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Laurenzside x Ldshadowlady by lxst_ghost
Laurenzside x Ldshadowladyby Seira | Shorty
*DISCLAIMER* I do NOT hate any of these people that are evil or mean in this book. It's just for the story! This is a fanfiction of the ship Lauren x Lizzie. Pls don't t...
Dangthatsalongname x reader by Official_Luna1999
Dangthatsalongname x readerby Official_Luna1999
You meet a new boy through ur brother and sister (Seapeekay and Ldshadowlady)and start to become friends but then...
seapeesound by Supersgolden
seapeesoundby Wolfie
yup I'm doing a seapeesound (mia's life is coming soon)
Trust ( Adopted by DangThatsALongName ) by DemiTDM
Trust ( Adopted by DemiTDM
You were 9 when your mother died in a fire accident and your father started drinking and abusing you. Soon he got in a car accident and your were put in a orphanage. Nex...
Ldshadowlady x Oli by iIysfm
Ldshadowlady x Oliby btw i quit wattpad lol
Lizzie is having a great time, in her life.. recording, editing.. but then the most shocking things happen in Lizzie's life and it turns upside down..
TheOrionSoundxReader // Perfect Fit *COMPLETED* by tianacantwrite
TheOrionSoundxReader // Perfect tiana🦦
This is my first book so I hope you enjoy! Y/n is a famous youtuber and is playing on a Minecraft server when a particular player catches her eye (guess who *wink wink*)...
Youtube University~ An alarming_elayne Original by alarming_elayne
Youtube University~ An Elayne Moore
You're Y/N, a Youtuber who gets accepted to Youtube University. You become best friends with your roommate Jessica Bravura, and the two boys who live across the hall, Pa...
Kids in Love. (Theorionsound X Reader) by lycanthrope_wolfey
Kids in Love. (Theorionsound X Lycanthrope Wolfey
lycanthrope_Wolfey or lily might actually find love. in the person she least expects.
Jizzie | Hand on Heart by Featherinthewind
Jizzie | Hand on Heartby SolarEclipse
Sequel to Jizzie Finding Love If you want to read this story, make sure to read the first book (Jizzie Finding Love ) or it won't make sense. *** "Hand on heart. I...
Adopted By Laurenzside by thatfarmgirlabb
Adopted By Laurenzsideby Abby😘😍
Marlee is a 5 year old girl, she was dropped off at the adoption center around the age of two when her daddy killed her mommy. She always looks on the positive side. And...
Jizzie| love at first sight by summerlydreaming
Jizzie| love at first sightby boo
Lizzie has never had a boyfriend nor believed in love at first sight, Joel, on the other hand, has had many a girlfriend but can't find the right one. Lizzie hates life...
Youtuber Parents - DISCONTINUED by awful_jay
Youtuber Parents - DISCONTINUEDby ɹǝɓuɐɹʇs
Here's some youtuber and child scenarios cause I'm bored and i can. *even though it's marked as complete, this book is discontinued.*
A true Olipop (Adopted By TheOrionSound) by PuppersIsSage
A true Olipop (Adopted By Sage
you have been at an orphanage for the past 10 years of your life, you have never spoken to anyone at all, then one day your fav youtuber came, will he adopt you? trigge...
TheOrionSound x Reader by laylia_22
TheOrionSound x Readerby Laylia
TERRIBLE STORY× I wrote it a while ago and my writing skills have improved since then, if you want me to update the book and re-write it I will. Trixie Goes to mine-con...
Survive The Night - YouTuber HungerGames by TsushwamiStarz
Survive The Night - YouTuber Ghostly Starz
24 YouTubers have been called upon for a...'special event'. Little do they know that 99% of them will be dead by the time the event ends, and only one will leave with th...
Winter's Cold (KingdomCraft Story: Book 2) by AmberDickie
Winter's Cold (KingdomCraft Shy_Amber
Winter has come, and a lot has changed since the battle against Miseria. What adventures will the royals of Alvaria get up to this time? What new characters will we see?
Jizzie as in Highschool by Jess_shipper
Jizzie as in Highschoolby Jess
When Lizzie gets and unusually grade on a test and asks a shy nerd to help her, will something spark between them --This are real people, all of there names go with the...
My first kiss(Draco x reader)  by jxjlosx
My first kiss(Draco x reader) by Under construction
Y/n has never felt in love with anyone because she is an assassin a you tuber FBI agent Model and a singer she has a crush Allen or Draco and will she accept that she h...