Kiritsugu Stories

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Fate/Zasshuu! (Shirou x Female Gilgamesh) by Eroge-Chan
Fate/Zasshuu! (Shirou x Female Eroge-Chan
Shirou Emiya and Gilgamesh were fighting and Gilgamesh almost won....until a Heroic Spirit named Tiresias casted a curse on Gilgamesh turning him into a female, and Tra...
Chronos Rose (The Rising Of The Shield Hero x male reader) by Goszuu
Chronos Rose (The Rising Of The GoszuGamer
A certain man lives a normal life with nothing unusual happening around him, although is it going to stay that way?
Fate/Dark Truths (Fate Harem) by UnknownFate25
Fate/Dark Truths (Fate Harem)by UnknownFate25
(A Fate Harem Story) The Third Holy Grail War was over, and the grail had been corrupted by Angra Mainyu. The three original families in response destroyed the grail, le...
Fate/Harem Antics by Gundamboi
Fate/Harem Anticsby MrBruh
[Warning:This Not My Book,But this One Rightfully Belongs to (Authour:Kamenriderhero25). I Am Simply Righting this Book because of the Orginal Book was Unavailable to Ma...
Fate Zero Saber x Goku Black Reader Oc by UltimateSpy1
Fate Zero Saber x Goku Black UltimateSpy1
A story of a boy who seeks power to protect his love ones, little did he know he is going on a crazy adventure Disclaimer: I do not own Dbs or Fate Zero
Fate/High by Imransolar
Fate/Highby Imransolar
Chaldea academy is an institute that provides student a new thing to learn,it located in Nasu Town.This is the story about shirou Emiya attending the academy, meeting ne...
Shirou Emiya In Fate/Zero [Miyuverse Shirou] by Kiyone-Chan
Shirou Emiya In Fate/Zero [ AyanoChibi
Miyuverse Shirou Emiya still has to complete his side of the contract in ensuring Miyu's happiness. As Alaya has given him the chance to fulfil the oath he has made, she...
Fated Chance [Fate] [Abandoned] by MannyBruhWhoElse
Fated Chance [Fate] [Abandoned]by Manny
He finds himself back in the past. But it's different. Being summoned into the past isn't something new to him. But when he finds himself in his teenage years in a world...
Renací En Kaleid by Muramasa_Emiya_Shiro
Renací En Kaleidby J_A_H
¿Qué tan jodida debe de estar tu vida cómo para despertar en el cuerpo de la persona que más odias? No solo tienes que volver a ver esa molesta cara que denota inocencia...
I Remember  by DJMM15
I Remember by Vortex’s Multiverse
What if Archer Shirou Emiya wasn't one of Gudou's first summons what if he summoned the alter version Shirou Emiya Alter has throughg his time has the servant of the las...
Fate: Crimson War by AlexanderStardex
Fate: Crimson Warby AlexanderStardex
Starting off Six Months after the 4th Grail War with Waver Velvet returning to Fuyuki to say goodbye to his "Grand Parents" before he leaves to began a new cha...
Saga Of The Counterfeit Faker  by THOMAS_KETCHUM
Saga Of The Counterfeit Faker by RAHUL MADISHETTY
" For a dream that isn't yours , for ideals that do not belong to you, for their sake, are you willing to sacrifice everything ? Your Life, your happiness, your mem...
Your Not Alone by LunaWu3
Your Not Aloneby Luna Wu
Fate Stay/Night x My Hero Academia Itsuki Emiya has been through hell and had tremendous trauma. Will she be able to recover? What happens when she meets the green haire...
My Life In The Multiverse(Author Self Insert) Discontinued  by FireRogueWolf25
My Life In The Multiverse(Author Oliver vazquez
(Not a male reader) I'm not good with summaries so just read the story to understand. Edit: Forgot to mention this story was inspired by My life in FGO by jonathanwynn777
Zero Under Snow(Discontinued) by Kazuharu0
Zero Under Snow(Discontinued)by Alilios Kazuharu
This story is about Shirou, Shirou Emiya, and his path into becoming a hero, a true hero who could save everyone, who could protect everyone he holds dear I was inspire...
Fate/Zero: A Wish From A War (Male servant Reader X Fate/Zero) by ShiningGlory574
Fate/Zero: A Wish From A War ( ShiningGlory574
What happen if Kiritsugu Emiya didn't summon the King of Knights. But a Saber Servant that was called The Ultimate War God and was known though out Japan of his legend f...
Who are you? ( Saber x Gilgamesh ) by Inori34
Who are you? ( Saber x Gilgamesh )by Inori34
Saber got teleport into a place she doesn't know. When she opened her eyes everything around her was different. She looked at her reflection it was her own body but in a...
Arc Impact (Discontinued)  by FireRogueWolf25
Arc Impact (Discontinued) by Oliver vazquez
Jaune Miles Arc is the reincarnation of Counter Guardian Kiritsugu Emiya. How? Nobody knows not even he knows but that doesn't matter now. During a mission Jaune encount...
Fate Parallel Universe by AndikaSurya186
Fate Parallel Universeby Andika Surya
That reincarnation is something funny. Somehow, the last Heroic Spirit of Humanity - Emiya Shirou - awakened within his 7 year old self. As usual, it was confirmed that...
The Forgotten Promise [Illya Side Story]  by Rai_Lie
The Forgotten Promise [Illya Lie
Though there time together was short it was more then enough to fill the void in Illya's heart, Witness the last few moments Y/N spent with Illya and the others in Fuyuk...