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The Onceler's Sex Dungeon by Mackenziealices
The Onceler's Sex Dungeonby Mackenziealices
You wake up to find yourself in what looks like to be in orgy room. Suddenly, your worries disappear when a tall man wearing green enters the room and displays his glori...
When Gold meets Ruby ( a Midas x Reader story) by midascultt
When Gold meets Ruby ( a Midas x 💛✨Midas Cult✨💛
When Y/N was 15, she was granted with a rare power, the power to make things turn into Ruby. Her Ruby tough makes her the most powerful woman on the island of Fortnite...
Worlds Collide: Drift x Reader Fortnite by Crazy_Fan_Girlz
Worlds Collide: Drift x Reader Fanfic Writer
A kid from your school went missing a couple weeks ago after he went into the desert by your home in Arizona. You decide to do some detective work and search the area wh...
Midas x Reader one shots by midascultt
Midas x Reader one shotsby 💛✨Midas Cult✨💛
Just some one shot stories for people who simp over Midas :) Srsly tho why is he so hot 🥵
Click house sl*t by youtubeaddicted96
Click house sl*tby youtubeaddicted96
LOSERFRUIT READ THIS IN A YOUTUBE VIDEO❤A girl named Cassidy gets fired from her job and goes to the bar. While she's there she meets a man named Elliott (or muselk on Y...
Midas x Reader • Fortnite by freddiedr3dd
Midas x Reader • Fortniteby Angelina 👾
y/n is obsessed with fortnite as it is. however, what happens when a man in gold is her dream skin and as she tries to reach tier 100... something interesting happens.
"his girl" midas x reader by daddy_midas
"his girl" midas x readerby lexalli
Y/N, a notorious Shadow agent was sent on a mission to destroy the Agency with a team of henchmen. What will happen if she fails? Will she meet Ghosts leader? who godday...
• midasXreader oneshots • by tuffyx
• midasXreader oneshots •by tuffy
"do i turn you on?" "..." "no comment" - oneshots with daddy (leave requests in the comments or dm me bby) (contains mature themes ) (i do...
EVERYTHING FOR HIM (Midas X Reader)by XO🦋Focus🦋XO
Agent Y/N is the newest agent to join ghost's agency after leaving a life of being assassin. She is drawn into Midas, but what happens when the spade falls for the golde...
Midas and His Agents by SalazarFaith
Midas and His Agentsby MiStEr PeNnSyLvAnIa
this story is gonna b abt characters in chapter season 2 battle pass (midas, TnTina, etc.) u can request stuff ig
Midas x reader  by stitchbillieeyelash
Midas x reader by stitchbillieeyelash
This is a Midas fan fiction as you can probably tell there will be a few smut/lemon bits just so you know
Golden Hands (Midas X Reader) by CrazyWhalez
Golden Hands (Midas X Reader)by 💛 Midas 💛
Just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life, well that's what it seems to be until something happens. In fact, many things happen some good some not so good. Also, this...
Fortnite: Midas x Reader - Tales of a Golden Bond! by McCree_
Fortnite: Midas x Reader - Tales Believer
Fortnite is by far a popular game for players around Earth, and was indeed impossible to be absorbed into the game... or any game for that matter, but it happened to you...
Ask Skye Anything! by GoldeeTheShrew_
Ask Skye Anything!by Cookie?
BeCaUsE wHy NoT? :P Inspired by @TrickyTheLynx_'s Ask Drift Anything, use this story to ask Skye anything! You could literally ask her anything! Anything! So, ask away...
fortnite | lee felix x reader by hyunjinsglow
fortnite | lee felix x readerby ac
unknown: hai ._. wanna play fortnite? :3
Midas x Reader One Shots by freddiedr3dd
Midas x Reader One Shotsby Angelina 👾
The title says it. Please give requests 😚✌🏻
All That Glitters Is Mine (Midas x Reader) by DramaticSnailz
All That Glitters Is Mine (Midas DramaticSnailz
(Y/n) has saved a furry friend from his demise. (Y/n) thinks that she has only saved a simple stray, but he was an agent. Meowscles went and told his boss, Midas. The bo...
•BONE DADDY• by 🍬ℂ𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕪🍭
A JackSkellington FanFic. Embark on a marvellous journey to Halloween Town with everybody's favourite pumpkin king himself- JackSkellington! Warning: 🍋Lemon🍋
Fortnite ||Melo|| by lilshortiii
Fortnite ||Melo||by A True Crackhead 💜
A story in which two teens meet in a game.
Adore You (Midas x Reader) by yasmineV_
Adore You (Midas x Reader)by yasmineV_
Honestly I never thought I'd be here writing a fiction about a Fortnite character, but, here we are :) ------------------------------ Many would say you live a norma...