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Arranged Marriage (Jackson Wang FF) by chocofr34k
Arranged Marriage (Jackson Wang FF)by _uniquee_
Ellie was living her life as a surgeon when her adopted grandfather told her about his forgotten promise to introduce her to his friend's grandson. And the grandson was...
Seeing Double (Park Jinyoung FF) by chocofr34k
Seeing Double (Park Jinyoung FF)by _uniquee_
Seonyoung was a regular ER doctor. But one VIP patient came into her ER one night, and since then it changed her life and vice versa. A/N: This story has some overlappi...
Ace (Book #2) Sequel "My Faraway Star." by CosetteAwad
Ace (Book #2) Sequel "My Faraway S...by Cosette Awad Author
Book #2 Updates every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They didn't become idols overnight; they had to work hard for it, through blood and tears, and heartbreaks...
GOT7 one shots & imagines by chocofr34k
GOT7 one shots & imaginesby _uniquee_
One shots/ imagines, whatever you call it.
Facing Fear (Mark Tuan FF) by chocofr34k
Facing Fear (Mark Tuan FF)by _uniquee_
Mae was living a normal life. But her comment upon certain idol made her landed in a ridiculous game setting. Four pairs of boys and girls, including Mae, barely knew ea...
Slave (JJP) by consuelojk
Slave (JJP)by Barbie♡Fairy
Park JinYoung no era su nombre, pero fue el nombre que la nación de Joseon le entregó al momento de llegar a aquellas tierras. Como una rosa en invierno, sobrevivió cont...
If You Could Be Mine | GOT7 [FIXED] ✔ by WinterProduction
If You Could Be Mine | GOT7 [FIXED...by WinterProduction
"If only you were mine" he stared at her photo as he sat alone in his studio drowning in the melody of the music. Life and love is unfair, especially to this...
GOT7 SMUTS! by jaebe0m7
Warning ⚠️ +18
Let Me (JayB FF) by chocofr34k
Let Me (JayB FF)by _uniquee_
Elle was a single mother living in a foreign country. Her life changed when 7 guys came into her life. Her previous little brothers are not so little anymore.
🔞သူစေရာ🔞(သူေစရာ) uni+zawgyi(ခေတ္တရပ်နား) by Ahgase11102007
🔞သူစေရာ🔞(သူေစရာ) uni+zawgyi(ခေတ္...by Ah_Myat❣
first fic လေးပါ အရေးအသားမကောင်းပါဘူး ကြမ်းမှာပါ🌚 နှစ်ရက်တစ်ခါ update လေး up ပေးပါ့မယ် vote လေးတွေပေးသွားကြပါဦးနော် reader လေးတို့😘 first fic ေလးပါ အေရးအသားမေကာင္းပါဘ...
High Voltage by DeepImagines
High Voltageby Imagination 🫧
What happens when a girl whose life spiraled down hill. Gives up on everything and turns cold. Just to be kidnapped by the same people she was supposed to be enjoying l...
My Faraway Star | Book #1 by CosetteAwad
My Faraway Star | Book #1by Cosette Awad Author
Book #1 of the sequel Childhood friends to teenage lovers, until one heartbreaking moment, separated them; Jax promised Skyla that he would come to find her. ...
Bottom Mark One Shots by norainyourarea
Bottom Mark One Shotsby Nora Shi
The title says everything. Random one shots with Mark as bottom or sub. You can request for your ship or storyline and I'd be glad to write them. I guess it would be mos...
𝑪𝒖𝒑𝒊𝒅 𝒊𝒔 𝑫𝒆𝒗𝒊𝒍 {ON HOLD} by Ahga_girl_07
𝑪𝒖𝒑𝒊𝒅 𝒊𝒔 𝑫𝒆𝒗𝒊𝒍 {ON HOL...by 𝑨𝒉𝒈𝒂 𝑮𝒊𝒓𝒍
Mark pointed his gun toward Jackson and said, "Cupid is Devil hun." Jackson smirked and pulled that gun closer to his rock-hard chest, pointing to his heart. T...
Secret by MunuDebbarma
Secretby world is shit
Namjoon has been hiding a secret for a long time from the members what might the secret be how long can he keep it . this story shit don't read it #1 in kookmon #1 in Yu...
Winter to Spring | bts v x iu au by aurcvs
Winter to Spring | bts v x iu auby angel
In the city's hustle, Lily's tale unfolds-a rift with her parents sends her seeking solace in a countryside haven. There, she meets Theo, a guide to this whole new world...
Dream by cheninya
Dreamby cheninya
When it was supposed to be just a vacation but her life will be turned upside down by a man named Harry Park
THAT CHIC & SEXY GUY (Updated Ver) by banana_uyu
THAT CHIC & SEXY GUY (Updated Ver)by what's my name again?
Certainly, both of them completely had no interest towards each other. However, they rather put on a false show to avoid bigger burdens coming from around them. "Do...
12:30 - A Wheetae fanfic by SuperSueSu
12:30 - A Wheetae fanficby Su
10211121 - Waiting is not scary. Not knowing for how long is. Where Wheein has waited, has hoped and has been disappointed. So she decides that she cannot wait anymore...