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It's you, and me.(Hayes Grier) by haysboo
It's you, and me.(Hayes Grier)by Sarbear:)))
Kyler Sanders has two girl best friends, and two guy best friends, but when Hayes Grier moves in next door, will she have a boyfriend too? alongside having a boyfriend...
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recovery ✧ h. grier by -aestheticbieber
recovery ✧ h. grierby jay
❝even though I never said anything, I still cared. I saw everything.❞ ❝what is this?❞ ❝It was to say I'm sorry. To say I made a mistake.❞ - WARNING: I started writing th...
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"Best Friends" by bookprodigy_
"Best Friends"by bookprodigy_
I was destined for heartbreak. I came to the realization, that my previous feelings for him, were not only still alive, but the intensity between us, would make or brea...
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The death of me|| Hayes Grier by shinds29
The death of me|| Hayes Grierby Sinae.nae
This story is about a boy named Hayes Grier and his bestfriend Gianna Bavoldi. They known each other since pre-k they are really close but how will they face there obsta...
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Love at First Sight by LaurenBrooke2001
Love at First Sightby Lauren Brooke❤️
Lauren and her mom just moved to North Carolina. She just started her first day of school and it was perfect. Hayes Grier went to her school. He was in a few of her clas...
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The boy nextdoor by Aweeehayes
The boy nextdoorby Aweeehayes
Mackenzie Dallas is an ordinary girl. She is sister of Cameron Dallas. Thirteen years old. Friends describe her crazy, funny, loud, and pretty. She doesn't believe that...
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Hopelessly In Love||Hayes grier by xxGabby
Hopelessly In Love||Hayes grierby xxGabby
Hi this is my first fan fiction. I tried my best am I hope you enjoy:) follow,share,and like please -Gabby<3
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falling into your arms by __magcon__fanfics__
falling into your armsby __magcon__fanfics__
a girl named Peyton Woods moves to a new house and starts a new life and meets a boy named Hayes Grier and the two spend time together and eventually fall in love. Peyto...
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One Night by H_Grier
One Nightby fabiana_grier
TJ Hawkes is the not so popular but when she was forced into going to a party its was something she never expected...
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Love Never Dies by sourpatchcam
Love Never Diesby sourpatchcam
Kylie, after her parents divorce, moves to California with her mom to start over. She attends school, has social media, makes videos, everything a normal teenage girl do...
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Just a Dream by katelynnn_145
Just a Dreamby katelyn
Hayes Grier FanFiction. Chapters are kind of long so if you don't like long stories, you should skip this.
Friends or more? by Aweeehayes
Friends or more?by Aweeehayes
Hayes Grier and Tracy Wills are best friends, but what happens when Hayes finds out that Tracy is in love with him? Will he love her? Will they stay friends? To find ou...
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Playing Games with The Player: GAME OVER (Sequal to PGWTP) by VictoriaFoster0
Playing Games with The Player: GAM...by Victoria Foster
When the past begins to haunt Nash, everything finally comes into place for Gabby. She finds herself all over again, but as things are going well, she has no idea what a...
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My kind of happiness (Hayes Grier) by Magconn_loverr_15
My kind of happiness (Hayes Grier)by Magcon Forever
When I was 5 years old my parents left me. I went into a foster home I got adopted when I was 7 years old. Soon a lady and her husband adopted me. All they really did wa...
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You aren't like I thought you where by grierhayes7
You aren't like I thought you whereby grierhayes7
This is my first book that I have made so ya know it isn't that good
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Deep Water. by lovelotslauren
Deep Water.by story girl
Vine star Lauren has to decide should she love Who she is supposed to be with or who she wants to be with.
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Lucky #7 (Hayes Grier Fanfiction) by lovelygriers
Lucky #7 (Hayes Grier Fanfiction)by -
>> "Perhaps all we needed was just a bit of luck." Hayes Grier Fanfiction ...
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Learning to Love by mcte07
Learning to Loveby mcte07
Taylor is the cousin of the well known internet star Cameron Dallas. She goes to live with Cameron for 2 months things start to get complicated when she meets bad boy Ha...
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Hayes Grier: The Story of Us by tincandallas773
Hayes Grier: The Story of Usby tincandallas773
Please stay tuned to this story and follow Sara and Hayes on their roller coaster of what they call a relationship.
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