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Time Remnant by Takashi_Chikaze
Time Remnantby Takashi_Chikaze
A time remnant saved by the speedforce and given a goal to be champion of the speedforce. So the 'Time Remnant' of Barry Allen spent 10 years working as a champion for t...
She's Scared by Aliciateigan24
She's Scaredby Teigan
What would happen if Team Flash reached out to a certain Girl of Steel to help defeat Savitar? But when she arrives and things are revealed, will the relationships and f...
A SuperFlash Fanfiction  by charliecat13
A SuperFlash Fanfiction by charliecat13
When Barry and Kara met, they were just normal teenagers who met at a reptile camp. But, when Barry and Kara both become heroes, they realize that there is more to there...
Pain Is Eternal : OverFlash Story  by Savitarcool
Pain Is Eternal : OverFlash Story by Red Death
Kara cheated on Barry with Mon-El, Barry never got over it and his pain and loneliness stuck with him for his whole life. GUYS I GOT THIS FROM A SUPERFLASH VIDEO AND THE...
Flashpoint: a SuperFlash story by KryptonianSpeedster
Flashpoint: a SuperFlash storyby The_Kryptonian_Speedster
What if when Barry creates Flashpoint, he is married to Kara Danvers, how will He react, would he stay or would be change it back to the way things were. Disclaimer: the...
What We Leave Behind by baconaterftw
What We Leave Behindby baconaterftw
Barry Allen is gone but with his disappearance a mystery is left behind. May contain intense violence and action and of course I don't own anything in this story what so...
Unfamiliar Love - Superflash by Korijin
Unfamiliar Love - Superflashby Korijin
Kara has always had feelings for Barry but she buried them deep within her heart. Until one day she wakes up and everyone thinks she's Iris. How will Kara deal with this...
Love Across The Stars - Superflash Au by Korijin
Love Across The Stars - Superflash...by Korijin
After his mistake of Flashpoint the Dominators have come to collect the bounty placed upon Barry Allen's head. Wanting to atone for his mistakes he turns himself in to t...
Blue Is Your Color ||SuperFlash Marvel/DC Fanfic|| by Baubillia
Blue Is Your Color ||SuperFlash Ma...by Baubillia
It's been years since Ollie's death, years since Tony's death. For the Paragons, their days have been getting better.....well at least for most of them. The Flash has ju...
Superflash: Destiny  by Humbetyme57
Superflash: Destiny by Humbetyme57
This is an alternate ending of The Flash episode 16 with some Superflash. (This has spoilers from season 6 and 5 of The Flash and Supergirl) I don't own any of the chara...
SuperFlash: Just superfriends? by XxSuperFlashxX
SuperFlash: Just superfriends?by XxSuperFlashxX
The story will be based on the flash's musical crossover. Barry has feelings for Kara. Kara also has feelings for Barry but doesn't realize that she does until the final...
Superflash: Changes by Humbetyme57
Superflash: Changesby Humbetyme57
Both Kara and Barry had lost a person that they love, Barry went to Kara's earth to clear his mind, will they fall in love while he stays on Kara's earth? I don't own an...
The Speedster and the Kryptonian- 1000 Years by Ilikerainbow6
The Speedster and the Kryptonian...by The Scarlet King
After the events of Crisis on Earth-X, Barry, and Kara find out that they have a daughter in the future, Alura Allen, who traveled to the past to try to fix her father's...
Arrowverse Oneshots (SLOW UPDATES) by Ilikerainbow6
Arrowverse Oneshots (SLOW UPDATES)by The Scarlet King
You know what, I got bored, so to add to my growing workload of chapters and my other ongoing stories I decided to write some one-shots, I'll take requests and add more...
Elseworlds - A Superflash Story by sidka28
Elseworlds - A Superflash Storyby VariantL1130
What if John Deegan changed reality so that Barry Allen is married to Kara Danvers and Oliver Queen is missing. Will Barry try to change reality or develop feelings for...
What Have I Become? A Flash/Glee Fanfiction  by radioactive_sarcasm
What Have I Become? A Flash/Glee F...by Zeef
The always running Barry Allen, is going to need to get much faster in order to outrun his high school years. Taking place in season two of The Flash (with a few alterat...
The Spectre: A SuperFlash Story by KryptonianSpeedster
The Spectre: A SuperFlash Storyby The_Kryptonian_Speedster
An alternate story of crisis on infinite earths where Barry Allen becomes the Spectre. Disclaimer All characters belong to the CW and DC comics. Sequel story is out now...
𝗜𝗻𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗴𝗿𝗮𝗺 | Harry Styles AU [EDITING/TRYING TO COMPLETE] by stylesho
𝗜𝗻𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗴𝗿𝗮𝗺 | Harry Styles...by bri
@harrystyles started following you. - • - • - © 𝐬𝐭𝐲𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐡𝐨 𝟐𝟎𝟏𝟗
Arrowverse: MEMES! by xxKryptonianxx
Arrowverse: MEMES!by Kryptonian
A special collection of memes with the best shows EVER!
The Speedster and the Kryptonian by Ilikerainbow6
The Speedster and the Kryptonianby The Scarlet King
Set during Crisis on earth X, Barry and Kara find themselves in the battle for their worlds against the New Reichsman regime threatening to conquer earth, will they succ...