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Dangerous love by soulpreath
Dangerous loveby soulpreath
Another school year is starting at the Salvatore boarding school for the young and gifted. Josie is with her girlfriend Penelope while Lizzie is all over her boyfriend...
The Mikaelson Boarding School (AU) by mystic-hosie
The Mikaelson Boarding School (AU)by Mystic Hosie
This story has place on 1x10. When Lizzie finds Jinny to grant her wishes. They are all in a completely different reality, a reality where Josie and Hope felt strongly a...
Hosie 3x14 by theannoyinggaybitch
Hosie 3x14by theannoyinggaybitch
Very short rewrite of Legacies 3x14. Time Stamp: 35:08 - 35:20
Together, Forever by _Diary_by_a_Vampire_
Together, Foreverby Mae
#Hosie Set after ep 3x12 of legacies, lets say it was the real Landon that returned not Malivore in Landon's body I suck at summaries I am a slow updater, Sorry
How to save a life  by Justanothergay2000
How to save a life by MJ
Josie Parker starts her internship at Mikaelson Memorial hospital and it doesn't go as planned
Until Forever  by Justanothergay2000
Until Forever by MJ
After spending the summer at bandcamp Josie has to deal with the consequences of one night she spent there.. Features G!P Hope if that isn't your thing don't read 😉
It's A Funny Story, Really (HOSIE) by AyyySantos
It's A Funny Story, Really (HOSIE)by AyyySantos
A good friend calls you in Jail. A great friend bails you out of jail. But this girl who I barley know is sitting next to me smiling saying- "See Wasn't that fun?&q...
Masquerade (Hosie) by Im_ArtemisOchoa
Masquerade (Hosie)by Im_ArtemisOchoa
(Enemies to forbidden lovers) Masquerade! Hide your face... So the world will never find you. Eyes of gold, thighs of blue, true of false. Who is who? Leering satyrs, p...
Astronomical   by winters_falling
Astronomical by Theo (Or Teddy)
Josie's a theater kid. Lead of the play. Hope's a jock, football QB forced to work backstage after her team pulls a prank on the principal (which Hope was against, fyi)...
What If You Never Left?  by L0ST__thewriter
What If You Never Left? by Love Of Story Telling
What would've happened if Klaus and Hayley had never died? What would've happened if Hope never lost her parents and grew up with both of them? Or Hope's deceased family...
The Lounge Singer by Ravenfyre3xpress
The Lounge Singerby RavenFyre3xpress
This is the 5th one-shot to the TSwift Series based off of the song, "Afterglow" It was 1949 in Chicago, Josie Saltzman auditions to be a lounge singer at the...
Hosie, the two bestfriends blindly in love with eachother <3 by g4yforhope
Hosie, the two bestfriends blindly...by tayla <3
This story will mainly be in Hope and Jo's POV but also in third person, let me know about things you want to happen and i'll try make it work. hope you enjoy this stor...
I Don't Want You Like A Best Friend by Ravenfyre3xpress
I Don't Want You Like A Best Friendby RavenFyre3xpress
3rd one-shot in the Taylor Swift series. Based off of the song "Dress" Post graduation party, Josie finally decides to tell Hope how she feels.
The breadits ~ Legacies Bread Edits by getthisbrod
The breadits ~ Legacies Bread Editsby getthisbrod
when I'm not writing sh*t fics, I'm photoshopping pictures of bread. graphic design is my passion.
Complicated by hosiesmp3
Complicatedby hosiesmp3
Read "Troubled Memories" for more information.
Unexpected by AyyySantos
Unexpectedby AyyySantos
Slow Burn When a portal opens up in the backyard of the Salvatore Boarding school for the young and gifted, two tiny girls emerge from it. While one is barley a few days...
I'm Not Looking For Easy (Hosie Atypical AU) by justagaywriter22
I'm Not Looking For Easy (Hosie At...by Seb<3
The Hosie Atypical AU, what else is there to say? Jk so Josie Saltzman starts at her new prep school after receiving a track scholarship. The team captain, Hope, is ext...