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Spooky Stories: Halloween Vault 2020 -2021 by Di_Rossi
Spooky Stories: Halloween Vault 20...by Berengaria di Rossi
HV 2021 Entry: "Fan Fiction" based on prompt 10. 4.4k words The "Ultimate Writer" Winner of the Halloween Vault 3-D in 2020. The following won thei...
GRAPEFRUIT by rosegoldpretzels
There's a reason you shouldn't use vintage make-up...
POTIONS, POTIONS by rosegoldpretzels
There's a potion shop in town, and this girl just has to check it out...
Halloween Vault 3D Entries 2020 by RedEagle3
Halloween Vault 3D Entries 2020by ЯΣDΣΛGLΣ3
Wattpad's third annual Halloween Vault is here! The title says it all, this book just contains my entries for the Haloween Vault 3D competition (joining from @adventure)...
The Treeyard by The_Beck
The Treeyardby Beck Carter
A Halloween Vault 3D story for a prompt by @ChallengeCorner. Mr. and Mrs. Big have gone missing in the woods. And nine-year-old Rachael knows that trees have secrets to...
The Rusalka by DrakeRTodd
The Rusalkaby Drake R. Todd
Winner of the HV3D "Halloween Party Mystery" Fantasy prompt. A year after her best friend's sudden disappearance, Ashlynn returns to the lake she was last seen...
The Mysterious Forest by ArleneAlde8
The Mysterious Forestby Enelra de Lamperouge
Contest Entry Deadline: November 7th, 2020, 11:59PM (EasternTime Zone) Word count: Maximum 850
Spooky Zone | Halloween-themed flashfiction by Kamiccola
Spooky Zone | Halloween-themed fla...by Isobel Lynx
Let's get in the spooky mood one flash story at a time, ranging from 6 to 777 words per story. * Warning - dark humor and disturbing themes lurk here. * 3rd place winne...
Halloween Vault 3D - Community Profile Edition by TeamOfDreams
Halloween Vault 3D - Community Pro...by Team Of Dreams
Wattpad's third annual Halloween Vault is here! Did you love the first? Do you still miss the second? This year, the Halloween Vault 3D is returning in full force! 59 p...
Crime And Confessions by tisajobbin
Crime And Confessionsby tisajobbin
Halloween Vault 3D prompt Crime: Mysterious Death Someone confesses to a killing that hasn't happened...yet. The murder they describe takes place while they're in custod...
Whispers Of Moon by Sara-Crew
Whispers Of Moonby Sara D. Crewe
Full moon nights tend to get eerie in the magical community in spite of the ethereal glow of the moon. But the moon whispers, and lulls you to calm down eventually and f...
Dreadful Delights by ClaraYami
Dreadful Delightsby Clara Yami
Short stories to fill your Halloween with dreadful delights. These stories are my entries for Halloween Vault 3D. Copyright © 2020 ClaraYami Cover created on Canva Cove...
Halloween Vault 3D | ✔ by issalittlegurl
Halloween Vault 3D | ✔by Issalittlegurl
Halloween vault 3D contest
THE HORRORS OF HALLOWEEN by bad_beast_0321
Chloe heard a knock on the door.....on a halloween night, expecting a trick or a treat from the person outside....but instead there was mystery box.....with no one pres...
Halloween Blaze ( Book One of Hallow-Fair) by MissCandy-Apples
Halloween Blaze ( Book One of Hall...by Elspeth Count
The phantom of a missing best friend returns to her missing half. He goes to a party where she begs him to see her again. He caves in and agrees to meet her at a lake th...
Potion's Inc. by Guava05
Potion's Inc.by GuavaStudios
Every Hallow's Eve, a random shop pops up around the corner. The people in the village would rather ignore it than acknowledge its existence; after all, they only have t...
Frankenburger✔ by Evergreen_Ebony
Frankenburger✔by Evergreen_Ebony
🏆THE AMBYS 21 GENRE WINNER [HUMOR] When Halloween takes a frightening turn, should you run for your life or face fear head on? Katriona Carlton gets more than she barga...
The Moon's Curse by FrancisTheGreat12
The Moon's Curseby Let Me Sleep
It's Halloween. Kids are out trick-or-treating, teens watching horror movies... But this year, things are different. The Full Moon has awoken a beast. A werewolf, sensin...
Halloween Vault 3D Prompt book (Horror Edition) by uh-huh_yeah
Halloween Vault 3D Prompt book (Ho...by hey there
Kind of obvious by the title, but... In this book I will be writing out the prompts given by the Wattpad Horror Profile for the Halloween Vault 3D contest/hunt. This com...