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The Purple Petal(Fnaf Bonnie Male Reader x Rwby(Penny) by EybiSea
The Purple Petal(Fnaf Bonnie EybiSea
Status:(Complete?) Date: March 18,2019-June 21,2019 The book have: Volumes 1,2,3. No Volumes 4,5,6. Up to 12Volumes. (Mostly made up) No Harem. Lemon on CH 70 If that...
Double Father for Autism! FNAF! Fronnie X Autistic! Child! Reader by JFazbear
Double Father for Autism! FNAF! JamieFazbearJunior 8
In this story you're a 4 year old girl! When you were about a year and a half old, you got diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This meant that you would fin...
My Shattered Soul by Dragonslayer43240
My Shattered Soulby The Cooking Gamer
It all started with your mom telling you to get a job, and look where it got you. You've been stuffed a suit by your so called "friends". It couldn't get any w...
Son of a murderer (FNAF 1 x male reader) by Lunar_Nova_Again
Son of a murderer (FNAF 1 x male Lunar_Nova_Again
Y/N Afton. The only Afton that isn't dead, how long will his luck last. Characters are not mine, neither is the game or art.
FNAF 7 Minutes in Heaven by FreeFlyer68
FNAF 7 Minutes in Heavenby FreeFlyer68
It was just a regular night with Mike and Jeremy patrolling the pizzeria when someone *Cough* Puppet and Goldie *Cough* decided to grab you three to play 7 Minutes in H...
Male!human!FNaF x Male!reader by opossum_with_a_banjo
Male!human!FNaF x Male!readerby let him play
No art is mine unless I say it is. Seme animatronics Uke reader The animatronics are frickin g a y. And you're a h/c twink. Well, this should be an interesting week...
The Victim: Beacon Student Male Reader x FNAF x RWBY Harem by OverlordAKX
The Victim: Beacon Student Male OverlordAKX
After being a victim of the now legendary Bite of '83, Y,N was forced to contend against Nightmarish versions of those beloved characters in his mind as he was quickly m...
You Can Never Escape (Yandere! Human! FNaF x Fem! Reader) by strawberryxmilk14
You Can Never Escape (Yandere! 𝚖𝚒𝚌𝚑𝚒
(Completed) You apply for a job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza due to the fact that you are now an adult and need a steady income to provide for yourself. What you didn't exp...
Springtrap x FNiA Harem 😏 by CaptainFNaF
Springtrap x FNiA Harem 😏by Captain Potato
After being killed in the springlock suit, Springtrap awakes in a whole other location. He soon discovers that all the animatronics there have a rather... sexual... buil...
FNAF Zodiacs by Georgia187
FNAF Zodiacsby Georgiaux_Starsuset_
A Five Nights at Freddy's zodiac book to entertain you. Includes all FNaF games and nightguards. Hope y'alls enjoy, cause I'm gonna keep updating. *I made the book just...
one hell of a pizza place (fnia + expansion)  by Cortangdi
one hell of a pizza place (fnia Cortangdi
Meet Mark as he gets a new job for the night shift at freddys anime convention, where the pizza is hot and so are the mascots, each girl has always wanted to get bigger...
Virus (Sequel To 'A Malfunction?')(Bonnie x Reader) by Me-The-Me
Virus (Sequel To 'A Malfunction?') MeTheMe
After waking up in a dump, Bonnie finds the world he loved in a drastically different state, with his people on the chopping block. A virus, called The Devil's Infection...
Fnaf x Female Animatronic Reader by Gatomon917
Fnaf x Female Animatronic Readerby Gatomon Dragonheart
In this x reader the Fnaf characters can transform into a human form, as can you. It is my first time writing one of these and would like some criticism on how to make i...
Animatronic and Human? (All freddys x reader by Musicfan2005
Animatronic and Human? (All Thea sophie
Y/N was a singer at another pizzeria that was called 'Y/N's Fantastic Pizzeria!' But one day she and her gang was thrown away due to one of the members hurting a child. ...
[The Beauty] Human Fnaf x Reader by MissYuri109
[The Beauty] Human Fnaf x Readerby Yuri
Y/n wanted a job so badly because she is on her own now and her parents died not too long ago. One day she was at Freddy's Fazbear Pizzeria and heard that they are hirin...
Male!human!FNaF x reader (rewrite) by opossum_with_a_banjo
Male!human!FNaF x reader (rewrite)by let him play
Whelp. About the same as the last one. Gonna leve that one there. *smiles* see ya in the story!! Here's the old description All male animatronics.Female nightgaurd.All t...
Five Nights in Love (FNAF Scenarios) by xxNebula
Five Nights in Love (FNAF NEBULA
I'm tired of there never being a version of this that I actually enjoy and have the characters that I want, so I'm going back to my roots and making a Five Nights at Fre...
Human!Foxy x Male!reader~ First Mate  =UP FOR ADOPTION= by Lil-Fox-Boi
Human!Foxy x Male!reader~ First ⚜Lil Foxy boi⚜
Y/n is a young man, aged 19, looking for a job. He finds one at the local pizzeria, which has a main attraction of animatronics. He thinks everything is fine and this...
The One They Should Not Have Killed by 7Hibi7
The One They Should Not Have Killedby Ya Boi Cyber
A boy who was killed by the Rose-Xiao Long family comes back to haunt them. I got the idea for this story from a Highschool DxD story by NightmareKingA113, and I feel li...
Human! FNAF Boyfriend Scenarios by FriskTheHuman5
Human! FNAF Boyfriend Scenariosby Frisk
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