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Second Chances Don't Come Often | Scarlett Johansson x Daughter by November_Winds_
Second Chances Don't Come Often | November_Winds_
Scarlett Johansson x Daughter fic. Ella lived her life in London with her dad, her mother an old memory at the back of her mind. But when she's forced to go to New York...
INTERVIEWS  by Niccjohansson
INTERVIEWS by Nicc Johansson
New cover A Scarlett Johansson Imagine book 1 SCARLETT JOHANSSON IMAGINE SERIES Book 1 - Interviews Book 2 - Vlogs Book 3 - Fervent Book 4 - Compilation This book is f...
The star of my code by ReySantos_
The star of my codeby ReySantos_
Celia is one of the best specialists at Artificial Inteligence in a new bussiness that is still unkown. With some contacts, she and her friend and partner get invited to...
Movies // Scarlett x Daughter Figure by idkwhatimdoininlife
Movies // Scarlett x Daughter idkwhatimdoininlife
Lexie Reid lands a role in the newest Marvel movie and very quickly becomes attached to one particular person. Overtime, Scarlett notices things about Lexie's home life...
The Unwanted by skye_0213
The Unwantedby skye_0213
Everett Leigh grew up alone, every night dreaming of the singular thing she craved - to feel wanted. Both her parents passed away before she could properly tie her own s...
Lost in New York by LxstExy
Lost in New Yorkby LxstLxxis
Y/n is 14 years old and lives in New York. Her parents both died in a car accident when she was 4 years old. She has been living with an adoptive family for 10 years. H...
By text by yourmotherswhore
By textby your mother’s whore
Basically another "Wrong number" story with Scarlett Johansson. This story isn't special but there is me so it's cool. English is not my native language so I'm...
Clout by QU1ENt0
Cloutby Thandiwe
In which her friends and boyfriend abandoned her because she wasn't famous but months later she becomes a celebrity and they try to get back to her life thinking it woul...
Scarlett/ Natasha x Daughter one shots <3 by marveledits738
Scarlett/ Natasha x Daughter one marveledits738
A series of one shots based around the daughter of Nat/Scarlett
Scarlett Johansson/Natasha Romanoff mum one shots by Marvel_Fan4393
Scarlett Johansson/Natasha Marvel_Fan4393
this will baisicly just be a book of one shots of either Scarlett or Natasha being a mum/mother figure towards the reader :)
Thoughts of You • One Shots by GraciellaRomanoff
Thoughts of You • One Shotsby G.Romanoff
Most of these are fluff 'cause I'm lonely as fuck and I wanna be loved. Some are gonna break your heart 'cause I'm cruel like that:) G×G obviously You can make requests...
I will always, choose you by ScarlettsRomanoffs
I will always, choose youby ScarlettsRomanoffs
Even after the red room and Natasha's entire procedure with having her uterus removed, she still somehow ends up pregnant, although that was impossible but it happened.
At the Valentino's (ON HOLD) by gabi_rava
At the Valentino's (ON HOLD)by Gabriella
Seventeen year old Sallie Johansson didn't know what to expect when she moved from New York City to her godfather's home in Texas. She certainly didn't expect him to hav...
Chris Hemsworth (Love Story) Book 1 by SnakeWolf
Chris Hemsworth (Love Story) Book 1by SnakeWolf
Kenna Selene Ruffalo ends up meeting Chris Hemsworth one day of spring. What will they do? Will they fall in love? How will it go?
My Twin Flame | Scarlett Johansson by justwords07
My Twin Flame | Scarlett Johanssonby justwords07
Soulmates are two souls that belong together but Twin Flames they're two parts of a one soul, making a whole. You only have one twin life in your life one soul that can...
Scarlett Johansson x Daughter One Shots by idkwhatimdoininlife
Scarlett Johansson x Daughter idkwhatimdoininlife
VERY SLOW UPDATES Requests are CLOSED for now.
N. Romanoff / S. Johansson x Fem Reader by _NatashaRMaximoff_
N. Romanoff / S. Johansson x Fem Grave J
whatever the title says. i'm so sorry for the awful and poor writing, english is not my first language.