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Harry Potter Facts You Might Not Know by blackpearlkun
Harry Potter Facts You Might Not K...by blackpearlkun
All of the amazing facts about Harry Potter that you may already know or might have never even heard of. It's all here. I do not own any of these facts. I am just provi...
Weasley tragedy by Inkfriend
Weasley tragedyby Inky
Many people were affected of Fred Weasley's death. But none more than George. Here are just some short stories of what happened to George after Fred died. Some of them a...
500 Harry Potter Facts by Phantom_Lover_xo
500 Harry Potter Factsby Phantom_Lover_xo
Here are 500 facts about the amazing Harry Potter series for all you Potterheads out there! Test your knowledge and see how many facts you knew!
500 Harry Potter Facts | ✔︎ by NarcissaMin
500 Harry Potter Facts | ✔︎by itslikepage250alloveragain
Here are 500 amazing Harry Potter facts for all of you Potterheads out there! Come on and you test your knowledge and see how many you know! • • • • -Started December 29...
Harry Potter Facts by accio_brain
Harry Potter Factsby Nat Hiatus
Harry Potter Facts, duh^
Harry Potter Randomness by adalaide391
Harry Potter Randomnessby adalaide391
Filled with random memes, one shots, headcanons, thoughts and questions I have about the Harry Potter Series. Will also post announcements about my books and if I get t...
Everything Harry Potter by LittlePotterNerd
Everything Harry Potterby Little Potter Nerd
Are you a Potterhead? Then this book is for you. This book will have Harry Potter facts, Potterhead things and problems, In generall Harry Potter, so if you don't li...
Whatever happened to the Harry Potter kids? ✔ by Creativecolette
Whatever happened to the Harry Pot...by ❤RealGirl❤
Here is what happened after their roles in Harry potter. The cover is made by me. all info is from this site http://showbizgeek.com/what-ever-happened-to-the-other-kids...
random harry potter things (jokes, fanon, facts)  by foundedhorcrux
random harry potter things (jokes...by gabriella
®• you could consider it through the title. just a random book, not a serious thing |• harry potter jokes, fanon|canon, ships, facts ©• @foundedhorcrux
30 Facts: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone! by JonathanWong845
30 Facts: Harry Potter and the Sor...by Jonathan Wong
You've READ all the BOOKS, you've SEEN all the MOVIES... but did you know that Emma Watson's first audition took place in a school gym!? Read on to find out some intere...
100 HARRY POTTER FACTS by raisindoei
100 Interesting Harry Potter facts about J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter trilogy and the Harry Potter actors!
50 Random Harry Potter Facts by ReneEdenBroadaway
50 Random Harry Potter Factsby Rene_Eden
Some Random Harry Potter facts 😄 (A/N) if there are any mistakes say in the comments and I will edit it
100+ Harry Potter Facts by NymTonks1
100+ Harry Potter Factsby Calida
I've been trough a lot of trouble to find facts, that are not widespread, and I hope at least some of them will surprise you. Have fun!
Harry Potter: Super Random Stuff by pnkdrmz
Harry Potter: Super Random Stuffby closed
Welcome to the world of Potterheads and randomness! Highest rank: 12/25/17- #519 in Random 12/27/17- #322 in Random 12/28/17- #220 in Random 12/29/17-#230 in Random 12...
Potter 101 by SimpleJia
Welcome to Potter 101! Here, you can discover interesting, weird, or funny facts, quotes and theories about the movie and book series Harry Potter! Thank you for readi...
Harry Potter Forever by dauntlessgriffindor1
Harry Potter Foreverby District 9 3/4
Lets face it Potterheads, ever since we were 11 we have wanted to go to Hogwarts but years passed and we all are still waiting for our letter... but no matter how old we...
Harry Potter facts by books_jaz
Harry Potter factsby Book Worm
Are you the biggest Harry Potter fan out there? Do you want to know as much as you can about the book, the characters, the cast (and much more)? If you've said yes to th...