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Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece (A Superflash Fanfic) by kryptoimpulse
Speak Now or Forever Hold Your kryptoimpulse
Kara knows she has feelings for Barry that are beyond anything she's ever felt. She's heartbroken after losing Mon-El, and the WestAllen wedding might just be the final...
I'm a Fool For You » SuperFlash {1} | √ by themiko2
I'm a Fool For You » SuperFlash { em n ms
There was a crime scene for a murder so CSI Barry Allen hurries there but of course being 10 minutes late. At CatCo, Snapper gave one of his reporters a task to go down...
Superflash: Changes by Humbetyme57
Superflash: Changesby Humbetyme57
Both Kara and Barry had lost a person that they love, Barry went to Kara's earth to clear his mind, will they fall in love while he stays on Kara's earth? I don't own an...
Superflash: Unite by KennethWrites
Superflash: Uniteby KennethWrites
Disclaimer: This is just a fanfiction I don't own any character's here DC owns the character thank you
A SuperFlash Story Reborn  by KiritoBinns
A SuperFlash Story Reborn by Kirito Binns
Barry Allen the fastest man alive is going head to head with Zoom, while testing his speed he made a jump to a familiar kryptonian's earth while there Barry starts devel...
Team Flash and Supergirl watch their future (COMPLETED) by pinkie03pie
Team Flash and Supergirl watch Dimension Princess
So I kidnapped team Flash and Supergirl because I'm bored and love showing people stuff and see how they react. Also Barry and Iris are just friends. Barry and Kara rec...
Marks We Bare On Our Skin by celestialdragon949
Marks We Bare On Our Skinby Celestial Dragon
"An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break...
You're More Than  a Super Friend, You're My Everything (Superflash Story) by DudeWithGlasses
You're More Than a Super Hoo-Man Being
It's been 1 year since Iris died. Everyone came to be remorseful for her death. Everyone but Barry. Savitar broke him. He took away the love of his life. Barry instead t...
Reboot (A superflash fanfic) by DudeWithGlasses
Reboot (A superflash fanfic)by Hoo-Man Being
"Hey." Barry says to Kara "Barry! What are you doing here?" Kara say excited and surprised "Iris and I broke up." He answers with disappoi...
I'll Never Let You Go Again (A Superflash Fanfic) by DudeWithGlasses
I'll Never Let You Go Again (A Hoo-Man Being
SEQUEL TO YOU'RE MORE THAN MY SUPERFRIEND, YOU'RE MY EVERYTHING It's been 3 months since Barry had died. Since Lilian stabbed him. And the day Lilian died. Kara never...
SUPERFLASH: the beginning by chappieoldson
SUPERFLASH: the beginningby Josh Bradley
This is how Barry and Kara first met each other. This series will be based on Kara and Barry. Kara will not be from Krypton. BUT she will still be Supergirl. She will ge...
The Power Couple by Akiatta
The Power Coupleby Akiatta
Misunderstood and Judged by those whom the heroes swore to protect, Barry and Kara find comfort from each other. The story revolves around two super powered individuals...
A DC Fanfiction  by charliecat13
A DC Fanfiction by charliecat13
The Henderson family was known for adopting kids. They adopted a boy named Oliver Queen when he was two years old, after his father died in a car crash and his mother we...
 Supergirl and Flash Ship  by Anime__SuperheroNerd
Supergirl and Flash Ship by Anime Superhero Nerd
This is just reasons why I Ship Supergirl and Flash aka (Kara and Barry) ☺☺☺
Burning Bridges by Miserareta
Burning Bridgesby Miserareta
After the Speed Demon invaded Central City, Barry Allen has been running about to close each and every breach to Earth-2. However, when a group of overpowered m...
Legends Never Dies (Lendas Nunca Morrem) - 1 Temporada by TheFlash3BR
Legends Never Dies (Lendas Nunca
Uma Facção Contrabandista de Central City Planeja Fazer Um Contrabando De Frascos Com Poderes Barry Precisa Criar Um Grupo Novo De Herois Para Para-los
I Need You » SuperFlash {3} by themiko2
I Need You » SuperFlash {3}by em n ms
After defeating Eobard Thawne, The Flash is recognized as a hero in Central City after saving the city, only to face a new threat from a parallel universe in the form of...
Collapse (Sequel to Reboot) (A Superflash Fanfic) by DudeWithGlasses
Collapse (Sequel to Reboot) (A Hoo-Man Being
SEQUEL TO REBOOT! "Kara... What do you mean?" Barry asks with tears in his eyes "I mean. I'm breaking up with you. Listen, i-it's for your safety. Barry...
I Love You » SuperFlash {2} √ by themiko2
I Love You » SuperFlash {2} √by em n ms
After helping Supergirl defeat Non and Mydrid, Barry finds out a troubling secret back in Central City. There's meta humans running around causing trouble but Barry thou...
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