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Smol Fry | Hercules X Lafayette by Smol-Emo-Elxse
Smol Fry | Hercules X Lafayetteby Smol
~ COMPLETED ~ "Mon amie, I never asked, what were you doing out at this time?" He enquired, looking a bit suspicious. I chuckled and sighed, "It's a long...
LAMS ONESHOTS! Smut, Angst, Or Fluff by Klance_lover06
LAMS ONESHOTS! Smut, Angst, Or Klance_lover06
I take request and do Smut or Fluff. Kinky or Chill. Sweet or Sour. Anything from Hamilton . All the ships!!!
Plastic (Mullette) by Fr0gtat067
Plastic (Mullette)by He is Risen ✨
Perfect. Perfect. Perfection. Lafayette's motto was "Stay Positive!" On his Youtube channel. Which reached almost 30 million subcribers this month. And his pre...
Unrequited Love ~Lams~ by marvel_parker
Unrequited Love ~Lams~by Rose 隠だギ
I wish he'd look at me the way he looks at her. Tw: selfharm, abuse, suicide, swearing, etc.
Hamilton Oneshots! (Smut) by Hamilsinhamilton
Hamilton Oneshots! (Smut)by Gravyandcheesefries
I feel like we're all going to regret this.
Another Scottish Tragedy [LAMS AU] by nnevertrustaduck
Another Scottish Tragedy [LAMS AU]by nnevertrustaduck
[LAMS college AU] John Laurens, an ordinary South Carolinian college student, makes an online friend named AnotherScottishTragedy. He assumes that this boy is just like...
Ask and Dare Hamilton by Water_Bottle_Drunk
Ask and Dare Hamiltonby Hufflepuff 💛
The Hamilton characters are open for askin'! Join the Hamilsquad, SMFDR, The Schuyler sisters, and others as they discover more about eachother. Oh my god this sounds s...
Playwrite ~Hamilton Lams AU~ by StariiStarlings
Playwrite ~Hamilton Lams AU~by ☀️happy gay☀️
A Lams AU cause why not, everyone loves Lams. Cringy description time; Alexander Hamilton is a rapidly growing author who would much rather be left alone in his college...
take a break [ jamilton ] by whaliennx
take a break [ jamilton ]by steph
[ in editing at the momentttt ❤️ ] "hamilton? you work here too?" where alexander hamilton is trying his hardest to pay off his father's debt by working three...
Hamilton One-Shots by fangirl_issues102
Hamilton One-Shotsby Just Dying Over Here
Just your average book of Hamilton one shots. Probably will include mature language and sensitive subjects Angst or Fluff, no Smut (I just don't feel comfortable writin...
Camp Revolutionary [COMPLETE] by theschuylerlams
Camp Revolutionary [COMPLETE]by Eli
•AU Modern Lams• What better way to get rid of your kid for three months than summer camp? That's exactly what's going through the mind of John Laurens' father. It's not...
Lams, Royal Legacies by RyanThePotato
Lams, Royal Legaciesby ItsOctober
Alex is the adopted Prince under George Washington and their kingdom is poor but pushing through together. Right under that kingdom, John is next in line for king, thoug...
Hamilton One shots by Water_Bottle_Drunk
Hamilton One shotsby Hufflepuff 💛
This will mostly be Jamilton or Jeffmads but I will do other ships like: •Lams •Mullette •Meggy And more! SO ENJOY!!! I take requests- Fluff, smut, and angst are all...
Coffee (Lams) by thisaccount-isdead
Coffee (Lams)by dead account
"Do you think God stays in heaven because he, too, lives in fear of what he's created?"-Steve Buscemi, Spy Kids 2 Hamilton wants the d(ark roast) *rereads this...
The Beauty Of You // Lams Soulmate AU by PBandJohnLaurens
The Beauty Of You // Lams dear connor murphy
Alexander Hamilton. The boy who was born in Nevis by his mother and father. The boy who watched his mother die. The boy who survived a hurricane. The boy who was move...
I'm Yours(Lams College AU) by simplyhamilton
I'm Yours(Lams College AU)by Jocelyn
John Laurens: A boy who has lived in South Carolina until he was ten. Homeschool until his senior year of high school. He was finally being enrolled at King's College a...
What If They Met? (Hamilton) by MornstarofAvalon
What If They Met? (Hamilton)by Vice
What if the historical figures in Hamilton met their musical version? Lets see! Highest Ranking: #177 in Humor
The Kiss//////Jamilton soulmate ///Modern AU/// by Jamilton-Lams
The Kiss//////Jamilton Love&War
Another soul mate au as if there wasn't enough lol Alexander Hamilton's life is sh** but something about one person gets him. Gets him to forget the bad. But the kiss...