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When Hate Become Love (TayNew) by Taytawan92
When Hate Become Love (TayNew)by Polca_Tay
Tay is the playboy with rude character he is a senior 3rd year student in the university.... New is the freshman who joined to that university... They happened to beco...
confused love ✅ by NavyaKikiro
confused love ✅by Navya Kikiro
Tay a rich and a perfect boy, every mother wants to have a son like him and New a poor boy but lives his life in full who finds happiness in small little things. what h...
Short Stories!! (PeteKao/Taynew ) (COMPLETED ✔) by TaynewWorld
Short Stories!! (PeteKao/Taynew ) TayNewLife
NOTE: This is going to be short stories for Taynew/Petekao. 18+ will be added(warning will be given ahead). Enjoy ✌ Actors (Real) Name: *Tay Tawan Vihokratana (28 yrs) ...
Forgotten Love [TayNew] by USilence
Forgotten Love [TayNew]by Silence
In wich New leaves thailand to study in the united states when he was 10 with his mom after his parents got divorced, leaving behind his bestfriend/crush Tay without eve...
tawan_v liked your post! by theyoungestoftwo
tawan_v liked your post!by blue
@tawant_u: can Tay just like... stop being the prettiest boy alive? my heart is too weak for this :( tawan_v liked your post! tawan_v followed you! @tawant_u: GUN TAY...
Complicated Love  (TayNew) by Taytawan92
Complicated Love (TayNew)by Polca_Tay
This time I want to write a fanfic about their real life details plus my delulu 😂 Okie ! So , Both TayNew are GMMTV Actor in this fanfic and some of their real activit...
My Master (TayNew) by Taytawan92
My Master (TayNew)by Polca_Tay
Newwiee's parents got car accident and die when he was 4 years old and his mother best friend, Ms.Yon adopted him and brought him with her. Tay Tawan is the only one ch...
Song Describes Our LOVE by merson20
Song Describes Our LOVEby Polca BP
Hi guys came back with some one shots of taynew and bounprem Actually I haven't seen this type of one shot or ff so I thought of making it... Or I Should say seen but v...
Rescue by shydeep94
Rescueby shydeep94
Pete found Kao in need of help.
I'm Still Loving You by softlysun
I'm Still Loving Youby Tt.Tawan Thitipoom
There was no home. Never. There was only a nightmare, in hurry to wake me up and ask me to leave. Spliting me. Turning memories into punishment.
Together by KrstlWrites
Togetherby kstal
TayNew One-shot Fanfiction -credits to the owner of the cover photo-
BL by AnanyaSharma297
BLby Bachi Maasum
I like to write quotes but i write my quotes on bl couples pics so I hope u all like it and tell me in comments
MY NEW MOON by kimhim96
MY NEW MOONby kimyeol96
Just one night all the things have change no more you or me but it our you , me and the baby
You are my Sunshine  by KrstlWrites
You are my Sunshine by kstal
TayNew Fanfiction
How we Love by KrstlWrites
How we Loveby kstal
We show love in very different ways, and I am happy with it. Cause that is what make You and Me special.
The End by SunRock9193
The Endby SunRock9193
For almost a year now, Polcas have been saddened, depressed even, by what some have perceived to be the end of TayNew's friendship. Bereft of Social media interaction th...
Fun - Night by shrutiworld
Fun - Nightby Shruti
One shot - TayNew / KristSingto / OffGun