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No Face (Naruto Reincarnation Fanfiction) by RavenCloud331
No Face (Naruto Reincarnation Fanf...by Frogg
Kokoro was a wandering spirit, not the human kind who are naturally curious and love to travel the world. No, she was really a spirit wandering all the different kinds o...
(DISCONTINUED) 𝓝𝓲𝓷𝓳𝓪 𝓟𝓲𝓻𝓪𝓽𝓮𝓼 by Electric_Phoenix
(DISCONTINUED) 𝓝𝓲𝓷𝓳𝓪 𝓟𝓲𝓻𝓪...by Mina
*DISCONTINUED* A band of Pirates, famously known as Ninja Pirates have been stealing the jewels of the nine kingdoms. Nobody has ever seen them. They say they move like...
The puppet and the wolf by typhomarangsparl1
The puppet and the wolfby typhomarangsparl1
A young girl is in the academy with naruto uzumaki and the others what happens when naruto gets a crush on this girl. The girl is smart and is currently, 13 years old an...
Stingray Princess by _VillainPrincess_
Stingray Princessby _VillainPrincess_
It has been arranged since their births that Kotoko and Kankuro would marry one day. They often traveled to one another, Kotoko and her family traveled to the warm kingd...
Paranoia of the Starved |Kankuro| by Sleepyie
Paranoia of the Starved |Kankuro|by Sleepy
Alone. I am alone in my last life, I shall be in this life, I don't expect anything to change. Although once I realized, one simple factor, I realized that I no longer...
Where have you been all my life? [Kankuro x oc] by Friteuse
Where have you been all my life? [...by Friteuse
So this is the first fanfic I ever wrote. Enjoy! (:
Anon messages  by Kankuko
Anon messages by Kankuko
Ok this "Stroy" will be anon's that I get on my blog asking about Atsuko (and kankuro)
'Til Death Do Us Part (Naruto Reincarnation Fanfic) by AkwardLizardDance
'Til Death Do Us Part (Naruto Rein...by AwkwardLizardDance
A story in which an adorable non-binary ghost child gets thrown into the Naruto world with nothing but a few 100 year old candies, their mischevious Nana, and a car on t...
Holiday;sequel to Konoha High-school  by _shikatema4ever
Holiday;sequel to Konoha High-scho...by Hi<3
The sequel to Konoha High-school. {I don't own any of the Naruto characters in the story}
Type of couple Atsuko and Kankuro are by Kankuko
Type of couple Atsuko and Kankuro...by Kankuko
I wanted to go into a more deeper version of what type of couple they are but to put them in one word they would be volatile
Wynter of the Elk  ||Naruto|| by KittySpalla
Wynter of the Elk ||Naruto||by Kitty Spalla
The village of Konohagakure has the Nara clan, deer shaman. Their cousin, or cadet branch, clan would be the Eruku of Yugakure. Kaen is the heiress of said branch and is...
Atsuko Nyrobi of the Cloud by Kankuko
Atsuko Nyrobi of the Cloudby Kankuko
This is a very detailed description of Atsuko, her team and how she met Kankuro
Our Unexpected Love (On Hold) by AngieUchiha1
Our Unexpected Love (On Hold)by Angie
"For my whole life I always wanted more. I wanted to help people instead of watching them fall. Ever since COVID 19 broke out nothing was ever the same." This...
A Girl Worth Fighting For by xxkidxx
A Girl Worth Fighting Forby Dishonor on your cow
Ryuko Hashawagi with her twin sister and older brother are from a medical ninja family, with a prized jutsu. On her journey to become a chunin she runs into old friends...
The rain wolf by typhomarangsparl1
The rain wolfby typhomarangsparl1
A young girl raised in suna and lives a normal life trying to become a shinobi and she hopes she'll make new friends on the way. She tries to befriend and get recognized...
The howl of danger by typhomarangsparl1
The howl of dangerby typhomarangsparl1
A young girl from a clan that was long forgotten what happens when this young girl was found living alone. What will the shinobis do when they found her and the kekkei g...