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The Hero That Lost It All by TMT52471
The Hero That Lost It Allby Reimu
Witnessing the death of his family and friends, as well as the city that he had grown up in, Izuku Midoriya is the only survivor of the war, everyone in Japan had died...
HololiveEN X Male Reader (Continuation) by Electrolitis
HololiveEN X Male Reader (Continua...by Electro Litis
This is a continuation story. The original was made @S1mp_Senpa1. All Credits for the first 11 Chapters goes to them. I've modified the story but it is still the same st...
Hololive's Swingin' Demon by Elytra_gaming
Hololive's Swingin' Demonby Elytra Knispel
(This story will be focused on Hololive, and Hololive only. The other one had characters from VShojo, and other animes. And a certain game and a certain series.) "W...
Detective and the Prisoner (Amelia Watson x male reader)  by Soviet_Onion15
Detective and the Prisoner (Amelia...by I_Love_Polka
Y/N L/N, aka Andromeda Aldryx is a Hololive Vtuber that joined the English gen 1. On camera he seems chill and high on himself, but outside the camera he's been through...
Izuku's New Life by YSingc
Izuku's New Lifeby YSingc
Not much to say but just read
Cops n' Robbers: A Hololive Story by AgentOChaos
Cops n' Robbers: A Hololive Storyby Agent O’ Chaos
The 1920s went by many names. Roarin' 20s, Jazz Age or the Prohibition Era. But to a young man? He called it home. Up until he was put into the ultimate "isekai&quo...
You're Never Alone Little One by ReaperofHope9
You're Never Alone Little Oneby Alex Shimura
Formerly a Yagi Izuku had lost the feeling of love ever since he was diagnosed quirkless and was abused and bullied by everyone as his spoiled brat of a sister Izumi was...
The Introvert [On Hold] by Zeonschilling
The Introvert [On Hold]by Zeon
In a world where fantasy and reality combined into one people would imagine it's a better world. That is not the case for (Y/n) who is a massive introvert and only inter...
Hololive EN Vtubers x Vtuber Male Reader| Y/N and the Girls Best Moments  by Bicoterby
Hololive EN Vtubers x Vtuber Male...by Tom John Nicolas C. Bernal
Mori and Co. Are really amazing friends and with all of their uniqeness and cuteness combined, they were really famous to the Hololive Community. But there was one boy w...
The Gunslinger Of Hololive by OmegaOMG1
The Gunslinger Of Hololiveby Omega
My whole life, i've been dodging bullets flying around just to ended up being the babysister of some stupid clowns called "Ídols."
HoloDrops☆ (HoloLive EN Harem) by Eroge-Chan
HoloDrops☆ (HoloLive EN Harem)by Eroge-Chan
Aki Kanemoto A.K.A. NihonGin, is the most famous YouTuber in the world, Despite only being 17, He is the first person to have 1 Billion subscribers. Suddenly he gets the...
A Yakuza is our Bodyguard?! by SilentRedHatKonami
A Yakuza is our Bodyguard?!by RedHatKonami
Y/N Kiryu adopted son of the infamous Yakuza legend, Kazuma Kiryu, was given an assignment to be a bodyguard for a rising idol group in japan. Watch as he handles his do...
Bored And Crazy by ShinjiTouma
Bored And Crazyby Some guy with some guy with s...
(Y/N) Brando is a vampire that has long lived and participated in countless historical events such as wars, begginings, etc. One day he thought about his life as he is...
I'm going to regret it yet worth it! (Hololive Fanfiction) by LeeroyTheRossiya
I'm going to regret it yet worth i...by Hafiz
Y/N L/N, Or also known as The Lone Hero, Siegfried Kaslana! He is a boy with a boy with a big dreams. The only specific details about his childhood is that he enjoyed...
Hololive Madness! (Reader X Hololive) by HidenSeeker_
Hololive Madness! (Reader X Hololi...by HiddenSeeker
[ STORY COMPLETED ] A story about (Y/N), a streamer who is only popular in Japan. Whenever he streams, 90% of his listeners are from Japan despite him being a guy born o...
Mythbuster (Hololive En HoloMyth X Male Reader) by HolographicCopier
Mythbuster (Hololive En HoloMyth X...by HolographicCopier
In a world where mythical beings hailing from every corner of the universe exist, there exist a very special type of myth, the universe hopper. That's you. After enterin...
How did I end up in this situation!? (Youtuber male reader x Hololive) |VOLUME1| by DonutKakyoin
How did I end up in this situation...by DonutKakyoin
Y/n L/n, a caring, popular, professional gamer, and a YouTuber, is streaming with 2k Viewers on the game called CS:GO, but suddenly. The unexpected happens. #1 in popula...
5th Generation's new 5th member (Hololive) Discontinue by HirokuEmiyo
5th Generation's new 5th member (H...by HirokuEmiyo
Mano Akui, A 14 Years old boy, He was Adopted to the Mano family when he was 6, He is really fond of his Sister, His sister always Care for Him, Despite being spoiled mu...
Hololive's Big Brother by DeathWolfBlade
Hololive's Big Brotherby Sick
There exists a shrine in the inner reaches of the darkest forest, a place you're only allowed to see if the guardian deity lets you. Saiai Shinrin the nine-tailed God th...
Theatrical Love by MaC1lll
Theatrical Loveby MaC1LLL
Y/n starts a new journey in highschool, he has liked theater and acting for a long time that is why he wants to be in theater club. But he doesn't have any courage to do...