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Spooky Stories: Halloween Vault 2020 -2021 by Di_Rossi
Spooky Stories: Halloween Vault 20...by Berengaria di Rossi
HV 2021 Entry: "Fan Fiction" based on prompt 10. 4.4k words The "Ultimate Writer" Winner of the Halloween Vault 3-D in 2020. The following won thei...
Halloween Returns by ravenwood666may
Halloween Returnsby May Ravenwood
Halloween stories based on prompts from Halloween Vault 3D. Many different prompts a lot of differently flavored tales. Halloween Returns once again and brings with it...
Trick or Treat [Halloween Vault 3D] by GandalfofspaceAnli
Trick or Treat [Halloween Vault 3D]by GandalfofspaceAnli
This book contains stories written for Halloween vault 3d (2020) Story Index 1. A Secret @Fantasy profile. (Word count :- 835) 2. Witching Hour @Horror profile. (Word co...
Spooky Zone | Halloween-themed flashfiction by Kamiccola
Spooky Zone | Halloween-themed fla...by Isobel Lynx
Let's get in the spooky mood one flash story at a time, ranging from 6 to 777 words per story. * Warning - dark humor and disturbing themes lurk here. * 3rd place winne...
GRAPEFRUIT by rosegoldpretzels
There's a reason you shouldn't use vintage make-up...
Halloween Vault 3D Entries 2020 by RedEagle3
Halloween Vault 3D Entries 2020by ЯΣDΣΛGLΣ3
Wattpad's third annual Halloween Vault is here! The title says it all, this book just contains my entries for the Haloween Vault 3D competition (joining from @adventure)...
POTIONS, POTIONS by rosegoldpretzels
There's a potion shop in town, and this girl just has to check it out...
Bewitched by SarahAitcheson
Bewitchedby Sarah Aitcheson
Olivia finds herself stuck at the last place she would like to be, though it leads to her meeting a strange woman who claims to foresee her future, and, specifically, wh...
Aladdin's True Nature|✓| by LoveFoodAndSleep
Aladdin's True Nature|✓|by Sneha Ramanathan
What if Aladdin was the bad guy? What if he showed his evil nature only after he assumed the throne? What if Jafar was the real hero? Read how the people of Agrabah vanq...
Halloween Vault 3D [CLOSED] by WattpadDisney
Halloween Vault 3D [CLOSED]by WattpadDisney
Wattpad's third annual Halloween Vault is here! Did you love the first? Do you still miss the second? This year, the Halloween Vault 3D is returning in full force! 59 E...
Haunted Halloween by zitavd
Haunted Halloweenby zitavd
Creatures creeping through the night. Always staying out of sight. Avenging spirits, horrid death. Be prepared for your last breath. There is evil lurking here. In a pl...
Beyond the Night {HV Contest entries} by Moonlight123900
Beyond the Night {HV Contest entri...by Luna
From laughing Halloween funny to down right disturbing, here is a collection of entries for Halloween Vault 2+3 contests! All the prompts are amazing and I find these st...
The Partygoer by FrancisTheGreat12
The Partygoerby Let Me Sleep
After coming out, Patrick had been dragged to a party. Sure, he liked parties, but not being dragged to them. He'd prefer to go on his account. And then he meets Colton...
Nothing Is Quite As Is Imagined by oonjiawen
Nothing Is Quite As Is Imaginedby Oon Jia Wen
Realm of the dead, nothing is quite as is imagined.
OutRUN by ArleneAlde8
OutRUNby Enelra de Lamperouge
Contest Entry Action Prompt: OutRUN Something is watching you People say its in your head, but you can sense a chilling presence everywhere you go. Then one day you hear...
Anthology  by akira_deep
Anthology by Akira
Cover images: Pinterest Cover edits: me! ( @akira_deep) Spooky Halloween writing!! This book contains all my entries to Wattpad Halloween Vault 3D contests
The Mysterious Forest by ArleneAlde8
The Mysterious Forestby Enelra de Lamperouge
Contest Entry Deadline: November 7th, 2020, 11:59PM (EasternTime Zone) Word count: Maximum 850
Halloween Blaze ( Book One of Hallow-Fair) by MissCandy-Apples
Halloween Blaze ( Book One of Hall...by Elspeth Count
The phantom of a missing best friend returns to her missing half. He goes to a party where she begs him to see her again. He caves in and agrees to meet her at a lake th...
The Confusing Confession by FrancisTheGreat12
The Confusing Confessionby Let Me Sleep
Officer Jones is interrogating a suspect. The problem? He's in over his head when the culprit reveals they turned themselves in for a crime they haven't committed yet.
Wanderings Of A Wizard by Fizzieman
Wanderings Of A Wizardby Subham Das
"On the night of Full Moon..Master goes to the town and never returns. And it lies upon me to find him before the next full moon as rumors flies that says Elemental...