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The Enemy Prince, Volume Two: Our Enemy King, A Namjin FF by chelseabts80
The Enemy Prince, Volume Two: ChelseaBTS
I hope you like the second volume of 'My Enemy Prince!' This story will feature Yoonmin, Vkook, Sebaek, some random ships i made up, as well as other Kpop idols, so any...
(LeoN/NEO) The World of Us by darkskyez
(LeoN/NEO) The World of Usby darkSkyeZ
Jung Taekwoon. He has always heard stories about the human world from his 'lifelong friend' that lived on the other side of the door that separated the two. He lea...
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His Tutor || K.NJ x K.SJ || NAMJIN by joon_thetic
His Tutor || K.NJ x K.SJ || NAMJINby DIONYSUS
"Love hurts they say and now I know it's true" -------------------------------------- What happens when Playboy Jin gets Namjoon as a tutor? ...
Let's Rewrite The Stars by miru_70
Let's Rewrite The Starsby Ruby
Kim Wonshik is a wealthy 16 year old, grown isolated from the life of the poor. Curious about the life of those less fortunate he ignores his parent's warning and search...
LOVE LETTER. by okidos
LOVE 𝒂𝒓𝒂!
〝 It's okay, though. In this life, I'll learn to live without you. 〞 Unspoken words of fondness and affection serve as the worst form of karma when the boy who paints gr...
They Forbid Me From Loving You by miru_70
They Forbid Me From Loving Youby Ruby
In a world where Kim Wonshik is a scientist who chose to work under a well known unidentified gang of troublemakers, he was told to create a potion that could cause the...
i'm their manager [raken vixx] by baconstealer
i'm their manager [raken vixx]by pixel sandwiches
RAKEN RAKEN RAKEN Σ(・□・;) ~ story still developing hehe just know that its raken themed so the romance will be there <3
Beautiful Killer (LeoN) by parentalunit
Beautiful Killer (LeoN)by ○ J.M. ○
Jung Taekwoon is a man for hire, working in an organization named 'Kratos'. His profession used to be very popular back in earlier days, but these days, it was less know...
Apartment 332 | [ VIXX ravi/ken/leo ] by toby-senpai
Apartment 332 | [ VIXX ravi/ken/ 🌈 tobeeeeee 🐝
Kim Wonshik and Lee Jaehwan have been roommates for 2 years now. They were close with all the tenants on their floor, so when a new man moved into the apartment next doo...
irl  { RaKen VIXX } //ON HIATUS by achahakyawn
irl { RaKen VIXX } //ON HIATUSby achahakyawn
In which Ravi talks to Ken online, without revealing his true identity.
Teach me the way of love (Kenvi/Raken) by JustAGirlWhoLikesArt
Teach me the way of love (Kenvi/ JustAGirlWhoLikesArt
They say time heals wounds and the statement might be true in some cases. However, it takes someone to mend a broken heart... or to break it again.
⎿ a series of events⏋- νιxx σηєѕнσтѕ by notbananamilk
⎿ a series of events⏋- νιxx σηєѕнσ the feeling
a compilation of short stories that includes vixx. - - feel free to leave criticism. it's my first attempt of sharing it with the world so i'd like to know what you th...
Myself//Neo AU  by altstarlight
Myself//Neo AU by Stephanie
(Neo Oneshot) Jung Taekwoon fell in love just to hard. *Complete*
Tattoo || raken √ by -vantae
Tattoo || raken √by haitusanghyuk
❝ what's the meaning of that tattoo of yours? ❞ ❝ oh this? It's to attract love. ❞ date started: 161212 ©-vantae 2016-2017
Us Now (A Raken fanfic) by Vixxruinedmysoul
Us Now (A Raken fanfic)by Poker Face
Everything was fine in Ravi's life until that fateful day when he laid eyes on Lee Jaehwan. This cute little ball of cozy fun and merriness proved to change Ravi in ways...
387 (Completed) by _Alexis_225
387 (Completed)by Alex
He hated the state that he was in. A limbo that he couldn't escape, torn between spiritual and physical world. Generally his days were filled with wandering around the w...
[One-shot] That Moment by xshinx30
[One-shot] That Momentby xshinx30
Title: That Moment Length: One-shot/Drabble Pairing: JaeWon (Jaehwan&Wonshik/Ravi&Ken) Summary: Keep going as you want to, don't let anything stop you. Don't lose that m...
Destined Souls by KAddict0329
Destined Soulsby Vixx_Starlights
Through all of the hardships and struggles of life, all of them have endured through things others can only imagine. Each person experiences something different, yet all...