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Elams College Au by _elizzard_
Elams College Auby Kade
Its a quiet world until John, Alex and Eliza all share a dorm. They DESPISE eachother at first but soon they grow on each other. !!!THIS CONTAINS SMUT!!!
🌹Hamilton boyfriend scenarios🌹  by dracogurls
🌹Hamilton boyfriend scenarios🌹 by dracogurls
I got this idea from someone else. I am not gonna dedicate my live to just this story. I will post chapters occasionally and when I have the time to do so. Please don't...
Magic can be good... (Jeffmads-Hamilton  Modern Au, [I DONT OWN THE ART]) by IceVentom2950
Magic can be good... (Jeffmads-Ham...by IceeWithLove
Everyone is born with a tattoo. The design represents what kind of powers you have. The white tattoos represent light magic, and the black represent black or dark magic...
Hamilton one shots❤️ by 8catqueen8
Hamilton one shots❤️by Cat
Lol smut warning!!! And fluff ...maybe angst T h I c c
Different. {Hamburr story.} by XxKB_HamilTrashxX
Different. {Hamburr story.}by HamiltonShipsz
This is a story about two young boys attending the same school. Aaron, the shy, quick witted, unpopular boy is just trying to get a nice education so he doesn't live on...
Quicksilver - Jamilton - by HOmydear
Quicksilver - Jamilton -by HOmydear
The world changes. Things out of your control change your life for the better or for the worse. Either way, it will happen and you need to accept it. But some people don...
The Maze by hamilton_trash13
The Mazeby AND PEGGY!!
(Hamilsquad x reader) You are new to kings high. You came From (where ever you whant) to new york city! It is your first day of freshmen year. What will happen? Also yo...
It's Our History by JK-JazzandKay0115
It's Our Historyby JK-Jazz&Kay
"It's our history of when you were alive." The writer of this story is Kay Hamilton watches Hamilton Includes: Cut content, ships (gay and straight), Philipx...
Hamilton One Shots by jamesiies
Hamilton One Shotsby Mrs. Allen
This is a Hamilton oneshot books. I post x readers and ships. I am taking requests, so feel free to message me, and do not hesitate! I love you all, bye! DRILLS: Y/N: Yo...
Hamilton (mis)Adventures! by fandomxva
Hamilton (mis)Adventures!by Via!!!
In this book, the Hamilcharacters take part in crazy shenanigans! (Basically, but there's more.) Occasionally, there will be fanfics, "Hamilscopes", or even ju...
Mr Jefferson by izz_thechez
Mr Jeffersonby Izzy Schuyler
You move from Canada to visit your brother John Laurens. At a Ball, you end up meeting a Man who your brother has told you about and that he and his friend hate. However...
The Classic Gays {Lams and Mullette} by lafayetteisadab
The Classic Gays {Lams and Mullett...by lafayetteisadab
Here's a good ol college au with all them fabulous gays. I will not only include just Lams and Mullette probably some LeeBurr,KingBury,Marliza and Jeffmads. I hope y'all...
B a B y by GaYturtleboipapajohn
B a B yby 🌻ꜱᴜɴꜰʟᴏᴡᴇʀ ᴊᴏʜɴ🌻
Okay so anyways this book is a one-shot book but here is the twist all the one shots will be with laurens. So I'm basically shipping the one shots with Laurens in them...
Hamilton Reacts to Hamilships [ DISCONTINUED ] by MyShipsHaventSank
Hamilton Reacts to Hamilships [ DI...by MyShipsHaveSailed
I need suggestions for this so yeah! Open suggestions in each comment box! Including small stories to make it more fun! (SLOWLY EDITING) ranks • #1 - readerinvolved
Let me in- A Jamilton Popstar AU by VeronicaHamilton7
Let me in- A Jamilton Popstar AUby 🥀𝓗𝔁𝓷𝓮𝔂𝓙𝓪𝓻🥀
"Maria you bitch! You know, sometimes I question if you really are my manager and not just a shitty best friend," "Same difference," "Why do I...
My Dearest, Laurens [ON HOLD] by Lamilton1
My Dearest, Laurens [ON HOLD]by Lamilton1
Excerpt From Chapter 3 "John, are you going stay" he asks "you get some sleep and drink lots of water" I say I was walking towards to him and sitting...
My opinion on Hamilton ships by AdotEgg489
My opinion on Hamilton shipsby Annie, are you okay?
Ok! Read the title, honey. Feel free to request a ship you want me to hate/fangirl over. ⚠️DISCLAIMER! No artwork belongs to me unless I say so. If artwork belongs to m...
An Unmarked Love - A(nother) Hamilton Lams Fanfic by r3id_l0vers
An Unmarked Love - A(nother) Hamil...by Dana P.
John Laurens is a seventeen year old Prince who will soon come into his position as King at the age of eighteen. He presides over a kingdom of citizens who each have a s...