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Entranced ~ Twilight fanfic by rosealynn003
Entranced ~ Twilight fanficby Rose
A young woman. Eternally young. Half werewolf, half vampire. A tale of a imprint. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "You can't kill yourself over some crush!&quo...
HOME ◇ JACOB BLACK by chxrmedmedusa-
because you feel like home to me. that's why i love you. All rights reserved. Everything belongs to Stephenie Me...
REPERCUSSIONS ◇ TWILIGHT by chxrmedmedusa-
she's been the master of falling head first. All rights reserved. Everything belongs to Stephenie Meyer with the exception of my characters. Fan Fiction only ...
Omariis Ankaa Estrange and the Tiny Town of Forks by au900000
Omariis Ankaa Estrange and the au900000
Omariis Ankaa Estrange had just finished the war with Voldemort. Deciding to get away from England, and all of her now deceased best friends things, she escapes to the s...
Renesmee and Seth maybe we are more then friends  by riverdale_twilight
Renesmee and Seth maybe we are riverdale_twilight
it's an au where Jake didn't imprint on Renesmee Seth did
Tiana Crowley ➖ The Twilight Saga. { Paul Lahote } by harleyQuinnfan17
Tiana Crowley ➖ The Twilight ➖ HARLEY ♠️ ➖
- where Tyler Crowley's Cousin, Tiana, moves to Forks Washington from the State of Louisiana- New Orleans- to the state of Washington with her Mother. To live with Her m...
Imprint by shatayiafrancis
Imprintby Shatayia Francis
We are known to the world now, us, the Supernatural, no more hiding out and taking great care. Humans and the Supernatural Creatures coexist with our leaders to keep the...
Dalliance | Paul Lahote by bluewoceans
Dalliance | Paul Lahoteby ✧ babs ✧
dalliance (𝑛𝑜𝑢𝑛) dal·li·ance | /ˈdalɪəns/ 1. (involvement in) a sexual relationship that is not lasting or serious ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Evangeline never thought she...
storms weird world~ by jadeisnotalive
storms weird world~by jadeisnotalive
this book is about a girl named storm. she originally lived in Indiana but her dad decided that it would be best to move to his home town. a few days after she moved she...
The Mysterious Child || 𝑱.𝑩 by MishaTurtle123
The Mysterious Child || 𝑱.𝑩by ✨𝑻𝒖𝒓𝒕𝒍𝒆✨
Jacob was chasing Victoria but lost her in the ocean of the La Push, Only to hear cries of a baby nearby. He ran towards the noise only to see a baby girl, and imprinted...
The Outsiders/ Twilight: Audrey Curtis  by natyliebautis14
The Outsiders/ Twilight: Audrey Natylie Bautista
You all know the Curtis brothers. But what if there was a girl in the family. That's right. My name is Audrey Curtis. I am the second oldest Curtis sibling. When I was 1...
New Love (A Twilight Seth Clearwater Fanfic)(Seth*Reader) by urvigtae
New Love (A Twilight Seth Urvi G
This is my first Seth Clearwater Fanfic so pls give your love I'll really appreciate it. ...
Rebellious Wizard (Alex Russo/ Paul Lahote) by Cherrypop455
Rebellious Wizard (Alex Russo/ Jennifer_Mmmmmmm
When Theresa's father falls sick and has a health scare the Russo family move to be closer. They end up moving to forks Washington, which everyone seemed excited for bes...
Express by jackiec2426
Expressby Jackie columbo
Slow updates Jasmine Cullen is back from private school in Paris. She stays away for guys most of the time because, she knows her brothers to well. But what will happen...
The Imprint by itsnikki_bryant94
The Imprintby Nikki🥀
I don't own twilight just Andrea and Andrew plus their story.
Imprinted On The Wrong Wolf {Taejin} by KPOPSHIPPER777
Imprinted On The Wrong Wolf { KPOPSHIPPER777
"Back off! He's MINE! I IMPRINTED on Jungkook! NOT you!" Seokjin growled. "No, I IMPRINTED on him!" Taehyung growled back. Seokjin grabs Jungkook's w...
The One by LexiDawn97
The Oneby Lexi
"She's the one. She's going to be the one who can save us, or destroy us all." The man spoke quietly, looking around the small group gathered around him. His p...
A were-coyote's soulmate by Aria_Omega135
A were-coyote's soulmateby Aria_Omega135
"I sparkle in the sun" "Yeah?.... well, I have claws" "You can't beat me!" "I can... and I'll prove it" When Iris Uley meets Edw...
CATALINA, paul lahote by yikeskenneth
CATALINA, paul lahoteby kenny
baby ain't made of f***ing china ! catalina swan wasn't made of china. and everyone knew that. paul lahote more than most. GOD ONLY KNOWS BUT YOU'LL NEVER LEAVE HER. @...