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Multifandom x Reader{Discontinued Til Further Notice} by SReid13
Multifandom x Reader{ Daughter of Poseidon
Requests: Open Closed❌ Ok, I am doing a one shot book!! This is my first one so don't judge! I also take requests and these are the ones you can choose from: PJO/HoO Sup...
Johnny Test x reader (DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) by -Orxcle
Johnny Test x reader ( 𝔽𝕦𝕥𝕒𝕓𝕒 𝕊𝕒𝕜𝕦𝕣𝕒
Ranking #1 Johnny Test I've looked for hours for Johnny Test x readers and out of the whole Internet I only found one it was pretty short so, I thought I'd make one~ ah...
Johnny Test: I miss you by SuperTime1
Johnny Test: I miss youby Joe
Johnny Test is an eleven-year-old boy, lately, this times have been rough for him. His best friend, Dukey, has sadly passed away. His dad, Hugh Test, got hooked on alcoh...
Johnny Bro (Johnny Test X Gil Fanfiction) by spencedaman
Johnny Bro (Johnny Test X Gil edgy idiot
omg probably the best ship on the show
Bling bling boy x Johnny test by therealbLIngBiNgBoy
Bling bling boy x Johnny testby biggie nuts
A very sexy tale of bling bling boy and all the other Johnny test characters
Cartoon Network: The Subspace Emissary  by SonicKev101
Cartoon Network: The Subspace SonicKev101
The World of Cartoons, a place where all kinds of beings of different backgrounds and different faces live and thrive. Just when the annual fighting tournament comes to...
Anybody Imagines [REQUESTS OPEN AND HIGHLY SUGGESTED] by Nightcore_FairyTail
Anybody Imagines [REQUESTS OPEN WaterGoddessSlayer
Okay, so I know I have like, 5 or 6 stories going and unfinished but like, I cAn'T hElP mYsElF!!!! Anywhoooo... this book is where you can request imagines for literally...
The Boys  by Charlesthigpen1
The Boys by Charles Thigpen
This is a story of an exceptional group
Dog Gone Johnny (Johnny Test) by Fluffy9Tails
Dog Gone Johnny (Johnny Test)by Fluffy9Tails
Johnny's sisters try the animal approach to Gil Nexdor's heart once again. But rather that turning themselves into animals and risking being mauled by Gil's nasty dog th...
heehee by AverageFuckBoi
heeheeby Chicken Nugget Fan Club
Love gets complicated when everyone's hOrnY. So follow these... Interesting guys and watch their feelings for each other get tangled up in a few 'bad' choices. {Any comm...
Danganronpa 4: Beyond Death by peepeechildren
Danganronpa 4: Beyond Deathby peepeechildren
a new danganronpa story you were drafted into a new killing game...
Bee Shrek Test in the House: Heros Never Die by DullSunrise
Bee Shrek Test in the House: low motivation
[DISCONTINUED (for now] (A stupid joke fanfiction I made just so I could at least start on one fanfiction of mine. Kill me.) Oen dey, Corey gets meeted bi Barry the B, a...
Bee Shrek Test in the House by WarmSnailMilk
Bee Shrek Test in the Houseby WarmSnailMilk
In this adventure, Barry the Bee, Shrek, Johnny Test, and Cory Baxter will encounter many friends and kill many people (okay, maybe not, but who knows?). They will make...
The firey thrust by redvalentiine
The firey thrustby redvalentiine
Johnny puts that head of firey hair to use
Johnny Test✓X-treme Test: Or not by True_Slytherin_Heir
Johnny Test✓X-treme Test: Or notby Asena Wolf
Johnny Test or so he was named. The Test family you know never existed. Johnny s' real name is X-treme Test, the prince of destruction and danger and deceit. The most da...
Wrong test? by Allaboutgordon
Wrong test?by Allaboutgordon
Bling bling boy spends his life searching for Susan test but will he find love in her younger brother Johnny
Cartoon crush by spookareyoushook
Cartoon crushby spookareyoushook
I'm not sure why I wrote it, but here you go Johnny test lovers?