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RWBY - Origins Of KACY by reilanddarc
RWBY - Origins Of KACYby Reiland Darc
With his mother neglecting him and his father attempting to murder him, Celtic struggles to find a family he can hold on to as he struggles with overcoming his vengeance...
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Don't Let Me Go (Student X Teacher) by emsays
Don't Let Me Go (Student X Teacher)by Emily
Kacy is bipolar. And she's trying her best to beat it. She also gets a new maths teacher, her least favourite subject, and hates him to death. But along the lines, when...
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The New Girl.....                      Bnha x OC by InsomniacInc
The New Girl...by My Hero Academica
Luna King... a girl who's known as quirkless.... or is she? She has a twin who thinks she's better than her and a little brother. Their names Kacy and Ash.... her father...
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My Blind Mate <3 [Editing] by AshleyMtCastle
My Blind Mate <3 [Editing]by Ashley Mountcastle
Adrian's POV "Dad, Wyatt, Brian, Lissa, Kassidy, and everyone else of the pack Kaitlyn here is my mate." The pack just stared at us more but our family was ha...
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Instagram {Noah jupe}  by christamichellem
Instagram {Noah jupe} by christamichellem
@makaylarae: @noahjupe you're not to bad looking at all😏 @noahjupe: @makaylarae 🤐 @laceygrace: I ship yall so hard @makaylarae **DISCLAIMER I HAVE NO CLUE IF THESE AR...
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Just A Sister... (LAURANCE X READER PDH) by LovelessCP
Just A Sister... (LAURANCE X READE...by Kayla
What will happen when Gene and Dante's baby sister starts highschool?
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Following the Map that Leads to You (Maroon 5 Fanfiction) by KacyofAsgard
Following the Map that Leads to Yo...by Kacy B
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Jania story 😌💕🤫 by thatgurllmonie2x
Jania story 😌💕🤫by thatgurllmonie2x
Just read
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Creepy girls (creepypasta fanfic) by Amaya879
Creepy girls (creepypasta fanfic)by Amaya879
Young girls names Rose, Jenny, Luna, May, Kacy, June, Leny, and Caira decide to go camping in a forest. What will happen when some unsuspected creepy visitors come visit...
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Dreaming Of Tomorrow by iistaytrueii
Dreaming Of Tomorrowby True💎
After a big mishap during P.E, Taylor McKnight finds herself in a big situation, but is falling. Everywhere she goes there's a problem. Then must find a way to contro...
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Sold (Book 1 in the Vampire's Pet Short Series) by -voidshadowhunter
Sold (Book 1 in the Vampire's Pet...by Makayla Brooks
The story follows the lives of four girls who are taken away from their families by vampires.
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Daisy Diary by lisa__b
Daisy Diaryby Pizza Lisa?
Daisy's life was not anything remotely interesting until the day her family won the lottery. Stuck in the 50's style and stuck in a mansion Daisy's life got slightly mor...
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The 10 Doors by KrissySAYS
The 10 Doorsby Krissy
At a party, Kacy found someone trying to get into a room in the backyard, no one ever opens it, so she decided to do so. And once she did, she found something that can...
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Lost by hhunstad
Lostby hhunstad
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My Brother is a Creepy Idiot. by Scenical
My Brother is a Creepy Idiot.by ѕαм
There's something weird about Kacy's brother, Jackson. He starts becoming nice to her and acting like her best friend all of a sudden. Her brother's even been suspicious...
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Locked in by djlove1014
Locked inby djlove1014
Kacy is 16. She loves shopping, going to parties, watching movies. But when she gets a note invited to a party from, person unknown. She decides to go to the party at th...
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Concede & Condense; A Novel of the Dark by darkdoombro
Concede & Condense; A Novel of the...by darkdoombro
It's been just over a century since the downfall of CROM, the dark arts organization which ran the government for god-knows-how-long. Kacy is an apprentice magician, mor...
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Shorts by PurplePlaydough
Shortsby Erin
Short is a book filled with all my short stories and little paragraphs of random stuff that I either wanted to turn into a series or I just wanted to stuff around with...
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KGODdess by kakeGALOR3_
KGODdessby sumKak3
jus peep but not too hard 🚨
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