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My Master | Leo  by luvlizy78
My Master | Leo by silary
✿°•. му мαѕтєя | ℓєσ .•°✿ - ✿ When Yoo Sa Nie (Sannie)'s mother happens through a car accident and is stuck in the hospital in a coma, she is forced to quit college a...
Vixx Reactions&Scenarios by Jizz_on_your_bias
Vixx Reactions&Scenariosby 𝐅*𝐜𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐇𝐮𝐧𝐠𝐫𝐲
Asian Man, Black Woman(AMBW) Theme Asian Man, Black Woman(AMBW) Theme Asian Man, Black Woman(AMBW) Theme Asian Man, Black Woman(AMBW) Theme Asian Man, Black Woman(AMBW)...
KPOP One Shots by AlphaMaleYoongi
KPOP One Shotsby Donna A.
In every fan, there's fantasy.. IMAGINE with BTOB, BTS, AND VIXX
Appa Leo a "Vixx fanfic" (Completed) by Kpopbaby91
Appa Leo a "Vixx fanfic" ( L
At a young age Leo became a father to a precious little girl. Her name was Yuki and he was her Appa. Though she was not his he loved her with every fiber of his being. ...
Fantasy | VIXX 7th Member by IncomingXiumin
Fantasy | VIXX 7th Memberby Minseokie
You were new and debuting as the only girl with VIXX. You loved them as bandmates, and fantasised about maybe more...
VIXX IMAGINES 2016 [Requests Open] by avalynnrose
VIXX IMAGINES 2016 [Requests Open]by hongseol.kongiee
2016's PROJECT - VIXX IMAGINES - N Leo Ken Ravi Hongbin Hyuk [Status: Open] How to request: Comment or message me under the name 'SheisAdriana' Thank you! <3 Cover...
VOODOO by miraeeseo
VOODOOby Baby Starlight
People say you should live life to the fullest. You might want to follow their advice. Because who knows what's gonna happen next.
Bad Influence | Leo (VIXX) X Reader | VIXX Fanfic | COMPLETED by cheonsa_k
Bad Influence | Leo (VIXX) X Lee Cheonsa
16+ : Trigger warning- Story discusses eating disorders, depression, rape, etc. "High school isn't exactly what I expected. I just hope I get through it." Y/N...
6 boys in High School  (Taek Woon Ver.) by cafefiction
6 boys in High School (Taek cafefiction
[ 2 of 6 series 6 Boys in High School ]
stainless love💜 by DonyaZandi
stainless love💜by Donya Zandi
They grew up together. One is wealthy, the other is his servant. The Love in our soul is the second book VIXX Wontaek Leo×Ravi Boy×Boy Smut Hi everyone🤗 This story has...
here (vixx hakyeon x hongbin) [✔] by chimchim33
here (vixx hakyeon x hongbin) [✔]by chimchim33
hongbin notices that hakyeon has been acting weird lately and tries to make him feel better one shot [fluff]
hierarchy  by ofeden
hierarchy by garden
"In fact, observing the spirit of egotism which incessantly divides mankind, the ambitious man fomented it with dexterity - flattered the vanity of one, excited the...
Unexpected Love by WifeNiJungTaekwoon
Unexpected Loveby Leo-Chi~
Fanfiction.. High school love story..
Vixx FanFic:You Chained Me Up by Hibawoon
Vixx FanFic:You Chained Me Upby Hibawoon
Actually this is my first fiction so please enjoy it and tell me if you like or dislike I hope you really enjoy it I want to tell you that I'm not good in English so i...
VIXX'S PROFILE by umiradiey
good night and good morning by alvis_lucetta
good night and good morningby ☆ alvis ☆
Hongbin is a demigod whose presence is not approved by his mother, Voxara. Dealing with this situation, she casted a curse on him not to fall in love with mortals. Once...
Fall In his Trap by DitaMaiz
Fall In his Trapby Nanami Mashima
A girl,Kristina Lonjam who never received love from his father. She becomes lonely,begins to stay away from interacting people. She forgets to smile freely.She totally d...
You Are The Only Thing I See by 17got7btsvixxexo
You Are The Only Thing I Seeby 17got7btsvixxexo
Baek Younghee had the ability to see ghost ever since she was 10 years old resulted from a car accident. Luckily all of them survived. Lee Hongbin lost his eyesight in t...
Fan-Fiction: VIXX by theariesborn
Fan-Fiction: VIXXby Dayla Dante
VIXX is a 6 member group that debuted on the 24th of May, 2012. The members include : N / Cha Hakyeon (Leader) Leo / Jung Taekwoon Ken / Lee Jaehwan Ravi / Kim Wonshik...