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THE POLITICAL TERRORISTS. by queenFaithofficial
the president of Nigeria, His excellency. Killian Zachary has taken up the fight against boko Haram terrorist group from his predecessor. the life of every citizens of N...
A Message To Every Youth by AlAzzami
A Message To Every Youthby Shaykh Abdullah Azzam
In his book al-Fawaid, Ibn al-Qayyim mentioned ten useless matters that cannot be benefited from. However, the greatest of these matters is the wasting of the heart, a...
About Islam by radikalsiyah
About Islamby deli yazar✌
If you think that you know Islam then read me and think about it again. Because the real Islam is so different. Media showed you really bad religion called Islam. Do you...
BINAR by WaffleJager
"Kau! Imran dan pondok mu ini telah tersangka sebagai perkumpulan teroris!" Seorang pria berseragam polisi berkumis tebal dengan mata cekung berteriak lantang...
Jalan Ini Sumpah Panjang. by abufaruqalariffy
Jalan Ini Sumpah Panjang.by abufaruqalariffy
Dakwah bukanlah setakat mengajak manusia sembahyang. Dakwah bukan setakat mengajak manusia berpuasa. Dakwah bukan setakat ajak manusia beradab. Apatahlagi takat ajak jag...
Chaos...In the name of Revenge. by slackerbob
Chaos...In the name of Revenge.by Siddhartha
*updates on Fri, sun, wed* "IT COSTS THREE THINGS TO BE A HERO. Blood, Sweat, Tears" Expecting gratitude from someone whom you've helped is equally wrong as de...
Nine Eleven (#Wattys2015) by elswain
Nine Eleven (#Wattys2015)by L. Swain
September 11th a high jacker doubts his mission. A fireman struggles to save his fiancé. A teenage boy loses him mind to radical Christianity. And a Lit professor prepar...
Pasukan Jubah Putih by pengembaraudara
Pasukan Jubah Putihby Pengembara Udara
Dunia semakin kacau, perang dunia ketiga tak akan bisa terelakan lagi. Sementara pasukan orang kafir jauh lebih kuat dari pasukan orang beriman. Kemudian diutuslah seke...
My Hijab by leavemealone2331
My Hijabby leavemealone2331
Showing the true love and passion for the reason we Muslim women wear the lovely and precious hijab. ~Salam, Lynaa Yousef
My Islamic Primer for You - Some Answers for My Friends by LOSTgnosis
My Islamic Primer for You - Some A...by Steven Thomas Bock
My Islamic primer from my religious studies course on Islam. Had to write a 5 to 7 pages primer on Islam for someone not familiar with Islam in double space 12 point Tim...
A Start to Overcoming Difficult Childhood Memories  by TheGiftOfHealing
A Start to Overcoming Difficult Ch...by TheGiftOfHealing
No one covets a stressful childhood. But the later-life benefits of growing up in a tumultuous home are beginning to come to light, upending conventional wisdom in the p...