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when you're ready | shawnmendes  by ripshawn
when you're ready | shawnmendes by <3
@shawnmendes started following you + "When you're ready" Shawn's third album was due to come out in less than a week and I knew that was a track, despite not...
Shawn Mendes Imagines 2 by madison_mcdavid
Shawn Mendes Imagines 2by Madds
This is book 2 of my other imagines book! This is just a continuation so that I don't make a million chapters on the other one ?
Lost in Japan by Wanderfull_bliss
Lost in Japanby Wanderfull_bliss
A tale of Camila low-key visiting Shawn in Tokyo. I put some song references here and there...can you spot them? Best rankings: #1 Shamila; #3 Shawmila I want to than...
Perfectly Right by fanficsdailyy
Perfectly Rightby Allfiction
"You're perfectly wrong for me, all the stars in the sky can see." ~ All they intended to do was create a song together.
Shawn Mendes Imagines by CelestesCorner
Shawn Mendes Imaginesby Celeste ✧ ೃ༄
For all the fans of Shawn Mendes! •°☆°• Completed. However some imagines may be unfinished and I apologise for that. •°☆°• Thanks for reading x
Lost In My Blood [s.m] by FutureMDMendes
Lost In My Blood [s.m]by FutureMDMendes
Sarah Wilson just graduated from medical school and has been hired by an agency to be a medic at large events. She never knew one event would change her entire life Sta...
Lost In Japan | MASHIKYU HAJEONGWO...by jijiyahhh
Language isn't a barrier to find true friends and this six boys prove it
Shawn Mendes Imagines [closed] by adorskz
Shawn Mendes Imagines [closed]by — 딸기 우유 🍓🥛
why not? {unedited/ slow updates}
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shawn mendes oneshots  by gilbertswife
shawn mendes oneshots by louise ✨
"i get lost in the way you move." - Shawn Mendes blurbs & oneshots. Some fluff and some smut. The smut ones are marked with an asterisk, feel free to skip over...
Love At First Glance by ShawnsDirectionxx
Love At First Glanceby one direction & shawn mendes
To you, he was your idol, your everything, your biggest inspiration. But to him, you were just another fan in the crowd. That was, until his eyes met yours, and both you...
Love Over Law  | S▪︎M by fanficsdailyy
Love Over Law | S▪︎Mby Allfiction
Every girl wants a bad boy who is good only for her and every guy wants a good girl who is bad only for him... [ Shawn is a boxer in this book]
Shawn Mendes Imagines (Shawmila) by muffinofshawn18
Shawn Mendes Imagines (Shawmila)by Yasmine
Read the newer ones... Isn't love what everyone dreams about? Finding a soulmate, getting married? Oh but I know loving isn't easy. There's pain, heartbreak and sufferi...
Friends • Shawn Mendes  by fanficsdailyy
Friends • Shawn Mendes by Allfiction
"Look... sometimes, the people we like don't like us back, and it's painful, but there's nothing we can do about it." "You don't understand-" "...
One In A Million [Shawn Mendes] by fedouri
One In A Million [Shawn Mendes]by fedouri
After Shawn Mendes broke the hearts of million s of people by saying he would never date a fan. What happens when he meets April who is not a fan
In love with a prisoner (ft. Shawn Mendes) by SarahAbdelM
In love with a prisoner (ft. Shawn...by Sarah Abdel Mawgoud
Shawn Peter Raul Mendes, a boy from Pickering who committed a crime. If you asked the people there if he would ever do that, they would say no. Mendes used to be kind...
Waiting For You // Shawn Mendes  by sohaila_gamal
Waiting For You // Shawn Mendes by sohaila_gamal
"isn't it obvious?" " isn't what obvious?" "that i like you, no, actually love you and no matter where you are and what you're doing, I will alw...
A Canadian Christmas // a Shawn Mendes short story by mendesstreet
A Canadian Christmas // a Shawn Me...by Jackie
Shawn Mendes has a family and they've settled down in Pickering, Canada. His wife, y/n, and his daughter Skylar are excited for the holidays. Unfortunately, Shawn is sti...
Lost In Your Light •shawn mendes• by flashdancee
Lost In Your Light •shawn mendes•by et tu brute
"I wanna stay right here all night baby" In which a girl meets her favorite artist through work CURRENTLY EDITING THOROUGHLY CHAPTER 1-5 EDITED AS OF OCTOBER...
Black Cardigan || s.m. by Faelecia
Black Cardigan || s.m.by Faelecia
"I'm going to dedicate this song tonight to the girl in the black cardigan that I've been staring at." My world starts to spin as he points to me, causing ever...
𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐢𝐧 𝐣𝐚𝐩𝐚𝐧 ━ seaycee. by cathyliz
𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐢𝐧 𝐣𝐚𝐩𝐚𝐧 ━ seaycee.by 𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐚.
After an impulsive decision to fly halfway across the world, an up-and-coming social media star finds herself stranded along the dimly-lit streets of downtown Tokyo at h...