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The Makeover (Magcon Boys FanFiction) by leesuh
The Makeover (Magcon Boys FanFicti...by lisa
Hailey Reneé is now 16 years old. But when she was 14, the boys now in a group called Magcon would bully her and beat her up everyday at school. Her sister gives her a m...
Celebrity Imagines, Preferences & More! by show-choir-gal
Celebrity Imagines, Preferences...by Leena Marie
Characters: Aaron Carpenter Cameron Dallas Caspar Lee Cole Sprouse Conor Maynard Dylan Sprouse Hayes Grier ICONic Boyz Jack Gilinsky Jack Johnson Jack Maynard Jake Foush...
Amnesia ➸ Matthew Espinosa by ICONicLovers
Amnesia ➸ Matthew Espinosaby Matthew's girlfriend ;)
"Babe,You're awake! Thank god. I thought I lost you! I love you." "I-i'm sorry. But who are you?" ✄ - ✄ - ✄ - ✄ - ✄ - ✄ - ✄ - ✄ - ✄ - ✄ - ✄ - ✄...
The New Neighbor by XxVampireGirl101xX
The New Neighborby Rylee Campbell
Hello, My name is May Howell! I am 18 I was born in Seaside Heights, New Jersey My birthday October 31, 1996 (Halloween) I'm a seiner at our High School I'm an only chil...
the new student ≫ j.g (ON HOLD/DISCONTINUED) by jctblckheart
the new student ≫ j.g (ON HOLD/DIS...by bethany nicole
Hi, I'm Athena Foushee and let me tell you about myself. I'm 18, outgoing, around 5'5, I have dimples, blue eyes, long curly brown hair, and I consider myself to be skin...
Time (a Jake Foushee fan fiction) by writingonawhim
Time (a Jake Foushee fan fiction)by Writing Forever
This is a story about a lucky girl who gets to go on the sunsation tour. She lives on the tour bus with the guys for a while and who should she fall for but the deep voi...
Jack j little sister by karebare1250
Jack j little sisterby karebare1250
Jacks little sister Katie is about to go to magcon with him and she falls head over hills for Taylor caniff but wait she develops felling for jake foushee two who will s...
Teenage Dirtbag. by teenagegrungee
Teenage Dirtbag.by Brittany <3
From a Teenage Dirtbag to the one person she could ever want.
The Choice: Jake, Jack, or Cameron by camfanfiction
The Choice: Jake, Jack, or Cameronby camfanfiction
Vanessa Mathers is faces with the choice between three unbelievably hot guys: Cameron Dallas, Jack Gilinsky, or Jake Foushee. She has cute moments with all of them throu...
♡Anything Can Happen♡ (A Jake Foushee Fanfic) by HaileyPrivette
♡Anything Can Happen♡ (A Jake Fous...by HaileyPrivette
Just thought I'd try to write out a fanfic. Please tell me if it's okay so I can write more!
P.S - I Hate You (A Cameron Dallas love story.) by CrystalClearLight
P.S - I Hate You (A Cameron Dallas...by Alex
"You never know what you're actually getting yourself thrown into. Until it's too late." Daughter of Bart Bordelon's only sister Abby, Jamie Rhodes is a half...
Unexpected by ReannonMary
Unexpectedby ReannonMary
Noone ever said living the tour life was easy for these four girls it was nothing they would of ever expected.They all got closer each day,fell in love with nowhere to g...
Preferences. by MayandHaley
Preferences.by MayandHaley
Foolish Four, One Direction, Nash & Hayes Grier, Cameron Dallas, Taylor Caniff, Dillon Rupp, Aaron Carpenter, Carter Reynolds, Matthew Espinosa, Jack Gilinsky & Jack Joh...
Youtuber and Viner Imagines by TEEGOOGLYCOFFEEMEAT
Youtuber and Viner Imaginesby TEEGOOGLYCOFFEEMEAT
Just a "book" of imagines of your favorite youtubers and viners. I also do a couple famous people like Austin Mahone if you really want me to... It's up to you...
Friendly Strangers and Secret Talents by lifeofrei
Friendly Strangers and Secret Tale...by Queen
We rode the same bus. Had multiple classes together. Saw each other in the halls and at lunch. Never once made an effort to become more than friendly strangers... Well...
You Belong With Me // Jake Foushee Fanfiction by temporarilynothing
You Belong With Me // Jake Foushee...by jenna
Arabelle Johnson. The schools "nerd". She is really smart, she thought it was the smart that was not attractive to guys. All guys except Jake Foushee and some...
5 Seconds of Magcon (5sos and Magcon Fanfic) by sultrysaucystyles
5 Seconds of Magcon (5sos and Magc...by anna!
Ashley Parks, who has been touring with Magcon for the last two years, and is dating Jack Gilinsky. Lizzy Grier, who's been dating Luke Hemmings since she started openin...