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Under the Skin (Girl X Girl) by crimsonkoi
Under the Skin (Girl X Girl)by CrimsonKoi
UNICORN AWARDS WINNER 2018 * Ranked#2 LGBT discrimination 03/08/2018-04/8/2018 *Ranked #9 mystery/thriller 05/01/2018 *Listed in the #writHer LGBT+ *Listed in the #proj...
Ice (Girl X Girl) by crimsonkoi
Ice (Girl X Girl)by CrimsonKoi
Ranked#1 random 19/03/2019 Sensuality along with dark humor abide within these few hundred words. Crimsonkoi ventures somewhere she has never gone before. A quick read...
The Lesbian Project by crimsonkoi
The Lesbian Projectby CrimsonKoi
Two women meet at a bar... Wait! This isn't a cliche or typical girl meets girl story. Ray and Winter do meet at a bar, a lesbian bar in fact. Have you ever met someone...
Losing Everything by TessMackenzie
Losing Everythingby Tess
Lucy loses everything that matters to her, her partner and job and business and all her money. She loses everything, and in doing so she reconnects with an old friend...
The Popular Girls In love With A Nerd (G×G) by Duchess_xoxo
The Popular Girls In love With A N...by Duchess_xoxo
Alyssa Loren, Cheerleader Captain isn't your ordinary popular chick. after being cheated on by the Captain of the football team with her best friend {also on the cheer t...
My Hero Academia Ships! by zerogrqvity14
My Hero Academia Ships!by ~𝕊𝕒̂𝕪𝕒~
Personally, Tododeku (Deku x Todoroki) is my OTP and Bakushima (Bakugou x Kirashima). Which is your OTP? I will try and add more and more since there are endless pics an...
The New Year's Girl (Camren Short Story) by shaneisney
The New Year's Girl (Camren Short...by shaneisney
Plot: "Depressed and moody, Lauren Jauregui gets coaxed out of the confines of her stuffy apartment for a night on the town with her best gal pal Dinah. Quickly, La...
All I Want For Christmas (Camren Short Story) by shaneisney
All I Want For Christmas (Camren S...by shaneisney
"All I Want For Christmas" is a fabulous Christmas tale about love, the holidays with lots of snow and cuteness. C'mon...open it up and see what's inside...yo...
~MHA One-shots~ by Natcho_cat224
~MHA One-shots~by A horny bitch has entered tha...
basically what is says, the only things i want to mention is 1. its show details about said story in chapter 2.you guys can vote on what you want 3.im not a very good wr...
BNHA ~ WHATSAPP by kotshiai
BNHA ~ WHATSAPPby алесиа рау
Kirishima herkesin telefon numarasını alıp whatsapp grubu kurar ve her şey orada başlar..
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The Preacher's Wives by CeeAh_doll
The Preacher's Wivesby Cece' Brenea
" Let the Church Say ... Amen " "Amen " "Amennnnn" .... I Clap my hands with the church congress and feel a hand coming up my long brow...
Günlük | Kiyoko x Yachi [GxG] by AshChan951
Günlük | Kiyoko x Yachi [GxG]by Ash<3
O benim gibi biri için fazla güzel... GxG rahatsız oluyorsanız okumayın!!!
{Scooby-Doo}♡ by Shitery
{Scooby-Doo}♡by - Nasty 👅
*Unicorn sparkles*☺
Reboot (Lesbian) by qaZaq196
Reboot (Lesbian)by Kris
Avery just wants to be normal. When that doesn't quite work out for her, she meets Brooke who changes everything. Together they battle Avery's troubles and find somethin...
Someone Like Her by Imma_Lama_Unicorn
Someone Like Herby J. M.
"I wish I could find something like that'' Max said as if to hint to Daisy she was talking about them. Daisy just looked at Max laughing and added ''me to'' in a s...
Do I like her? by xllittlepunkchildx
Do I like her?by xllittlepunkchildx
This is a story about two girls falling in love if your homophobic I suggest you not read this 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 Please leave comments ps im sorry for any spelling err...
Hi by thatoreocookie29
Hiby Oreo
A true story about a closeted gay (girl) that can't deal with her feelings but talks about the girls she wants but can't have. She talked about things that are pretty re...