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Cigarettes [Bennoda] ✔ by beautifulshinoda
Cigarettes [Bennoda] ✔by Shinizzle
Chester finally gets to meet his favorite artist, Fort Minor A.K.A Mike Shinoda. Chester thinks he's in love but knows nothing can happen between them. What he doesn't k...
Quiet (Bennoda) by posionrose94
Quiet (Bennoda)by PoisonRose94
Mike Shinoda is a 15 kid who's been deaf his whole life. He doesn't have very many friends well actually he only has one that's his childhood friend Rob Bourdon. He doe...
Pride & Promise {Mike Shinoda} by lenaaabee_
Pride & Promise {Mike Shinoda}by Lena Booooo
Love is something Mike Shinoda thought didn't have time for, and had a hard time believing in because of his failed marriage to his high school sweetheart. He promised h...
In Love By Sunrise by DucksFan1015
In Love By Sunriseby DucksFan1015
A meet and greet changes everything for Mike Shinoda.
Beauty And The Beast (Bennoda) by posionrose94
Beauty And The Beast (Bennoda)by PoisonRose94
Chester Bennington is 17 year old boy who was put into a mental hospital at the age of 8 for having "strange" behaviors, such as he's mute, afraid of everythin...
ronnie radke; imagines, one shots & more. [discontinued] by averystreasures
ronnie radke; imagines, one avie
Just some one shots, imagines, and preferences that I come up with. Fair warning not all of them will be good. Enjoy! Also leave some suggestions please and thank you!
I'll always be here|| Bennoda by LeahLP_3245
I'll always be here|| Bennodaby Leah⚡🌙
Y'all know I'm a sucker for Bennoda so get ready to read! Chester Bennington is everything except popular. His dad abuses him at home and sometimes rapes him. There's bu...
{ A Solangelo FanFic} Even the darkest nights will light up,eventually... by SolaceFromAngel
{ A Solangelo FanFic} Even the Luna0713Hunter
Just when he thought he's slowly feeling something about a certain son of Apollo,another prophecy will break in...(a story about our fav Solangelo...and other ships...) ...
Chester Bennington Imagines by chesters_wifey
Chester Bennington Imaginesby dean_sammys_girl
Can't forget imagines of this other cutie! REQUESTS ARE OPEN
Mike Shinoda Imagines by chesters_wifey
Mike Shinoda Imaginesby dean_sammys_girl
Imagines of this cutie. Feel free to request! I'll get it done with.
Blind (bennoda) by posionrose94
Blind (bennoda)by PoisonRose94
Chester loses his sight at the age of six due to a childhood illness. He has nothing to be afraid of through because his best friend Mike is there right by his side. But...
Scream! by Carmenxx_
Scream!by Carmen :)
This is a fanfiction of Chester Bennington and Linkin Park. Hope you guys like it. I didn't own Linkin Park or anyone of the songs, characters, sadly. Copyright by Carm...
Linkin Park Oneshots!! by hybrid_3ry
Linkin Park Oneshots!!by Dana
One shot stories with Linkin Park Park Requests are open! Figured this would be a fun writing challenge with my favorite humans! This is my first one shot book so please...
Transformers (2007) Rewrite by AnimalX23
Transformers (2007) Rewriteby Ben Wilkins
A rewrite of the first live-action Transformers movie directed by Michael Bay. this rewrite will remove the juvenile humor and moronic explosions and replace it with mor...
Parenting Skills by DucksFan1015
Parenting Skillsby DucksFan1015
When two of the six Linkin Park members are turned into children, how will the other four survive?!?!
Take Me Away by BSkyeSoldier
Take Me Awayby BSkyeSoldier
Trilogy to my little series. [1]Broken, [2]To My Horror, [3]Take Me Away. Author's Note: It's been exactly a year since Broken ended and a third book idea popped into mi...
I'm So Lost I Can't Be Found.. by Oofitsti
I'm So Lost I Can't Be Quinn Lyra-DeWitt
*Trigger Warning* This story might contain elements of suicidal thoughts and actions. Dark themed. (This is a vent story. I've had it on my mind for a while and I think...
You were mine - Bennoda ✔️ by LP-IFH
You were mine - Bennoda ✔️by LP-IFH
{Sequel to 'you are mine'} It is now 2 years after the hell that Cora caused, Chester is still recovering, the only good thing that came out of the situation is that Mi...
The Glue (a Mike Shinoda fanfic) by HelloIvy
The Glue (a Mike Shinoda fanfic)by HelloIvy
Some say "First comes love..." Romy would go for "First comes the job, then come...challenges." She is a Digital manager at Warner Bros Music Group...