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Skin and Bones ➳ Marianas Trench Fanfic by pechesncrem
Skin and Bones ➳ Marianas Trench F...by 🍑Peach🍑
Out of every girl in the world, how did this happen to me? My name is Victoria Ramsay, daughter of Josh Ramsay, niece of Matt Webb, Ian Casselman, and Mike Ayley... You...
Ever After, literally. by _lunar_princess
Ever After, literally.by Princess 👑
Ever was a huge fan of Mariana's trench, what happens when she moves to Vancouver, and meets her idols?
Alive Again (Marianas Trench <Jatt> Fan Fiction) by ohmytrench
Alive Again (Marianas Trench Fan...by i quit.
Josh, better known as Subject 1712, is a mutant in a science lab that turns into a monster fighter at the sight of blood. Dr Matthew R Webb, who appears one day, wants t...
Painting Flowers {Marianas Trench} by SynfulMasterpiece
Painting Flowers {Marianas Trench}by Kelsey
Valentina Patel has always wanted what was best for her son, JJ. After terrible, yet amazing, experiences in Vancouver, BC, she is ready to move back from Calgary, Alber...
It Could Be (Jatt fan fiction) by ohmytrench
It Could Be (Jatt fan fiction)by i quit.
Complete. When Josh had a dream about Matt and Matt admit it to Josh, they propel into the drama of being a couple. Through accidents, gossip and a girl named Jeena. Wil...
Good To You by KiraPrince
Good To Youby KiraPrince
AZ Grace meets Josh Ramsay in Van City shortly after she moves there. A Josh Ramsay / Marianas Trench fan fiction .
Starbucks Secrets. by QueenCarolinaMT
Starbucks Secrets.by QueenCarolinaMT
This is my first fanfiction about marianas trench. this is a three shot I just came up with about Matt Webb and Josh Ramsay. Yes this is a 'Jatt' fanfiction, no smut hap...
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Is This Just Fake? by x_killjoy_x
Is This Just Fake?by Lauren
Lauren is just a weird 18 year old girl who is into pop punk music and a bunch of bands that most people don't like. Her boyfriend is always pushing her around and every...
picture perfect porcelain by RachelFitzgerald308
picture perfect porcelainby Rachel Fitzgerald
when Rosie meets the elusive josh ramsay her life takes a drastic turn. will it be good? will her dream of making it in the music world come true? read on to find out. a...
It's About Time. by _lunar_princess
It's About Time.by Princess 👑
"You're back for good now, right Kenny?" She asked, taking a sip of her coffee. "I sure hope so, I've missed it here. As long as David likes it here, I wi...
Who Do You Love? Josh Ramsay of Marianas Trench Fanfiction by soulstis
Who Do You Love? Josh Ramsay of Ma...by El
Arianna Young is 28 and has been waiting for her life to begin. Now, she has one more class before she graduates college. Her last project, helping put together a show f...
Push You Up by Afterskoolspecial
Push You Upby Afterskoolspecial
Alaina goes back to her highschool for her reunion and runs into her old friend and crush. The old feelings come back to her when he decides they should spend more time...