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100 Marvel One Shots✔️ by susiephalange
100 Marvel One Shots✔️by susie ♡
There's just something about superheroes that makes you want to be in the story with them. Well, in this book, you can! In here, you get to read about your life in the M...
Spider-Man: The Defenders by Fireheartsage
Spider-Man: The Defendersby Fireheartsage
Spoiler warning for Homecoming and (obviously) The Defenders. After Peter decides to stay a street level hero, a mysterious organization enters his life and makes his li...
Ultra| Percy Jackson/Spiderman  by Kitty_Stichez
Ultra| Percy Jackson/Spiderman by Kitty_Stichez
Percy Jackson goes to Midtown where he meets Peter Parker. The demigods are bored after Gaea, monsters barely attacked and it looks like New York has more than immortal...
THE F*CK IS A AVENGER?!!(My Hero Academia X Marvel Crossover Fanfic) by leileifrond
THE F*CK IS A AVENGER?!!(My Hero leileifrond
I needed this! A crossover! bakugou centric After running in with a person with a transporting quirk, he somehow makes them send him to a whole other dimension!! He wake...
Marvel's Spider-Man: A Netflix Original [Sequel to Spider-Man: The Defenders] by Fireheartsage
Marvel's Spider-Man: A Netflix Fireheartsage
After the supposed "death" of Matt Murdock/Daredevil in Spider-Man: The Defenders, Peter Parker finds himself wanting to be a better hero to honor Matt's 'last...
Team Ultimate by WandaMaximoff24
Team Ultimateby Marvel Lord Maximoff
(Hydra•Ultimate Spider-Man Animated•Marvel Cinematic Universe) All Peter has known for the last nine years is what Hyrda and the life of an assassin has taught him. All...
Marvel Imagines by FandomsImagine
Marvel Imaginesby :)
This is going to be stories from ANY Marvel or Marvel related characters. eg: Black Widow, Captain America The Hulk, Deadpool, etc. Please message me ones you'd like to...
𝐓𝐎𝐎𝐓𝐇 & 𝐂𝐋𝐀𝐖 - [𝐌𝐀𝐓𝐓� 𝖈𝖍𝖑𝖔𝖊
Never did Olivia Hale ever think anything could be worse than fighting for her and her friend's lives against supernatural creatures, but, of course, the universe once a...
Marvel Imagines by pastel-kxtty
Marvel Imaginesby •altair•
Literally imagines for anything and everything Marvel, whether in a comic book, on netflix, a cartoon, or the big screen. Let me know what you like. started: 3/4/2018 fi...
Bad Luck by NicoSaysNo99
Bad Luckby ezra
Percy always knew he had bad luck... but this is getting ridiculous. First he was "saved" by a masked spider... Next he's getting hunted by a director with an...
Just Emma: Hawkeye's Daughter by rebelaesthetics
Just Emma: Hawkeye's Daughterby Oh Schnapp
Emma is just your average teenager. She goes to the local high school, has some friends, and two parents that love her. She's always had a passion for archery and that's...
Marvel one shots  by ThatSTRANGEMarvelite
Marvel one shots by I Like Blonde Guys
just a bunch of one shots with Bucky Barnes Steve Rogers Loki laufyson Bruce Banner Pietro maximoff Matt Murdock T'Challa Udaku Wanda Maximoff Danny Rand and MORE! ...
An Iron Fist for an Iron Maiden (A Danny Rand Fan Fic) by khadijiah1
An Iron Fist for an Iron Maiden ( Them Fatale
Danny Rand lived in K'un L'un for most of his life, earning the Iron Fist and was destined to become King of K'un L'un. But he also was engaged. Ever wondered where he...
Ultimate Spider-Man One-shots by megapichu0
Ultimate Spider-Man One-shotsby mega pichu
A small collection of one-shots about the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. None of the one-shots will connect unless specifically stated. This book is based primarily off o...
Shades in the Dark » Luke Cage. { Soon To Be Edited } by melodyXriddle
Shades in the Dark » Luke Cage. { Luna
"This world is dangerous. I thought I could save it alone. Save the innocent and the weak, but I can't. I just can't." - Cori Conners. After the death of her s...
The Defenders: The snap by Fireheartsage
The Defenders: The snapby Fireheartsage
Warning: spoilers for Avengers Infinity War. Thanos has done it... he won. He defeated the Avengers mostly thanks to the bad judgement of Star Lord. Who survives and who...
OPHELIA | f. castle [ON HOLD] by katernator1
OPHELIA | f. castle [ON HOLD]by kate
Meet Frank Castle, a man so notoriously consumed by rage and violence that maybe all he needs is a lighthearted spirit in the form of Ophelia Gray to keep him sane. Cop...
DC (and other) One Shots by TheUsualOddities
DC (and other) One Shotsby TheUsualOddities
A book of random DC (and other) one shots I wrote. I take requests. Lots of X readers and angst, plus fluff and batbros!
Heartbeat (Danny Rand) by KoalaCupcake11
Heartbeat (Danny Rand)by KtNix17
Aria Green has always been technologically gifted. How she uses those gifts, however, is a whole different story. What will happen to Ari the super-hacker when she befri...
PHOENIX  - MARVEL by Autogirls
PHOENIX - MARVELby Lina_Lovebug
"So are you gonna die today or make it out alive? You gotta conquer the monster in your head and then you'll fly Fly, phoenix, fly It's time for a new empire Go bur...