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Bruises by wertlover
Bruisesby girls
Sleeping With The Enemy by Better_Strange
Sleeping With The Enemyby 🏳️‍🌈.
KLAINE AU Kurt's 21 an intern at Vogue, Blaine's 32 the Head of Vogue. Kurt hates Blaine with a passion, he has him run around doing stupid things, and never letting hi...
Fake: a Klaine Fanfiction  by klain3
Fake: a Klaine Fanfiction by isabella
Kurt Hummel works as a prostitute in New York City, and when lawyer Blaine Anderson needs a last-minute date for a family vacation, he uses his resources.
Courage by Gra1nger
Courageby Gra1nger
High school is a difficult period for most people, but for Kurt Hummel, it is a living hell. Being the only person out of the closet at his school makes him the main tar...
And Baby Makes Three by LadyGaga9012
And Baby Makes Threeby LadyGaga9012
Klaine AU: A few weeks after Mr Schue's almost-wedding and the events that followed, Blaine starts having symptoms. Symptoms that appear to be a lot like pregnancy. I OW...
"I love you-Blaine" by ConnorHummel
"I love you-Blaine"by ConnrnAnderson
When they were Nine year old boys Blaine Anderson met Kurt Hummel. Their friendship was instant, and they became the very best of friends. However, they grew up and they...
Three simple rules (NerdKurtxRebelBlaine) by Mothbite
Three simple rules (NerdKurtxRebel...by Molly
-warning: contain bad words (swears) and a homosexual romance, don't like, don't read- When quiet Kurt Hummel is forced into tutoring self acclaimed 'rebel' Blaine Ander...
Blame it on the alcohol {klaine} by KleoPatrisha
Blame it on the alcohol {klaine}by Kleo
Rachel and Mercedes bring Kurt to a party for an evening of drinking. He starts to have fun. Even sees a couple of guys from his new school, Dalton. Alcohol mixed with a...
It's all over by prisonbreakgal1
It's all overby Prisonbreakgal1
A klaine fanfic about kurt who is so depressed that he's going off the rails but can a small dark and handsome new boy in town change Kurt's ways or push him further ove...
Repeated Attempts by matt-and-jack-books
Repeated Attemptsby Matt + Jack
You want some pleasant and happily-ever-after Klaine? Haha, not going to find that here! Kurt has a problem. Well, he thinks his problem is that he's still alive- the re...
Blind Love by brighterworld
Blind Loveby 💕💕
When you and your soulmate both turn 18, you are able to communicate through your thoughts, no matter how far away you are, or whether you've met or not. Blaine Anderson...
Quarantine With The Warblers || Glee Dalton Academy || by BirdyWirdy20
Quarantine With The Warblers || Gl...by Sierra
With the new virus, COVID-19, going around, all the boys of Dalton are stuck in their dorms for two months. How long will they last before they kill each other? ⚠️Trigge...
Kurt & Blaine One shots by SingMeToSleep7
Kurt & Blaine One shotsby also known as @scottybrock on...
A collection of one shots pertaining to the couple from Glee, Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson, also known as Klaine.
A Punch To The Heart by Better_Strange
A Punch To The Heartby 🏳️‍🌈.
Blaines 23 an MMA fighter. Kurt's 17 a senior in high school. Pucks uncle got tickets to see Blaine Anderson in action, also the chance to meet him. Kurt is dragged alon...
A Very Klainey Quarantine  by kelsey_662
A Very Klainey Quarantine by klaineishot
Blaine's apartment isn't in good shape to stay in during this 5-month quarantine. Coronavirus has struck, and going grocery shopping is the only legal reason to leave th...
Give It All Up For Me by TheWalkingDead_Bethy
Give It All Up For Meby Allycia Barr
Blaine Anderson is the bad boy of Dalton Academy, leader of The Warblers. Kurt Hummel gets told to make himself useful and go check out The Warblers. When he gets there...
Klaine - Famous AU by AceWriter121
Klaine - Famous AUby H Davis
Blaine is a pop star, a sensation, an iconic superstar. Kurt, is a nobody, a loner, a loser. What happens when they briefly meet, will sparks fly, can they get past the...
As If It Was Easy (Editing) by Coolio7069
As If It Was Easy (Editing)by ZUKO LOVERRR
Remake of the original Blaine Devon Anderson. Kurt's lover. Kurt's hero. Kurt's will to live. The way it started may surprise you. Warnings: Character death (NOT KURT...
When He Disappeared by brighterworld
When He Disappearedby 💕💕
Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson were best friends, they were both so excited to go into high school together and make even more amazing memories. Freshman year was amaz...
Warbler Infections by lindslaybass
Warbler Infectionsby lindslaybass
When Kurt transfers to Dalton he has no idea what he's getting himself into. The boys all seem average and almost normal on the outside, but looks can be deceiving. Will...