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The Long Lost Daughter (Angelina Jolie Fan-fic) by ange0103
The Long Lost Daughter (Angelina luca-pacioli
Anne Williams is having a pretty normal life. She has great parents. Wealthy lifestyle. Great career. But something happened on her 18th birthday..... she found out that...
Better(Hiatus) (Rewriting) by Sagg02
Better(Hiatus) (Rewriting)by Inspiration
It all started because of Ellen. Angelina Jolie/You Ranked #2 Angelina Jolie
Her Co-Star by JReezyyyy
Her Co-Starby JReezyyyy
Y/n, one of the biggest actors in hollywood, meets her long time celebrity crush, Angelina Jolie. The two of them meet for the first time on the set of their new movie...
Angelina jolie imagines by girls_multifandom
Angelina jolie imaginesby girls_multifandom
Pretty much explains itself ❗️contains smut, don't like then don't read❗️ Request are open Doesn't always have to be Y/N can be with any other celeb or character.
⇽ angelina jolie imagines ⇾ by jassjolie
⇽ angelina jolie imagines ⇾by willow
hey, angelina jolie x reader/oc ⇠ welcome ⇢ for more information ♡.
Evergreen ➵ angelina jolie by complexcrimson
Evergreen ➵ angelina jolieby gracie crimson
◤Evergreen◥ - Angelina Jolie ◣Fanfiction◢
Guns & Roses || D.Shaw by Helloogooodbye
Guns & Roses || D.Shawby Helloogooodbye
❝ First Rule at being a Shaw , Always be the smartest person in the Room ❞
Jolie by daddyjolie
Jolieby rail me angie
What happens when Angelina Jolie, a CEO of a billion dollar company, meets Morgan Evans, a troubled college intern? Will Morgan be able to see through Angelina's facade...
Silver eyes, Teal eyes by deaths_angel_15
Silver eyes, Teal eyesby deaths_angel_15
This is a Tiana soulmate story!!!!(Sorry all Glam, Tarella, Dexiana and other people who ship these two with others, not sorry.) _______________________________ Soulmat...
Adopted The forgotten child  by -Veronica20700-
Adopted The forgotten child by Justanotherone
Imagine you live turning upside down in only one day. Exactly that happened to a girl named Veronica. Her home, her parents and everything she thought she had known so...
Kotlc Oneshots. by Dreams_in_a_Jar_26
Kotlc #ThunderboltSwiftie
Hey! I'm writing this cuz' well know I deleted my previous story by mistake. So just before you read...I ship- Sokeefe/ Keephie, Dexiana, Tam and Marella ( d...
Sharp Edges by EricaS2362
Sharp Edgesby Erica Sparks
Three things are known: 1) On April 2nd, 2:34 PM, the body of fifteen-year-old Essie Hatch was found floating face-down in Lake Adara 2) Essie, the captain of her swim t...
Ashes ~ Jolie Ruewen by XxKEEFEKEEFEKEEFExX
Ashes ~ Jolie Ruewenby Randombanana
What truly happened between Jolie Ruewen and Brant, an unexplored tragedy. It started with a spark, it grew into a blaze, all that's left is ashes. "Sing swan, Spri...
fate sokeefe by glitterbuttsokeefe
fate sokeefeby Sokeefe4everrrrrrrrr
lies and betrayals , secrets and darkness How many secrets full of darkness are hidden under a sparkly world ????? in this story Sophie has always been an elf
a girl from los angeles || in louis' eyes by heyitsmaddieblair
a girl from los angeles || in larry stylinsons love child🧺...
|| a girl from los angeles || we've already seen maddie's story. now let's hear louis'. || a few quick notes || - lowercase intended - go read "a boy from london&qu...
Being Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's Daughter by krspykrm
Being Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt' Baby
Hi!I'm Aeriane Bryxce Jolie-Pitt,The oldest child of Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie .People dream to have a life as i have, Well there's so much struggles being a jolie-pitt...
Tumblr Texts - Destiel : Sabriel [COMPLETED] by -cryptid
Tumblr Texts - Destiel : Sabriel [ 🌻
GAYbriel OutdatedCas ShutupSam Http-Dean In which two pairs of brothers end up as best friends on Tumblr, also including some their other friends. ✄...
The Extraordinary Life of Lara Craft (not Croft) by LolaSalt
The Extraordinary Life of Lara Lola Salt
After losing her job and her boyfriend on the same day, Lara's beginning to wonder if her life can possibly get any worse. Then along comes Jamie, a childhood friend, of...
Keeper Squad Reacts! by THE-KOTLC-RP
Keeper Squad Reacts!by 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕟𝕝𝕒𝕣𝕜 𝕊𝕢�...
Literally us reacting to human stuff and some miscellaneous Elvin stuff
Love The One You're With by Supidermaniston
Love The One You're Withby Elle
Jennifer has been happily engaged to her fiance Justin. But how if one night, he bumped to a person whom she had been forgotten for a long time, her ex-husband Brad and...