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Forever Love. 🖤 by BrisStanStories
Forever Love. 🖤by 𝘽𝙧𝙞 ✨
After properly meeting at an awards show, Toni and Janet spark up a little more than a friendship. But with love, comes drama. It's not easy, but can they manage? Read t...
Life after death 🥀 by 90ssfaves
Life after death 🥀by 90ssfaves
Jaylin Mitchell is a true pathological liar, he's a greedy sneaky man with a whole lotta skeletons in his closet but he's also a charm. He finds himself married to two w...
Truly||Joni🦋 {paused} by 90ssfaves
Truly||Joni🦋 {paused}by 90ssfaves
"Just to be around you so crazy about you Wanna get away with you La Di Da Di Do Feel the oceans breeze where will all this lead? Deeper in my arms hopefully"
Women With Power 🔱 .  by SweetSultry
Women With Power 🔱 . by 🥀🦋 .
Read it whores🏌🏾‍♀️. ( love y'all)
Mommy Issues||Joni🥀 by rosalynwrites
Mommy Issues||Joni🥀by Rosalyn Writes🦋
A love story of fatal attraction in which a teenage girl becomes dangerously infatuated with her best friend's mother✨🥀
Risk It All||Joni✨ by rosalynwrites
Risk It All||Joni✨by Rosalyn Writes🦋
What happens when two members of a girl group decide to branch out on their own? Will they fall apart or will they risk it all for their dreams and for each other? Read...
Love at First Sight  by gisellecrterr
Love at First Sight by 90svixen
Growing up together Janet and Toni always loved each other but knew they couldn't be together, stardom came and they gave it a shot and it's been more than they could dr...
Discipline  by mjack2020
Discipline by Wockyslush12
Janet Jackson was doing an Essence Concert ...and she met the Living legend Toni Braxton (It may seem bad but this is my first story 🙂)
I Want Her - A Choni Story  by ChoniBitch101
I Want Her - A Choni Story by You'll never know
@choni_at_night gave me the idea Jason and Toni are dating but Cheryl secretly has a crush on Toni, little does Cheryl know, Toni feels the same. Start: March 5th 2021
Coco Butter Kisses||Joni✨ by rosalynwrites
Coco Butter Kisses||Joni✨by Rosalyn Writes🦋
When A Black Girl Loves A Black Girl Sequel✨🌹
Better Days by roseofharlem
Better Daysby roseofharlem
read it please !
Emotional Healing||Joni🥀 by rosalynwrites
Emotional Healing||Joni🥀by Rosalyn Writes🦋
Sexual Healing Sequel✨🥀
Yes, Ms. Jackson||Joni by ros2cool
Yes, Ms. Jackson||Joniby ros2cool
Joni like you've never seen or read before✨
Sacred Woman🥀 (a Joni fiction)  by nikkitheunpredict
Sacred Woman🥀 (a Joni fiction) by airi. ❦
it hurts me more than it hurts you....but difference is, i love pain.
plum. ksi  by Sidemen101
plum. ksi by Sidemen101
the experiences, positive and negative, that we feel most deeply, and through which we are truly live; not mere experiences, but experiences.
Rescuing Our Ally [prince series x candy series] by EuniceBeauchamp
Rescuing Our Ally [prince series EuniceBeauchamp
"What if we met again?" Those words haunts Joni as she went through her day at Momos Island. She tried her best to enjoy her school trip, but she went missing...