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Women's March by ChooseYourLife
Women's Marchby Giny
Women's March -- 21-1-2017. Camren
Darker by teiovex
Darkerby ELLIOT 엘리엇
It gets darker with every new layer revealed; But maybe it's still not too late to be healed. "Homelander" Series; Book II/IV ― Shades; I/IV ― Wasted; III/IV ―...
Ice Skating with Koy by JalenIsley
Ice Skating with Koyby PuzzleQueen
The Team went out for the day ice-skating when a revelation came about involving Kaldur and Roy. The catch, Koy doesn't know that they know. Happy Holidays!
The Phantoms (Poem) by myxgreasyxflannel
The Phantoms (Poem)by Mikki Mouse
A poem expressing the anger surrounding the election of Trump and how people are choosing to express it. Copyright © 2017 Mikayla Smith. All Rights Reserved.
Love Forever by JalenIsley
Love Foreverby PuzzleQueen
It was a normal day in town. The Rangers finally got a day off and were off on the town. Except for Mike and Kevin who were enjoying a nice peaceful day at the park. Of...
Color Blind (Short story) by _Iamsapphire_
Color Blind (Short story)by Sofia
A tell about twins and discrimination. One is blind and a woman of color while the other is white and can see the world. Does love come only a few shades? We'll see....
Saving Zeta by booksalot123
Saving Zetaby booksalot123
Here's a short story I wrote for English class but I really liked it so I decided to publish it. Hopefully you enjoy it. Just so you know it is a prologue to another mu...
What We Are by -FuturePresident-
What We Areby Me
Looks can be deceiving. You can never understand someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes.
Stigma by enjoyablereading123
Stigmaby enjoyablereading123
Falling, slowly, falling, swiftly, falling , calmly,falling when you're not calm at all; in world where everything is wrong.
The Steam | ✔️ by thecoloryellow_
The Steam | ✔️by em ☻
On the outskirts of the seemingly perfect utopian city of Ora lies The Steam, home to the Rebels - the people who have broken the society's mold. There's an ongoing batt...
Shades by teiovex
Shadesby ELLIOT 엘리엇
All of these shades that are put into lines; True colors will show through the painted lies. "Homelander" Series; Book I/IV ― Darker; II/IV ― Wasted; III/IV ―...
one gun by booboothegoddamnfool
one gunby karter 🇯🇲✨
he could've been saved, if it weren't for the guns our minds carry.