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Connor x Hank /Oneshots\ by tiredmornings
Connor x Hank /Oneshots\by tiredmornings
A bunch of Connor x Hank
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Emotions (Reed900) by Ladybug_fox
Emotions (Reed900)by Ladybug_fox
RK900 is now partners with Gavin, otherwise known as Detective Dick because of his rude, insensitive personality. He doesn't give a fuck about anyone--not yet anyway. Wh...
Random Character X Readers(SLOW UPDATES) by MajorPain04
Random Character X Readers(SLOW Alissa P.
I wanted to start a book everyone would love, at some point or at something. Make a request on the first page, and I will see what I can do! Also Dean Winchester is on t...
Detroit:Become Human x Child!reader Oneshots by storylover687
Detroit:Become Human x Child! storylover687
It's what the title says! You guys can request what character you want,what age you want the reader to be i will not be accepting OCs sorry about that,i will tell you gu...
18+the effects of abuse And Rape  (Connor and hank) by mamabaer1132
18+the effects of abuse And death rose
this is a fic about Connor. he and hank where on a case for missing androids in Detroit.connor decides to go off on his own to find the person and gets captured himself...
Nearly human...  DBH Conner x Reader (Detroit becomes human)  by CanItTimmy
Nearly human... DBH Conner x CanItTimmy
\\This is based off the game Detroit become human.// \\smut warning// You are one of the newest additions to the infamous Detroit city police station. Your job is simpl...
And Injustice For All by JasmineNewell1
And Injustice For Allby JasmineNewell1
There will be a lot of crossovers to be in Injustice: Gods Among Us. Tekken, AOT, TLOU, TWD, etc. And they will be females fighting.
[Detriot] Becomes Human [One] Shots by emptycarton
[Detriot] Becomes Human [One] Shotsby 𝓐$$
ᴀ ʙᴜɴᴄʜ ᴏғ gae ᴏɴᴇ sʜᴏᴛs...☻ its ALL markus and simon... sorry im dry suggestions r openn
(DBH) Hank x reader  by EmmaPerrin2
(DBH) Hank x reader by 💕 Dead weight 💕
As part of the police force it is your job to do anything possible and even if it means you have to help an android and the worst worker in all of HQ then you guess you'...
Detroit Becomes  Family: A Kara and Alice story  by ship_master924
Detroit Becomes Family: A Kara ship_master924
What happens after in DBH when Alice tells Kara she loves her and then dies in her arms. Will Kara give up on life, move on, or try and get Alice back. Find out what hap...
More Human than Android (connor x reader) by Itsa_Isopodkillme
More Human than Android (connor Itsa_Isopod kill me
Returning to Detroit after years of soending time in Canada. Hannah Grimes learns the events that had happen almost a year ago and is trying to live her new life, as hum...
Lost Memories (Dbh fanfic) On Hold by weirdestbirdwriter
Lost Memories (Dbh fanfic) On Holdby weirdest bird
a long time ago before the the game even started there were 3 friend they were in cyber life still they had the names Markus(rk200), Kara(ax400), and Connor(rk800). litt...
Detroit becomes human Markus x Android Ashley by XXX-TT-
Detroit becomes human Markus x XxTenDeadCion
Ashley has been through shit. He owner had a two daughters and was on drugs. She has been abused and so has the girls. Their names are Aaron and Arise. Their mom ran awa...
An Androids Dream by SammWinchester17
An Androids Dreamby Samm Winchester
Connor is just an Android who follow order like he's suppose to but one day something short of miracle happens to him. Hey guys this is my first attempt at Detroit Beco...
Stars In Your Eyes (DBH Connor x human reader) by RandomWeirdo267
Stars In Your Eyes (DBH Connor x Weirdo
Y/N L/N works in the police force but haves to sit in a cube all day looking through files to help solve cases for the Detroit City Police. Then she was a signed a case...
Are You Game?? (X Reader) *Video Games Vers. by OriginalQueenKarma
Are You Game?? (X Reader) *Video 💖QueenKarma💖
x Reader. Genderbent, Original, and Ladies Only!! It's a bunch of short stories: Wild Fantasy 8 Part Series to help me get back into the swing of things.
Defectively Human by gilbirdandthecat
Defectively Humanby Aaron and Bucky
Aaron couldn't take it anymore. Bucky couldn't take it anymore. They had to do something. Anything. Get them away from their own personal hell.