigi unless he's really mad at me. " Are you seriously shitting me right now...
Aserchan: The Beronian Civil War by immanueligwe151
Aserchan: The Beronian Civil Warby immanueligwe151
Hamlad Andreyev and his family reside in the disputed region of Flamostokia, which is caught up in a huge political crisis, as the mainland country Beronia claims Flamos...
*DUSTED JOURNEY* by itslikhari
this poem is written on the labours migration that happened after the lockdown was imposed all over India
Someone you loved httyd fanfic by Navey99
Someone you loved httyd fanficby Navey99
Toothless and his family are migrating away from the hidden world. Toothless starts having terrible nightmares and the journey gets really tough. But when toothless meet...
En busca de oportunidades by user14162021
En busca de oportunidadesby Rodrigo Adriel Zamora Mego
Historia ambientada en un Perú de los años 70, durante la última gran ola inmigracionista proveniente de la serranía. En particular seguimos la historia de Rosario una m...
A fact of life by norton-illescas
A fact of lifeby The_color_red
I imagine that I am a princess. Independent, strong, true. I imagine that I have a beautiful house and a caring husband and wonderful children who help me. "I hop...
LOOK AFTER YOU by meditatingineden
LOOK AFTER YOUby e d e n 🦒
"He basically coaxed her out of her skin. She was determined to reinvent herself. To finally accept what life has to offer. She wanted to grow, heal, experience. Sh...
Migrations by ChristianDelaCruz134
Migrationsby Christian Janil of The Cross
(A reboot of an existing story) The Migrations, an ancient Gulo tradition from the planet Gorekaenach, the home world of the Gulo. This tradition takes place at any time...
The King Twins by Razaanarif
The King Twinsby Razaan Mohammad Arif
It would suffice to say that the life of Riah and Rachel King is anything but perfect in Dubai. After their father passed when they were 5, their mother - Rarity - had t...
Fed up with her long-term broken relationship, Iris Breno decides to run away and leave her cheating girlfriend behind unannounced. This time she is forced to travel to...
Found The Way by poetriaaaa
Found The Wayby poetriaaaa
Hello, I write and you've landed on my High-way of thoughts. My anthology of poems. Cover by: @CatDia16
A Story of An OFW by Sherilyn187
A Story of An OFWby Sherilyn187
This is a story of an Overseas Filipino Worker based in Hongkong. The content of the book will be focused on her journey as a Domestic Helper. From how she start up to h...
When Sampson met Delilah by cdcraftee
When Sampson met Delilahby Christine Larsen
A chance meeting on a lake leads two ducks into unexpected enlightenment and life journeys they never suspected were possible. A charming story designed for a middle-sch...
The Immigrant by SketchpadArtist21
The Immigrantby Sketchpad
Mickey Cooper has always wanted to become a herpetologist. When she gets accepted into an English university, she has to move to England. She makes friends with her long...
Damn You, Cupid! by just_lipshika
Damn You, Cupid!by Lish
Ipshitha was just your regular girl until her dad gets transferred to a new country. Everything felt out of place and as if they weren't meant for her. Until she met him.
Ben's Beany by Aadya02
Ben's Beanyby Aadya Sharma
Adriana, a Korean girl , migrates from the other side of the planet to the big sparkling city, The Hollywood. Life changes with time and her life starts to be perfect. B...
Immigration SA has announced that it is introducing changes to its General Skilled Migration nomination policies, to take effect immediately today 28 February 2019.
SharePoint On Premise to SharePoint Online Migration by Saketa123
SharePoint On Premise to SharePoin...by Saketa Sharepoint
SharePoint On-Premise to SharePoint Online Migration has become one of the most sought steps to fit into the current shift to remote culture. As a leading SharePoint Mig...
How can you apply for a PR Visa to Australia? by ausvisahub
How can you apply for a PR Visa to...by ausvisahub
Australia uses a point-based immigration system, and to be eligible for a PR Visa, you must qualify for Australia Permanent Residency Requirements. In this Article by AU...