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You & I •KTH• by Taexiee_
You & I •KTH•by Taexiee
[A girl who have a lot of attitude..] Yn : actually I was drinking it and you came in front of me that's why I wasn't able to control my laugh that's why I spill it on y...
In Love With A Blind Girl [ KTH FF ] by Taebeardiary
In Love With A Blind Girl [ KTH Tae bear's Diary
Mafia Series . KTH X READER . Hope you'll love it 💜
 mafia boss's cute girl [ Kth ff ] by Taebeardiary
mafia boss's cute girl [ Kth ff ]by Tae bear's Diary
when the cute girl meets a mafia boss. mafia boss : "so it's you , huh! Again we meet . What a destiny !" Girl : "sir forget about it "
Criminal's Love - KTH by Kimtaehyungfics
Criminal's Love - KTHby Kimtaehyungfics
This story revolves between : Kim Taehyung : A rich son who is a criminal and has fallen for you who is a police officer. How will Taehyung , a criminal be able to star...
only one night; kth by iluvdoctorwho_
only one night; kthby iluvdoctorwho_
22 year old Hana was given the great opportunity to teach dancing for one month in Paris but one night she decided to go out to a club and finds a cute guy who she share...
Cold Mafia Boss And The Savage Girl  [ Kth ff ] by Taebeardiary
Cold Mafia Boss And The Savage Tae bear's Diary
A different story of Kim Taehyung, The Mafia Boss and Yn . Belonging to each other but not also . But will he able to handle the savage girl ?
Force Marriage [ KTH FF ] by Taebeardiary
Force Marriage [ KTH FF ]by Tae bear's Diary
A mafia series . Yn : How--- ? What a pathetic husband !! ( Sadly chuckled ) Yn : What can I expect from a force husband? ~~~~~~ How will it end I wonder !!!!~~~~~~~~~~
Virgin. >kth au<   by BadBusanBxtchesOnly
Virgin. >kth au< by Momma's resting💕
"Just follow my lead, and we'll learn this together." ✔ ©BadBusanBxtchesOnly 2018 Started: 9/21/2018 Ended: 4/24/2019 1M reads 8/5/2021 💜💜 **🥉3RD PLACE WINN...
𝐌𝐘 𝐂𝐎𝐋𝐃 𝐇𝐔𝐒𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃    ||•𝓣𝓪𝓮𝓱𝔂𝓾𝓷𝓰𝓯𝓯 •||  by _Slayoongi_
𝐌𝐘 𝐂𝐎𝐋𝐃 𝐇𝐔𝐒𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃 || Taexoxo<3
This story is about two people, Kim Taehyung and Min Y/n...They had an arranged marriage. Y/n loves him more than anyone in this world Taehyung loves her too but his an...
Bully of the Savage girl  [ KTH FF ] . by Taebeardiary
Bully of the Savage girl [ KTH Tae bear's Diary
Taehyung X Reader A school + business life series . Yn fell in love with Tae the bully but she wanted Tae to taste his own medicine. A revenge that lead Yn to something...
BAD BOY [ KTH FF ] by Taebeardiary
BAD BOY [ KTH FF ]by Tae bear's Diary
Yn and The Bad Boy Aka Kim Taehyung . Taehyung X Readers . A school life series , where bad boy fell in love with the not so innocent girl Yn . Moreover , their love...
|| GOLD DIGGER ||  by sunset_vibes_327
|| GOLD DIGGER || by coco
Y/N was married to guy named Kim Taehyung who used consider her as a Gold Digger. What happens when he got to know about her intentions after coming in his life ???
LET ME LOVE YOU 💘 |KTH |COMPLETED  by violet__an__absinthe
LET ME LOVE YOU 💘 |KTH |COMPLETED by Sirajum_Munira_Lithi
Y/N is as usual breathtaking beautiful girl. She is a very sensitive girl. She used to love a person with all her heart. Allah had also given her the blessing of being a...
My Cold Wife [ kth ff ] by Taebeardiary
My Cold Wife [ kth ff ]by Tae bear's Diary
Will he able to melt her heart ? 💜
Obsession [complete] by cupidlovekookiee
Obsession [complete]by cupidlovekookiee
Everything was mysterious about him yet he is so intriguing... Who is he? Who is V? Who is Kim Taehyung?
D.I.S.O.R.D.E.R || Taehyung X Reader by Ukiyo_Nabi
D.I.S.O.R.D.E.R || Taehyung X 🖤⛓
Idk why you all think this is a mafia ff Lemme tell u before u get disappointed This is not a mafia fanfic. It's a story about a boy with anger disorder trying to live...
CrEAckHEad Lo√£ $tory [ Kth ff ] by Taebeardiary
CrEAckHEad Lo√£ $tory [ Kth ff ]by Tae bear's Diary
Love between CrEAckHEad enemy and the CEO
Best Friend  [ KTH FF ]  by Taebeardiary
Best Friend [ KTH FF ] by Tae bear's Diary
Best friends are the one who understands each other like no one else. Taehyung and Yn , the bestest friend . But Taehyung doesn't want only to be her best friend , he w...
Mafia First Love by SilkytanV
Mafia First Loveby TaetanV
Kim Taehyung fall for Y/N but what will happen if lead to obsession? And will she will love him back even after knowing that he is a mafia? Started at:19 November 2021 ...
Enemies to Lovers  [ Kth ff ] by Taebeardiary
Enemies to Lovers [ Kth ff ]by Tae bear's Diary
Enemies : yn and Tae but Tae changed and yn missed him now. By the way why he changed suddenly ? that's the question roamed around yn's mind. let's see what happen...