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Emotions (Hank x Connor) Dbh by AnimationFreakBlank
Emotions (Hank x Connor) Dbhby :))
(Cover art not mine) Short description: Hank is mortified when he realizes that he is being assigned a new partner who is an android. He doesn't want to admit it; but sl...
Connor x Hank /Oneshots\ by tiredmornings
Connor x Hank /Oneshots\by tiredmornings
A bunch of Connor x Hank
Imágenes Detroit Become Human by LittleMess_Harry
Imágenes Detroit Become Humanby ✨M O R G A N✨
Como el nombre lo dice, son imágenes que he podido encontrar y vengo a compartir con vosotros. Hay mucho Hannor (Connor x Hank) y algunos memes en inglés que voy a tradu...
Errors in my software | Hankcon by uaintgonnafindme
Errors in my software | Hankconby yuhhh
hii,, so i wrote this ages ago and i won't be continuing it,, sorry!!
Learn to love. (A Connor X Hank fanfic) by sirreacoolsberg
Learn to love. (A Connor X Hank fa...by Alex H.
After Androids have earned their independence, Connor decides to stay with Hank for a while until he can get an apartment. Connor has been loyal and obedient to humans f...
This is our secret //HANNOR AU by Sunflower_duckling
This is our secret //HANNOR AUby droop snoot
Hank wipes the neon lipstick off his lips while the younger male on his lap was giggling. "You're the first person who laughs while having sex." He laughs hard...
Emotions (Reed900) by Ladybug_fox
Emotions (Reed900)by Ladybug_fox
RK900 is now partners with Gavin, otherwise known as Detective Dick because of his rude, insensitive personality. He doesn't give a fuck about anyone--not yet anyway. Wh...
Different blood same feelings (Reed900 fanfic) by Ladybug_fox
Different blood same feelings (Ree...by Ladybug_fox
Detective Gavin Reed is partnered with a newer model of the RK900, after success of the android revolution. The android slowly develops feelings for the smartass moron k...
Fuck Life by sorrynomoremegotold
Fuck Lifeby Sorry no more
After the Android Revolution, a law was created to give rights to androids to be treated as equal to humans. Unfortunately, not everyone is in agreement of this idea. On...
Truly, I Am Alive. (Hannor. Connor x Hank) by HollyStoneVenom
Truly, I Am Alive. (Hannor. Connor...by HollyStoneVenom
Even after the revolution, Hank still was not fond of Connor. Connor never found out about Hank's son, and why he still to this day hates androids. Connor feels like he...
20+ Hannor Oneshots by NarukoKyuubiMode
20+ Hannor Oneshotsby NarukoKyuubiMode
Varies from fluff to explicit You have been warned Will have a new oneshot daily
Journey Through Love (Hank X Connor) by TheInsideOfBread
Journey Through Love (Hank X Conno...by Dangerboat
Hankcon? Honnor? Hannor? Whatever it's called to you, I like it, and when I'm bored I write fanfictions, and this is that? Oh, and sorry for the cheesy title lol. Anyway...
We Are Family │Hannor by -MeteorShower-
We Are Family │Hannorby -MeteorShower-
»Universo Alternativo« A veces las familias vienen con un teniente de policía malhumorado, un androide detective, un flojo San Bernardo y un niño que sobrevivió a un acc...
thirium tears //Hannor AU book by Sunflower_duckling
thirium tears //Hannor AU bookby droop snoot
Hank goes through Connors hair as he breathes heavily while clutching onto his shirt. "Connor." Connor looks up at him, thirium rolling down his cheek. Hank wi...
[Conner Reacts To Detroit] [Become Human Ships] by JamRonen
[Conner Reacts To Detroit] [Become...by Red
"So your boii reactions on ships? check it out if you want and please vote too thankyou for reading :)"
El color de los Sentimientos [Hannor] by CatLikos
El color de los Sentimientos [Hann...by CatLikos
Luego de la revolución androide muchas cosas cambiaron en el mundo, para bien o para mal. Principalmente en Detroit, donde todo comenzó. Las personas debían aceptar a lo...
Gay & Lesbian Oneshots Book by liquideathpillsUwO
Gay & Lesbian Oneshots Bookby FuckingQuestoningAce
Will Include Characters From: Bnha/My Hero Academia (Mostly) Steven Universe Detroit Become Human And the occasional random oneshots This book is going to be very dirty...
Here to Stay by squishyplum
Here to Stayby Plum
"Lieutenant..?" The android mumbled nearly inaudibly. His frail body trembled in the man's arms. "Yes, Connor?" The man replied soothingly, rubbing t...
From Cyberlife, With Love by soulless-hearts
From Cyberlife, With Loveby ♛ ×× ♚
[Transfered from my A03 account (UncomfortablyYours) to this account] Connor, a prototype RK800 that had originally been assigned deviant cases, is now himself a deviant...
Hannor & Reed900 || Oneshots by ofhisgarden
Hannor & Reed900 || Oneshotsby ofhisgarden
I'm not a good writer, don't expect much