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princess of bangtan by genuismin
princess of bangtanby genuismin
it was a cold October day. y/n was sitting in a box she found the previous night to sleep in thinking about what she was going to find for dinner while watching people's...
Stubborn Hugs by Eternal-Mikrokosmos
Stubborn Hugsby Peach clown
After helping out a koala and bunny hybrid, you bring them home with your other hybrids to adjust. But a certain koala doesn't seem to get the concept of being cared for...
Forever Rain 💙☔ (Kim Namjoon x Reader) by __joojoonation
Forever Rain 💙☔ (Kim Namjoon x Careless Hooman
Different lifetimes. Different eras. Same fate. Will they be able to break the cycle this time? (Kim Namjoon x Reader)
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐮𝐧𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐲; (bts ot7) by diontanysus
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐮𝐧𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐲; (bts ot7)by 🌙
- "Bunny, your heart is racing, you aren't scared, are you?" He teasingly drawled, stepping even closer to you, forcing his strong, unmistakably cold arm aroun...
[ >Inside< ] || ksj by -akhsunagguks-
[ >Inside< ] || ksjby BadHooman
When a girl starts having her first crush. . . . . Partly based on a true story. (A JinXreader story)
Cell Phone • k.nj by Nicholas_EC
Cell Phone • k.njby Han_Jisung
❝ Jin hyung, you owe me! ❞ Where Kim Namjoon makes a 'wrong send' to his five year crush, hoping he can finally start a conversation with her. ©NicholasEC | unedited |
UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN // KNJ x READER by jiminslostcarbonara
After the incident, Namjoon blamed himself for losing you. The once happy boy's world turned upside down, crashing his heart even more. The only hope he has was if only...
Left alone|| NamjoonxReader by joonnyoongi
Left alone|| NamjoonxReaderby ♡
You are 18 years. You and Namjoon have been dating for about a year. Namjoon has been a trainee as well hoping to be successful and achieve his dreams. You've been throw...
31 Days | Kim Namjoon X Reader  by universalbabe
31 Days | Kim Namjoon X Reader by 💀
31 Days of October. People dressing up as ghouls and monsters. The worst are the clowns. -•- In a journal format -•- Based on the clown kidnappers and videos
My Personal Guard(Kim Namjoon X Reader) by KimmyNamjoon
My Personal Guard(Kim Namjoon X KimmyNamjoon
Y/N was 18 when she already finish all her education, spent one year learning all kinds of martial arts, she spent another year learning korean and so she moved to Korea...
Puppy Love (Kim Namjoon/ RM x Reader) by D3vilyn_45
Puppy Love (Kim Namjoon/ RM x Dev
When (y/n) finally decides to leave her house and take a walk at the park, she meets a dog who is missing. Taking it in, she is later approached at her work about a miss...
Pied Piper | b t s by seesawbtss
Pied Piper | b t sby seesawbtss
Are you willing to prove your love to them, even if it takes you to leave your life? [under major editing] • • • Ranks: rank 94 on #piedpiper -December 20, 2019 ✨ rank 9...
Blood Sweat & Tears [BTS x Reader] by No_Jams1104
Blood Sweat & Tears [BTS x Reader]by :))
A story of a girl who happened to be the crush of her 7 other friends. What happens to their friendship when she'll know that they like her? Who will she chose at the en...
Nightscape  by SmileHoya05
Nightscape by 𝘏𝘰𝘺𝘢
What happens when the moon meets the stars that encircle her? It becomes a nightscape.
The BBMAs with BTS (Kim Namjoon X Reader) by qtxelost
The BBMAs with BTS (Kim Namjoon qtxelost
You're a female kpop idol know for acting, singing, and dancing. You decide to attend the BBMAs as you have a chance of winning an award for your solo project (despite b...
Antidote //KNJxReader// by nicotinix
Antidote //KNJxReader//by °nicotinix°
A new epidemic is sweeping the world like the plague. Kim Namjoon, a medical scientist who has been in solitary confinement for the past five years, is willing to help Y...
Who Do You Love? by Shafna_Jalill
Who Do You Love?by 파크 _아린❤️
Life has never been easy , read to join a journey full of drama , heart breaks , romance and many more..
Neighbors || BTS  by Chuunibunni
Neighbors || BTS by Chiipimunkie
This is a story where you have these seven men as your neighbors. Everything seems to be normal but what if... What if there was a serial...
Hurry [KimNamjoon] by meljirose
Hurry [KimNamjoon]by ✨𝓜.𝓡.✨
"Even if our encounter was an accident, it's an accident I'll never regret." - Kim Namjoon A Kim NamjoonXReader