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Tiny Stain, Big Effect [Adamil] by gleekiwi
Tiny Stain, Big Effect [Adamil]by gleekiwi
☆ Coffee Shop AU/modern setting!
Some random beeduo thing (Discontinued) by Poppy-sys
Some random beeduo thing ( Weeded Forest
A random book with lots of beeduo in the first chapters, fading into just chaos and stuff, crossover starts part 15(working on it)
Self Indulgent Crow writting by Drag0nsDearHeart
Self Indulgent Crow writtingby Drag0nsDearHeart
Making myself feel better (not that i didn't feel good)
3 Empty Seats, a Burgatley Rewrite by obeseorangecat
3 Empty Seats, a Burgatley Rewriteby zunn
A REWRITE OF A FANFIC ON MY PAGE Original is a joke fic, this one will be more serious. ------------------------- Will, Riley, and Gator (A nickname given by the other j...
laelani x ryleigh (a true story) by ilovejuniorr
laelani x ryleigh (a true story)by lae
once apon a time two girls got married and yeah.
About us! by Debril_and_Katsumi
About us!by Debril And Katsumi
Here we will (^w^) tell you more about ourselves. Some we may not put but you can ask and if it is something we are uncomfortable with then please understand and don't g...
gee is a queen by iluvmywife
gee is a queenby ❤
a rant book where i cry abt how much i luv gee
my wife. my everything. by taesbaekon
my wife. my v
a book dedicated to my lovely wife; byun taeyeon. I love you, sweetie ):
Mogwarts Admissions Council by StopThatPlease
Mogwarts Admissions Councilby Y/N’S BIGGEST HATER😪
I'm literally head of admissions and hiring at Mogwarts so I'm gonna tell yall who's going and who does what work. Endorsed by Principal Chico himself😍🤭 Also I'm not...