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Guardian of Freedom  by queenofnightmares12
Guardian of Freedom by So sleepy
A lot has happened since the guardians defeated the boogeyman, Pitch Black. Elsa has been chosen to become a guardian and Pitch comes back wanting revenge. But some th...
Show Yourself || Jelsa Fanfiction by Anneti-social
Show Yourself || Jelsa Fanfictionby 𝚛𝚒𝚐𝚊𝚝𝚘𝚗𝚒
"Show yourself, let me see who you are" "I don't even know if you can really see me." It wasn't just a coincidence that the Winter Spirit came across...
Frozen III: Rise of the Boogeyman ✅ by Kayastarcrafter
Frozen III: Rise of the Boogeyman ✅by Kayastarcrafter
Eight years after the events in Frozen 2, Elsa starts hearing a scream. The other spirits hear it too and Elsa gets worried. Elsa goes to Anna and Kristoff for help. The...
Save Me ~ A Jelsa Fanfic by depressed_freckles
Save Me ~ A Jelsa Fanficby depressed_freckles
Elsa is a teenage girl who lives with her drug addicted mother and sluty rich father. Everyday is a constant battle from the terrible voices in her head to her father ra...
North's daughter returns by LittleEvie
North's daughter returnsby LittleEvie
What happens when Manny chooses 4 more guardians and one of them is North's daughter? Will he accept it or will he try to stop it? What happens when Elsa meets Jack Fros...
Our love (high school Jelsa) by nik_ina29
Our love (high school Jelsa)by Love Jelsa
i don't own all this characters
The Moon's Child by library-life
The Moon's Childby library-life
Two years after the rise of Pitch, Manny chooses four new guardians, and Jack, to defeat the boogeyman. Unbeknownst to the others, one of the four new guardians is the...
Melted [ Elsa x Jack Frost ] by InTheMaddeningCrowd
Melted [ Elsa x Jack Frost ]by InTheMaddeningCrowd
Fandom Sequel to the Disney "Frozen" movie series. Takes place a year after "Frozen 2" movie timeline. Focuses almost solely on Elsa and Jack Frost's...
Connected By Ice [Jelsa] by Write_or_whale_12
Connected By Ice [Jelsa]by The Whale Queen
Jack Frost, the guardian of fun, is told to go help a young princess named Elsa. As she grows older, will their bond grow? Will they someday fall in love? Find out in Co...
Jelsa Oneshots by Frosty_Ballad
Jelsa Oneshotsby Jelsa💕
A bunch of trash stories that goes on in my mind about Jelsa.
10 Things I Hate About You by Piki02
10 Things I Hate About Youby Piki02
Elsa and Anna Arens are sisters. But are completely different. Anna is the cheerful, pretty, and popular girl in the high school they go. On the other hand, Elsa is the...
Way To Dance  by Joannesnowflake
Way To Dance by Joannesnowflake
Jack is a street dancer, he's always causing trouble wherever he goes, he's always skipping school. He's in a crew called 101 Crew. His mother got tired of him so she s...
The Big 6 F•R•I•E•N•D•S  [the COMPLETE First Season] by ana_rae_minnie
The Big 6 F•R•I•E•N•D•S [the ana_rae_minnie
Six friends from five realms living in a land between where they drink coffee, play foosball, crack jokes, and share tears! Welcome to the Tri-Kingdom area! Rapunzel ha...
The Snow Queen by SoulsandSwords
The Snow Queenby SoulsandSwords
It's 1841. Jackson Overland - intelligent, gentle, and lonely - struggles with his humdrum existence in his small Norwegian town. One night, he sees something he was nev...
Dark Romance (A Jelsa Fanfiction) - Officially Discontinued by Fandom_is_life
Dark Romance (A Jelsa Fanfiction) Fandom_is_life
Jack frost. Former gaurdian of fun, Now known as prince of darkness. Once pitch had turned jack frost dark, he left and became his own ruler of darkness. Queen Elsa. Que...
I want you to be mine and only mine by gabgabgwapa
I want you to be mine and only mineby gabgabgwapa
Elsa Arrendale is from Paris with her sister Anna Arrendale.There parents moved to New york because they have a business there and elsa and anna was forced to study in N...
Frozen II (ROTG) by NewSpeciesBrandon
Frozen II (ROTG)by Insighxt
Its literally frozen 2 the movie BUT with Jack Frost from rotg (rise of the guardians) how do I know the script? MUSCLE MEMORY! HUGE SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE M...
When Time Collides by FairytaleFractals
When Time Collidesby FairytaleFractals
The fate of the world rests on the shoulders of five young impressionable teenagers, all from five vastly different worlds. And all chosen by the Man in the Moon. Jack F...
Loving your enemy by Disnerd_shippers
Loving your enemyby Gwenprhonia
You know what a collage has populars, jocks, nerds, outcasts and more. When the coolest jock falls for the nerdiest girl there is....... What will happen to his football...
Frozen tale by Mallific
Frozen taleby Sardonix
[( COMPLETED)] "Elsa you mistake get out here right now" My stepmother yelled out, these past few years have been and nightmare my mum died in a car accident...