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"Best Friends" by bookprodigy_
"Best Friends"by bookprodigy_
I was destined for heartbreak. I came to the realization, that my previous feelings for him, were not only still alive, but the intensity between us, would make or brea...
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F A M E »Hayes Grier Fanfic« by hayesg_is_the_bae
F A M E »Hayes Grier Fanfic«by Mrs. Grier
Mia Davis...the most popular perfect girl at Wilson Gray High School. Everyone wants to be her or be with her. She dates the jock of the school and is the cheer captain...
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The boy nextdoor by Aweeehayes
The boy nextdoorby Aweeehayes
Mackenzie Dallas is an ordinary girl. She is sister of Cameron Dallas. Thirteen years old. Friends describe her crazy, funny, loud, and pretty. She doesn't believe that...
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recovery ✧ h. grier by -aestheticbieber
recovery ✧ h. grierby jay
❝even though I never said anything, I still cared. I saw everything.❞ ❝what is this?❞ ❝It was to say I'm sorry. To say I made a mistake.❞ - WARNING: I started writing th...
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True Love by Maddy_Boog
True Loveby Madison
One day a 14 year old girl is dreaming of her Macgon crush and the next she is becoming friends with him. In this story two teens will go through major ups and downs and...
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Sticking together? (Hayes Grier) by Fangirlprobs101
Sticking together? (Hayes Grier)by no longer in use but...
This story is complete I'm just editing!
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Love Never Dies by sourpatchcam
Love Never Diesby sourpatchcam
Kylie, after her parents divorce, moves to California with her mom to start over. She attends school, has social media, makes videos, everything a normal teenage girl do...
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Peanut Butter Crush by SueMeBabe_cx
Peanut Butter Crushby SueMeBabe_cx
Thank God For Peanut Butter
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Just a Jerk by hayriderz
Just a Jerkby hayriderz
"He was the perfect guy to me, but being a thousand miles apart is really hard. Between school sports and fame do I even have time for a boyfriend" Thats all K...
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Found by kittycolos
Foundby kittycolos
This is my first ever Hayes Grier story!! I'd love for you to read! ~ ~ ~ Taylor James. That's who he fell for the minute Hayes saw her, she was beautiful, she had gorg...
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Hurt In Love by thestoriesitype
Hurt In Loveby thestoriesitype
Valarie. Your typical bad girl, most would call "lucky". She has to go on the Magcon tour with her sister and her sisters boyfriend Cameron Dallas. She meets a...
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No One Cared, Until Now (Hayes Grier Fanfic) by hayesgrierstoriess
No One Cared, Until Now (Hayes Gri...by hayesgrierstoriess
Cecilia is all alone in her life. No one cares about her anymore, Until Hayes steps into her life. Will every thing turn around? or is he only pretending to care like ev...
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Just Another (hayes grier fanfic) by audi0e
Just Another (hayes grier fanfic)by audi0e
Hayes and Ava have been friends since they were 7. ( 13 now) They always hung out. But lately they haven't been talking. But when Hayes gets a girlfriend what will Ava d...
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Possession ||| Hayes Grier by conquercam
Possession ||| Hayes Grierby kristen
" sometimes people try to take the things we possess, but we love those things so much we'd do about anything to get them back " • add to your library if you w...
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Lucky #7 (Hayes Grier Fanfiction) by lovelygriers
Lucky #7 (Hayes Grier Fanfiction)by -
>> "Perhaps all we needed was just a bit of luck." Hayes Grier Fanfiction ...
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You, Me, Us. // h.g Fanfiction  by lavxcado
You, Me, Us. // h.g Fanfiction by maya
Alex gets a new job as a babysitter for the Grier family, in order to pay for her trip to London, which she has been waiting for all year. On her first night, she meets...
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Confined (Hayes Grier) by Melissagreco31
Confined (Hayes Grier)by Melissagreco31
Mel is a 15 year old girl who is Hayes Grier's girlfriend. She and him have been going out for a year now. But will Mel be able to deal with the drama that comes along w...
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 by TrinImagines
by TrinImagines
Here I am. I love this boy, his name is Hayes. But, for some reason I can't push my self past what he put me thru. I cry myself to sleep every night. I just can't look a...
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Sudden by okokwriting
Suddenby okokwriting
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