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New Neighbors (Markiplier x Reader) by lizard1600
New Neighbors (Markiplier x Reader)by Lauryn "Lizard" Lynx
You just arrived at your new apartment in L.A. and are waiting for your favorite YouTuber, Markiplier, to upload, but when his videos are late and you hear a crash from...
The Devil Within | Markiplier/Darkiplier x Reader by linniplier
The Devil Within | Markiplier/ linniplier
Mark's acting weird. Something's wrong and you want answers. That is, until you actually find out the truth.
Save Me Please!    A Septiplier Fanfic. by AnironSidh
Save Me Please! A Septiplier AníronSîdh
Jacksepticeye is one of the most popular YouTubers in the world. But one day, he posts a video that shocks his fans and friends, especially his best friend Markiplier. B...
Just A Step Away ( Markiplier x Reader) by BellemueCat93
Just A Step Away ( Markiplier x BellemueCat93
Friendships ended, job opportunities didn't pan out, relationships came to a halt. This was your life, 20, unemployed, with just enough money to start anew. Why did you...
markiplier imagines by aircatchcr
markiplier imaginesby ✧・゚*:
❝ we can all use some imagination, can't we? ❞ requests are open!
Both Sides of Me {Markiplier/Darkiplier} |Completed| by hurricanekatrina01
Both Sides of Me {Markiplier/ Katrina
"Mark..." I start. "What the hell was that?" "It's, um... nothing." "That was not nothing." "Please, don't worry about it...
Markiplier's Museum of Mystery by the-pro-fangirl
Markiplier's Museum of Mysteryby the-pro-fangirl
Four friends and Markiplier fans win the ultimate prize: the chance to go to LA, meet Mark, and be the first to see his new museum created for his fans to experience his...
Adopted by Septiplier (X-reader) by lovelylittlefangirl
Adopted by Septiplier (X-reader)by kawaii unicorn
After four years of Mark and Jack being together they finally make the decision it's time to step things up a little and get a child of their own. Y/n has always been th...
The Evil Within Markiplier/Darkiplier x Reader by BrokenWithoutYou
The Evil Within Markiplier/ BrokenApart
This is a Darkiplier/Markiplier x Reader story. Enjoy! You just finished your first day at Pax East and you got to meet your favourite youtuber, Markiplier. He acted exa...
Frights and Playfights ~ Markiplier fanfic by RainbowFreakinFlakes
Frights and Playfights ~ Anna
Omg Mark *melts* I just randomly made this. Since I've been fangirling over Mark for a while now I thought I'd make something sweet for once. But it's short. That's the...
Markiwade love (A Markiplier and Lordminion777 fanfiction) by TurtlexXoXo
Markiwade love (A Markiplier and TurtlexXoXo
Mark and Wade get hot after playing drunk minecraft. Get it to 10 stars and I'll continue righting. Markiwade, otp forever.
Stress Relief by ofccenturion
Stress Reliefby ofccenturion
Helping Mark unwind after a stressful day of filming! .x
Demons - A Darkiplier Fanfiction by Inner_Sm1l1nG
Demons - A Darkiplier Fanfictionby Katie DonDero
From InnerBeast: Darkness. Its a funny thing. It is something that is a part of us all. Something that makes us all human. But it is something else. It's power. Raw powe...
Markiplier Imagines by markiplite_04
Markiplier Imaginesby Im_trash_04
*i take requests* Only something to cure my boredom and entertain others tbf. Hope you enjoy this book of imagines based on the one and only Markiplier
When I Met You by Itsyagirlrubyy
When I Met Youby Itsyagirlrubyy
Hey guys I know that there are some markiplier fangurls and guys out there so I hope you enjoy this markiplier fanfiction. This is my very first one so don't be hatin' o...
Elizabeth (A Markiplier Fan Fiction) by ShuffleLuva46
Elizabeth (A Markiplier Fan Kimmi!
Elizabeth is a girl who has a miserable home life with constant abuse from her father. The one thing that saved her from taking her life was none other than her favorite...
Astronomy  by Meg_septiplier
Astronomy by Meg_septiplier
Stars at night In a world full of stars We don't know who we are But in times like these We find who we truly are In a world full of darkness No light shines brighter...