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New Neighbors (Markiplier x Reader) by lizard1600
New Neighbors (Markiplier x Reader)by Lauryn "Lizard" Lynx
You just arrived at your new apartment in L.A. and are waiting for your favorite YouTuber, Markiplier, to upload, but when his videos are late and you hear a crash from...
Youtubers x Reader Imagines [REQUESTS OPEN] by horsejoy
Youtubers x Reader Imagines [ just a lonely soul
REQUESTS OPEN Imagines for some of my favorite Youtubers! Includes: Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Ethan Nestor (Crankgameplays), and 8-BitRyan. Hope you enjoy!!! ALL MEDIA...
Just A Step Away ( Markiplier x Reader) by BellemueCat93
Just A Step Away ( Markiplier x BellemueCat93
Friendships ended, job opportunities didn't pan out, relationships came to a halt. This was your life, 20, unemployed, with just enough money to start anew. Why did you...
Jacksepticeye Imagines (and some other dudes too) by loganlylogical
Jacksepticeye Imagines (and some 👓calculator watch📚
I love jacksepticeye so I wanna write some imagines featuring my favourite irishman :) I can write imagines about other YouTubers as well if you'd like, just leave a com...
The Instagram Post by iampartofamachine
The Instagram Postby iampartofamachine
Hey Friend! An interesting photo is on Mark's Instagram and I was wondering if you wanted to help me figure out what it means? [Choose your own adventure]
markiplier imagines by aircatchcr
markiplier imaginesby ✧・゚*:
❝ we can all use some imagination, can't we? ❞ requests are open!
I Can't Stand You but I Love You Markiplier x Reader by __0livia__
I Can't Stand You but I Love You Olivia✌️
You are sent to live with a friend of your parents named Mark for the whole summer. You totally don't wanna go and you hate it when you get there. Everything is so awkwa...
Markiplier x Reader Imagines (on hold) by youtubeisheaven
Markiplier x Reader Imagines (on Darkheart
Just some random Mark x Reader imagines I make up and thought I'd share them with the world ^-^
Not Alone - A Markiplier Fanfic by the-pro-fangirl
Not Alone - A Markiplier Fanficby the-pro-fangirl
A girl named Ryana (that's my name!) stars in this fanfiction of the amazing Youtube gamer, Markiplier. She is excited to go to Comicon one rainy day when she finds out...
Both Sides of Me {Markiplier/Darkiplier} |Completed| by hurricanekatrina01
Both Sides of Me {Markiplier/ Katrina
"Mark..." I start. "What the hell was that?" "It's, um... nothing." "That was not nothing." "Please, don't worry about it...
The Devil Within | Markiplier/Darkiplier x Reader by linniplier
The Devil Within | Markiplier/ linniplier
Mark's acting weird. Something's wrong and you want answers. That is, until you actually find out the truth.
Clover thief by FRANKYFACE110
Clover thiefby FRANKYFACE110
When jacksepticeye ( jack/Sean) and markiplier ( mark ) meet to "hang out" jack seems off, which does not help mark to confess to him. Mark tries to help jack...
Markiplier Baby Imagine (x Reader) by Fuckiplier
Markiplier Baby Imagine (x Reader)by Fuckiplier
You guys requested an x reader baby I'll give you one. I hope you like it. As far as I know there won't be any smut, but there could be. You never know ;) E...
Secret Girlfriend (Markiplier x Reader) by AsahinaHeart
Secret Girlfriend (Markiplier x AsahinaHeart
A Markiplier x Reader romance story with a more realistic/less fan girly twist. You're just a normal working girl, trying to make some cash when you meet Mark Fischbach...
Homebound. || CrankGameplays by ejojo1999
Homebound. || CrankGameplaysby ejojo1999
I thought this high school reunion would just be another Friday night ruined. I would see some of my old friends and reminisce. But when you were best friends with a new...
Paranoia (Darkiplier) by RainbowRandoms
Paranoia (Darkiplier)by 🐝
"Are you keeping an eye on that thing standing behind you? Because, you know, you really can't look at it, cause it's okay right now, I mean, it's getting more mad...
Trickster (A Markiplier Story) by PrincessSchy
Trickster (A Markiplier Story)by PrincessSchy
The green eyed girl dosnt remember her life at all. But when Mark Fischbach tells her she's a goddess, her life is turned upside down.
Nobody Likes You When You're 23 by punkxl0ver
Nobody Likes You When You're 23by punkxl0ver
They meet at a convention. Tragedy brings those who are apart closer together. They fall in love. It's a dream come true. Or is it? Markiplier fanfic. Completed.
Completely Off My Rocker by Tys_Misadventures
Completely Off My Rockerby Ty
"Looney girls have the best fun" Mark Fischbach--known as the infamous YouTube personality "Markiplier"--sure has his work cut out for him. V...