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teacup [m.t] by marksboob
teacup [m.t]by 🔥
in which the maknae of a girl group meets the eldest of a boy group. under certain circumstances, having both of them fall for each other. =========== "i'll see y...
Mystic Messenger: Got7 x Reader [RE-WRITING] by coco-fics
Mystic Messenger: Got7 x Reader [ Coco
Got7 Mystic Messenger AU In which Y/N downloads an app to chat with pretty boys...
Mark Tuan pregnancy series  by junglekook0997
Mark Tuan pregnancy series by It’s me
Mark pregnancy series #10 in marktuan #1 in Tuan #3 in marktuanxreader #6 in Got7mark #26 in got7
HAIR | MTby t
❝can you please not touch my hair?❞ lowercase intended ©TUANESQUE started: 080817
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GOT7 Smut Drabbles by fairygyeom
GOT7 Smut Drabblesby aia
A collection of GOT7 smuttish drabbles to celebrate my 21st bday 😅
Collection of GOT7 One-Shots by fairygyeom
Collection of GOT7 One-Shotsby aia
Fluffs and Angsts mostly. Re-uploading from Tumblr.
Got7 Reactions by notadove
Got7 Reactionsby notadove
Got7 soft/angst/smut/etc. reactions Hope you guys enjoy these! I tried my best :) Love you all~ 🅄🄽🄳🄴🅁 🄴🄳🄸🅃🄸🄽🄶
teacher | pjy:mt by 93buns
teacher | pjy:mtby ーangel
park jinyoung, a young highschool teacher in seonhwa university. He's always been doing good in his job, not picking any favorites, avoiding any sort of fights, knowing...
Instagram | im.jb ✔️ by -wefangirls
Instagram | im.jb ✔️by ゞ crystal
"Cute Instagram post :)" ©-wefangirls [finished] started; 6th of December 2017 ended; 5th of May 2018 #10 in yugyeom
miracle | kim yugyeom by potatolace
miracle | kim yugyeomby potatolace
"how disrespectful of you" "and?" . . . lust through the internet (this will contain sexual scenes) highest rank: #1 yugyeom #1 in jinyoung #2 in go...
GOT7 FanFic: MY MELODY (Mark Tuan) by JesselynJanice
GOT7 FanFic: MY MELODY (Mark Tuan)by Jesselyn.
Things that are happening in Park Hee Young's life: 1. She is accepted to JYP Entertainment, as a trainee! 2. A mysterious guy talked to her after the audition. She wond...
The Blood Moon by sohyunieLover
The Blood Moonby sohyunieLover
"Ugh! Stupid dare." Jisoo huffed angrily while stomping her feet on the cold pavement. "How am I supposed to sneak inside the school in the middle of the...
Got7 Imagines by CaramelMacchiato94
Got7 Imaginesby HyungLines_sex_blunt
Daammn Authornim Back at it again with the imagines. This 'book' will be longer though, hope you enjoy :)
The New Sister  (JB X Reader) by multikpop1
The New Sister (JB X Reader)by 💚💚💚
Got7 leader, JB found a video of a dancer dancing to got7 and other kpop songs. Hes amazed by her moves and her visuals. He begins to stalk her profile online. However...
The Babysitter ✔ | by KayKyutie
The Babysitter ✔ |by KayKyutie
She's a troublemaker. A rebel. She never follows the rules. The bad influence. And her older brother is sick of it. And so, he hires his work friend as a babysitter for...
SNAPCHAT by jiejeon
SNAPCHATby ˗ˏˋ cam⁷ ˎˊ˗
mtuan93 has added you. would you like to add him back? © spiderguks | SEMI-AU | MARK TUAN | COMPLETE [ highest rank: #5 in #marktuan highest rank: #1 in #got7mark ]
IM JB's Wife (GOT7 Jaebum Fanfic.) by fairygyeom
IM JB's Wife (GOT7 Jaebum Fanfic.)by aia
We all dream of becoming a popular guy's wife, especially those of us who are into KPop. We have 'husbands' on every group, right? But have you ever thought what hardshi...
What's wrong with Park Jin Young? |JJP by Alexagnus
What's wrong with Park Jin Adore you
It wasn't his fault that Jaebeom looked like and omega !!! How was he supposed to know? In which Jin Young is being seduced by an alpha! The only problem is... Jin Young...
Sold off. {Bambam Ff} by fanficwritter7
Sold off. {Bambam Ff}by fanficwritter7
"You suck. You're no fun." I say slightly drunk. "Don't forget who you're talking to hun." He says fixing his shades as he gently throws me into t...
I'm married with Mr.Sungit by stayyystraykids
I'm married with Mr.Sungitby c a i
Skylar Isabelle Ashton bunsong anak ng mga Ashton sya ay kinasal kay Nicholas Jace Knight na isang business man may pagkamasungit at palaging nagbabago ang mood. Mapapab...